Denver Broncos Must Rebuild Personnel, Trust With Fans: Bring Back Ted Sundquist

Reid BrooksAnalyst IDecember 8, 2010

DENVER - 2007:  Ted Sundquist of the Denver Broncos poses for his 2007 NFL headshot at photo day in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Getty Images)
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Following a disappointing 2007, Ted Sundquist was fired from his position as GM of the Denver Broncos. He simply did not have the sway of Mike Shanahan.

Yet in his day, he was not only sought after by many franchises looking as a GM or president, he was the architect of some of Denver's most successful personnel moves. If you like having Champ Bailey in a Broncos uniform, you can thank Sundquist.

Al Wilson and John Lynch? Both were Sundquist moves. Just like Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall.

Sundquist was the man who brought in Clinton Portis, then sent him away for riper fruits. He was the master of the Broncos 2006 draft class, which in hindsight, was incredible (aforementioned Cutler and Marshall, as well as Tony Scheffler and Elvis Dumervil).

The great thing about Sundquist was not only that he could scope out free agents and quality trades like a pro, but he got his start in the college scouting game. Sundquist was good at it all.

Yet Shanahan's failures as a coach back in 2007 would not be reflected upon Shanahan within the Broncos organization, so Sundquist was let go.

It's time to fix the damaged relationship between Sundquist and the franchise.

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Sundquist would bring a familiar and comforting presence with the team and give fans a sense of consistency from the old days. The guy has shown he can be successful, and he's inexplicably unemployed (despite having been mentioned in numerous GM searches since 2007).

He still lives in Colorado, and he is an Air Force graduate. For a knowledgeable, veteran personnel man, the Broncos don't need to look outside of their own backyard.

While it would hardly be wise for the Broncos to bring back a coach like Gary Kubiak, as the team desperately needs a defensive guru at the top coaching spot to avoid further floundering, Sundquist offers strong familiarity to the fans from another position.

Furthermore, while John Elway will likely get some sort of position with the team, should it really be as a GM?

Elway was a legendary quarterback, that doesn't make him a personnel man. He needs to have some input and some presence within the organization, and the fans need to be able to see it, but he doesn't need to be orchestrating trades/draft picks.

We know Sundquist loves the Broncos and would probably jump at the opportunity to come back. In hindsight, it's a lot easier for fans to love what he did for the franchise.

He is the man to right the ship behind the scenes, by bringing in the talent the team needs. And whoever is on the sidelines needs to stay out of his way in the personnel department.

If Pat Bowlen really wants to rebuild trust with the fans, there is no better place to start.