Ranking The Top 50 Players In World Football Right Now

Isaac Asante@isaacasanteCorrespondent IIDecember 11, 2010

Ranking The Top 50 Players In World Football Right Now

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    BARCELONA, SPAIN - DECEMBER 07:  Salvatore Bocchetti of Rubin Kazan looks to Lionel Messi of Barcelona as he controls the ball during the Csampions League match between Barcelona and Rubin Kazan at Camp Nou Stadiumon December 7, 2010 in Barcelona, Spain.
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    Selecting the best football players in the world right now is a hard assignment, which eventually attracts weighty debates. Sometimes, it even paves the way for offensive arguments to take place.

    As we are currently surrounded by several thousands of potent footballers from around the globe, this is all a matter of taste. If a list of best football stars is to be created, then it has to be based on a determined scale so as to soften things.

    In this slideshow, we first start by setting our sights on the most popular football players worldwide who are currently benefiting from strong dominations subsequent to the media’s powerful influence. This consequently pushes us closer to the UEFA zone; although other confederations are not totally left out.

    We then prioritize the biggest clubs, while scouting their top footballers. From there, we generate a list ranking the top 50 football players right now; but happily for soccer amateurs, the fundamental scale used in this article specially allows this ranking list to consist mostly of players who are well-renowned on the global stage.

    Note: statistics are valid as of Dec. 10, 2010.

50. Papiss Demba Cisse

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    Freiburg’s Cisse is currently going through the best season in his career.

    With 2 goals in 2 DFB Pokal games and 11 Bundesliga goals in 15 appearances so far, no one can disagree on the fact that he is an accurate football player.

49. Moussa Sow

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    Not only is Moussa Sow an effective front-man, but also is he very helpful in boosting Lille’s psychology on the field.

    He has 13 goals in 16 appearances in the French Ligue 1 so far, and best all of, he got first goals on 8 occasions.

48. Carlos Alexandre

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    Carlos Alexandre is a Brazilian forward currently playing for Uniao de Leiria.

    He is extremely cooperative on the field, and his goal tally is not bad either, with 8 goals in 13 matches.

47. Vleminckx

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    In 17 Eredivisie appearances, the NEC striker has scored 12 times—although he has come off for substitution six times. Not a bad record at all…

46. Humberto Suazo

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    The Chilean striker is nothing less than impressive.

    Finishing his 2010 World Cup Qualification run as the top scorer in the CONMEBOL zone, Suazo kept his good form from which he has also benefited in the 2010/11 Mexican Primera Division.

    He scored 15 goals in the Torneo Apertura.

45. Nene

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    Paris Saint-Germain's Nene is special. As a great contributor of the French Ligue 1, Nene has been one of the reasons PSG are still strong contenders for the league title this seaon. If you have never seen his highlight, then you might want to start watching some.

44. Antonio Di Natale

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    At the moment, he is one of the deadliest forwards in football.

    With 9 goals in 14 appearances for Udinese, the Italian star is among the best goal scorers of the Serie A.

43. Neymar

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    Santos’ Neymar is simply amusing to watch.

    The 18-year-old youngster snatched 17 goals in the 2010 Brazilian Serie A, and he seems to have a bright future both at club and international levels.

42. Kenny Miller

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    Isn't it rare to score 18 league goals in only 14 appearances?

    Well, that is the attainment of Rangers’ Kenny Miller in the Scottish Premier League prior to his side’s 15th league game.

    Emphatically, he cannot be ignored by anyone.

41. Nikolas Anelka

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    Anelka can sometimes appear as a diver. Whether he truly is controversial or not, one cannot cast him out from the list of best players right now.

    Sincerely, having a player with such quality could be extensively helpful to almost any club in need of frontal power.

40. Asamoah Gyan

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    He was once regarded as a “lazy” player in his own country. A spectacular overall performance at the 2010 FIFA World Cup however raised his name to higher standards, and he certainly did not escape the radar of Steve Bruce.

    At Sunderland, the footballer hasn’t failed to impress, and he was involved in his side’s 3-0 win over Chelsea in the Premier League this season.

    Thanks to his growing attainments and credibility, he appears to be one of the most efficient strikers in England right now.

39. Florent Malouda

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    Chelsea might be in a tough situation right now, but followers of Chelsea’s games can definitely still see the aptitude in Florent Malouda.

    Luckily for them, he is not going anywhere in January 2011.

38. Fernando Llorente

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    Athletic Bilbao’s Fernando Llorente is not a player to under-estimate.

    There have been rumors that he could sign for a bigger Spanish side, and if true, then the big club’s envy for the player is understandable.

    After all, determination and goals is what “everyone” requires from a striker in world football.

37. Iker Casillas

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    Let's forget about the last Clasico of 2010 when Casillas conceded 5 goals. The Real Madrid goalkeeper is in fact a good player with remarkable reflex.

36. Victor Valdes

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    He might be a goalkeeper, but he is still a football player. Thanks to his remarkable reflex, he has been successful in helping FC Barcelona impose themselves on countless potent opponents.

    He seems to be at his best this season, with four consecutive clean sheets in his last four league games, including El Clasico.

35. Luis Suarez

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    It’s not about the Hand of the Devil this time.

    Suarez was snubbed in the FIFA Ballon d’Or contest—being excluded from the initial list of 23 nominees; but to be honest, not many clubs have the opportunity to benefit from forwards as influential as him.

34. Joe Hart

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    Joe Hart is currently leading the goalkeeper standings on the official Premier League site, and this is not surprising.

    The Manchester City goalie is excellent at his post this season, and having made 46 wonderful saves in only 16 league games so far, he is undeniably a keeper to respect.

33. Chris Brunt

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    Coaches playing against West Bromwich are aware that they have to be careful with one man: Chris Brunt.

    He is one of the Premier League’s best assist makers now, with 7 assists in the standings.

32. Rafael Moura

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    He was the top scorer of the just-ended Copa Sudamericana with 8 goals.

    He was influential in Goias’ success throughout the competition, and he is just another player who deserves to be highly esteemed by the worldwide football audience.

31. Mesut Oezil

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    At the 2010 FIFA World Cup, he wasn’t very dazzling. For Real Madrid this season however, he has proven to be a real jewel.

    His mentality is strong, and his on-field sway is one that can certainly be envied by any side with an incomplete front.

30. Didier Drogba

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    There aren’t two strikers like him. Unlike the majority of the forwards from the top clubs, Drogba also takes free-kicks, and he rarely “wastes” them.

    Scoring from the spot is another easy thing for him, and his overall shooting precision is fantastic. Recently nonetheless, he has slightly faded out.

29. Carles Puyol

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    His last years under Frank Rikjaard were far from being remarkable; but his positive form came into view again in 2008, when he played a pivotal role for Spain in the Euro 2008 Championship.

    He was also of great help to Barcelona within the 2008-09 and 2009-10 seasons, and it appears he remains on top of things this season also. When scouting the world’s best defenders currently, he cannot be omitted.

28. Pato

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    From free-kicks, to headers, to bullets, to one-on-one shots, Alexandre Pato is a professional.

    Despite his destabilized physical condition, Pato has managed to keep his image as the “dangerous forward,” with already six goals in the Serie A this season in eight appearances.

27. Andrei Arshavin

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    Arshavin is one of Arsenal’s best players right now. Having eight assists in his name so far, he has some reasons to believe that he is one of the top team players, at present.

26. Andrew Carroll

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    Newcastle's Andy Carroll is deadly. With his control on the field and his ability to score against almost any side this season, opposing teams should keep a close eye on him.

25. Javi Hernandez

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    Javi Hernandez is not yet a real expert in the business, but right now, he is on fire. If you are looking for a striker with heading skills, precision, power, and agility—just think of Javi.

    Sir Alex Ferguson must be lucky to have such a talented striker for his Manchester United side.

24. Gareth Bale

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    Tottenham’s Bale is a good player, but he was brought higher to light after his goals against Inter Milan in the UEFA Champions League’s group stages this season.

    It is not surprising at all that transfer rumors have been surrounding him since then. Today, he is looked upon as one of the most astonishing Premier League football players.

23. Sergio Ramos

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    Let us put Real Madrid’s 5-0 defeat aside for a moment and admire Sergio Ramos’ flair.

    The Spaniard can play almost anywhere on the pitch, and what distinguishes him from other ordinary back players is his ability to score goals as often as an active midfielder.

22. Theo Walcott

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    Theo Walcott is an exceptional player. As one of the Premier League’s fastest men, he can really cause defenders a lot of trouble with his speedy runs and excellent ball control.

    If you were in a team which lacks power on the flanks, you would probably consent to think of Walcott.

21. Steven Gerrard

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    Looking for a master in the midfield? Think of Steven Gerrard... This man has only made a single appearance in the UEFA Europa League, but he already has 3 goals in the competition. Looking at his tough mentality, it is easy to see now that the captain's armband fits him well.

20. Chamakh

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    Remember, this slideshow isn’t about the top world football players ever. Don’t be surprised if Chamakh’s name is inserted in this ranking list.

    Perhaps, remembering his recent contributions for the Gunners will help you understand why he wouldn’t be a bad choice for a team with an attacking crisis.

19. Mario Gomez

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    Not much needs to be said on Bayern Munich’s Mario Gomez.

    The fact that he scored six goals in six appearances in the UEFA Champions League this season explains everything.

18. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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    Although he sometimes has a disappointing performance for AC Milan this season, he still has the statistics of a satisfying striker: 2 goals in 3 appearances for Sweden in the Euro 2012 Qualifiers, 8 goals in 14 appearances in the Serie A, and 4 goals in 6 appearances in the Champions League.

    Presumably, not many would have accepted to see him out of this list.

17. Carlos Tevez

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    No team can play a football match against Manchester City’s full side and ignore the “Tasmanian Devil.”

    Carlos Tevez is powered by a combination of speed, strength and relentlessness. Being a goalkeeper, it must not be very pleasant to punch his hot strikes away.

16. Dani Alves

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    The Brazilian defender is another powerful weapon of Barcelona. Crosses, interception, clearances, one-twos, composure…Alves just has them all.

    His qualities have enabled him to partner amazingly with Lionel Messi on the wings at club level; and facing such a right-back is always frustrating for any attacker.

15. Thomas Muller

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    The German winger is young, but fresh, talented, and willing. At the 2010 World Cup, he ended his run with a bronze medal and the Top Scorer award.

    For Bayern Munich, he has also been very impressive this season. He scored one of the best goals of the UEFA Champions League’s group stages.

14. Gerard Pique

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    Pique left Manchester United to explore the world of great challenges as a regular starter in FC Barcelona.

    He didn’t fail to make a name for himself under Pep Guardiola, and his control in defense is certainly exemplary for any defender.

13. Samuel Eto’o

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    Samuel Eto’o was awfully disappointing in his last 2 seasons under Frank Rikjaard, due to a serious knee problem.

    He made great improvements though afterward, and this season, Inter Milan followers have finally been able to see the dangerous side of the Eto’o who used to dazzle back in 2005 and 2006.

    If there is a list for the best strikers in Europe presently, then he is definitely on it.

12. Jonas Gonçalves Oliveira

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    Many clubs would have loved to possess players as good as Jonas. The 26-year-old Gremio is in magnificent shape right now; he was the top scorer of the just-ended Brazilian Serie A competition.

    What is even more positive for Jonas is that not only can he play as a striker, but he can also perform as a winger or an attacking midfielder.

11. Dimitar Berbatov

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    Okay, Berbatov is known as the “lazy striker,” but at least, he scored 11 goals in 13 appearances in the Premier League for Manchester United.

    This makes him one of the players to watch in football right now.

10. Hulk

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    FC Porto’s Hulk is a wonder. More or less fortunately for him, he doesn’t fail to convey the famous personage’s characteristics through his play.

    Anyway, whatsoever the secret behind his talent may be, he is just another player with great abilities and a lot of charisma.

    With his superb shape this season, he couldn’t be excluded from the list of best 50 world football players right now. He presently leads the Liga Sagres goal standings with 12 goals.

09. Nani

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    This man is on the right path to becoming the new savior of Manchester United. Fancy footwork, assists, and strong bullets are some of Nani’s many characteristics.

    Of course, he does not deserve to be considered as an all-time legend yet, but his services on the wings could be useful to any coach of any level.

08. Gonzalo Higuain

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    He is surely behind Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo right now in the ranking of La Liga’s best players, but he is still very instrumental in the Real Madrid team.

    His well-targeted low shots are good enough to tease any goalkeeper, and his placements on the pitch often match his team’s movements. There’s one thing one could rebuke him for, though: his selfishness.

07. Theofanis Gekas

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    This Greek forward is one of the many playmakers in the German Bundesliga.

    He presently nearly has a record of a goal per game with 13 goals in 14 appearances for Eintracht Frankfurt. Just amazing…

06. Samir Nasri

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    Arsenal’s Samir Nasri is getting stronger and better as time goes by. From a youngster striving to settle himself in the world of stars, to a superstar now leading the Gunners’ attack—Samir Nasri’s efforts have turned him into a true world-class player.

    Quickly speaking, he can do anything an attacker is required to do on the field.

05. Wesley Sneijder

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    The Dutchman is among the planet’s best midfielders, right now.

    His short height has not prevented him from making an impact in Inter Milan; nonetheless, the talisman has been plagued with a set of injuries over the past months.

04. Andres Iniesta

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    At the center of the pitch, Xavi arguably rules; yet, on the midfield’s left-hand side, Iniesta certainly has the upper hand. Perhaps, he might not have the charisma of a “Hollywood star”; but truthfully, his contributions would be useful to any side.

    The Barcelona playmaker is also a contender for the FIFA Ballon d’Or, and such a reward can look adequate—as he is the last man to make history in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

03. Cristiano Ronaldo

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    Right now, Cristiano Ronaldo’s performance is awesome—although he deeply humiliated himself in El Clasico. His movements are unique, and his shooting accuracy is stunning.

    Despite his respected image, he was not included in the final shortlist of Ballon d’Or candidates; but the Portuguese winger still has a chance to prove himself and restore himself as a supreme football challenger.

    All in all, Cristiano Ronaldo still deserves a good position in the rankings of world football’s best players.

02. Xavi Hernandez

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    Yes, this list might contain a number of Barcelona players; but at least, the players mentioned deserve their place in this slideshow.

    Xavi is the next Catalan fighter to enter the rankings, and readers surely know why. When it comes to authority in the midfield, Xavi is the “Maestro”.

    Being renowned for his superb ball control and intelligent through balls, the Spanish midfielder is regarded as one of the best players on this planet.

    He is currently a nominee for the FIFA Ballon d’Or award, and who knows? He could well make history by becoming the very first receiver of this particular honor.

01. Lionel Messi

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    He was selected as the 2009 World Player of the Year. It would not be insulting to crown him with FIFA’s most precious individual award in January 2011 also—despite his failure to lift the 2010 World Cup trophy.

    Messi might not be as imposing as Diego Maradona at the international level; but regardless, he was one of the most accurate players in South Africa according to the Castrol statistics published on the official website of football’s governing body.

    This season, his goal-scoring form is as fresh as last season, and his influence on the field is one of the strongest ones in football. Finding players at his level isn’t an easy task, and without a doubt, his name will go down in history as one of the best forwards in the game.


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