College Football Pick'em, Week Two: Lisa Vs. Joe

Lisa Horne@LisaHornePac-12 and Big 12 Lead WriterSeptember 4, 2008

Congratulations to William, our beloved orange-painted Clemson fan, for winning Week One with a score of 5/10.  He snakebit Lisa with his brilliant UCLA pick over Tennessee to break the 4-4 tie and vault the boys into first place.

Way to go Will—everyone was giving you grief over that pick, and you showed them!  Guys, you need to congratulate him.

Up next is Joe Morgan.  His words...

"Lisa, I look forward to handing you your second straight loss!  At this rate, you could be the Notre Dame of 2008!  That's a good selection of games right there, but I know I'll get 'em all for sure!  This is my first time picking against a spread, but that won't hurt my picking ability at all.  On a side note...go Gators!  Beat the 'Canes!"

Week Two picks

South Carolina -9 @ Vandy

Lisa: Vandy

Not sure why, but the Cocks didn't impress me with their O, and while D wins the games, Vandy looked more balanced.

Joe: South Carolina

Did you watch the Gamecocks defense last Thursday? Simply dominant. If North Carolina State couldn't score off of South Carolina's defense, something tells me Vandy won't do much better.

Boston College -7 vs. Georgia Tech

Lisa: Boston College

Let's put it this way: Nobody in the ACC impresses me right now, so I'll pick the team that had a better record last year and home field advantage.

Joe: Georgia Tech

Yellow Jacket fans finally get a look at Paul Johnson's offense against a conference foe.  The Georgia Tech faithful will like what they see against the Eagles.

Oklahoma -21 vs. Cincinnati

Lisa: Cincy

The Bearcats don't look too good and the Sooners are rolling, but 21 points are too many.

Joe: Oklahoma

The Bearcats had a nice season last year, but really?  The Sooners should be up by 21 going into halftime.

Penn State -16.5 vs. Oregon State

Lisa: Oregon State

The off-the-field distractions and suspensions might take a little shine off their win against Coastal Carolina last Saturday.  The Beavers will show up.

Joe: Oregon State

JoePa and the Nittany Lions will beat the Beavers, but it won't be as big a margin as the spread indicates.  This should be one of the weekend's best games.

Notre Dame -21 vs. San Diego State

Lisa: Notre Dame

It will be 21-0 midway through the first, and if the Irish don't cover, I will write the mother of all rants on Monday—I've got money on this game.

Joe: Notre Dame

The Fighting Irish kick off their redemption run with a fairly easy win over underrated San Diego State.  Charlie Weis and South Bend let out a huge sigh of relief.  That's three straight wins (dating back to 2007).

South Florida -13.5 @ Central Florida

Lisa: Central Florida

The Bulls should win, but there are hurricanes everywhere, and to be honest, both teams could duke it out if Matt Grothe doesn't have a stellar game.

Joe: South Florida

The Bulls will beat George O'Leary and the Knights by a comfortable margin to take over as the second-best FBS team in the state of Florida.

Florida -21.5 vs. Miami

Lisa: Miami

Make no mistake, the Gators will win.  But they haven't beaten the Canes in over 20 years, and somehow I think that gets under their skin and they don't cover.

Joe: Florida

I know it's a rivalry game and the records get thrown out in matchups like this, but it still doesn't matter.  The Gators will run right past a talented Miami team for a victory in "the Swamp."

Texas Tech -10 vs. Nevada

Lisa: Nevada

Don't laugh—the Pack are pretty good, and frankly, Tech's D will have problems with the running game.  Upset of the week.

Joe: Texas Tech
Are you kidding me?  Only a 10-point spread?  That's an insult to Mike Leach.  The Red Raiders by at least three touchdowns.

Arizona State -14 vs. Stanford

Lisa: Arizona State

The Devils will cover, but it will not be a blowout since the Devils had a slow start and might be looking ahead two weeks.

Joe: Arizona State

Dennis Erickson has a knack for winning at the college level, and I really like what I see at Arizona State right now.  Stanford is the Pac-10's upset darling, but the Sun Devils will dominate the Cardinal on both sides of the ball.

Ohio State -35 vs. Ohio

Lisa: Ohio State

I'm going on the theory that the Buckeyes are a bit miffed at some of the heat they took for scoring five FGs against the Pens and take it out on in-state foe Ohio before playing USC.

Joe: Ohio

Ohio State will win, no doubt.  The major buzz around Columbus, though, is the injury to Chris Wells.  The Buckeyes' title hopes rest on his shoulders.  Ohio State rolls, but not by 35 points.


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