Chicago Bulls History: Looking at the 10 Losses of the Only 70+ Win Team Ever

Ike MontalboCorrespondent IDecember 2, 2010

3 Nov 1995:  Guard Michael Jordan #23 of the Chicago Bulls takes to the air in his famous moves to slam dunk against the Charlotte Hornets at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. The Bulls defeated the Hornets 105-91.  Mandatory Credit:  Jonathan Danie
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Lakers are 13-6 and the Heat are 12-8. Yawn...

Let's look at the only NBA team ever to win 70 games (72-10 actually!); the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls; with their leader; the GOAT.

The team included Randy Brown, Jud Buechler, Jason Caffey, James Edwards, Jack Haley, John Salley, Dickey Simpkins, Bill Wennington, Luc Longley, Steve Kerr, Toni Kukoc, Ron Harper, Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen.

No way that team could win 70 - maybe they could win 50-  But - Oh wait, the last roster member was Michael Jordan. That's how they did it: They had MJ!

In the Bulls ten losses on the season, Jordan shot like Kobe and the other teams guard was usually on fire.

The 72 wins saw Jordan average 31 points (at age 33) on over 50% shooting. For the season, Jordan averaged 30.4 points and shot 50%. He led the league in scoring for a record eighth time.

The Bulls scored 105.2 points per game (#1) and held their opponents to 92.9 points per game (#3)

This is the greatest season margin of victory of all time.

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LOSS #1 - The Bulls started the season 5-0 and then lost to Orlando in Orlando. Jordan had a rare bad shooting game and shot 40% from the field. He did shoot 43% from three point range and scored 23 points. He added 7 reb, 6 ast and 2 steals. Pippen made 7/20 for 17 points. Kukoc added 16 off the bench, but on Orlando's end, Anferne Hardaway was hot. He made 12 of 18 shots including 4/7 from three point range for 36 points. He uncharacteristically recorded 0 assists. Orlando won 94-88.

The Bulls won the next 5 straight. 

They then lost in Seattle, the team they would meet in the finals. 

LOSS #2 - Seattle 97, Bulls 92. Jordan shot a Kobe-esque 6/19 from the field and finished with 22 points. Longley had a great game with 21 points on 7/10 shooting. Pippen added 18. Rodman didn't play. On the other end, Payton scored 26 on 10/16 shooting and Kemp added 25 points and 14 boards.

The Bulls won the next 13 straight.

LOSS #3 - Sitting at 23-2, the Bulls lost another away game to Indiana 103-97. Jordan made only 11/28 shots in a rare bad shooting display. He finished with 30 points and 10 rebounds. Pippen added 26 points. For Indiana, Reggie made 7/14 shots including 4/6 threes. Indiana's 7'4" Rik Smits abused the smaller Bulls and scored 26 points on 10/16 shooting. The Bulls beat Indiana only three days later.

The Bulls won the next 18 straight!

LOSS #4 - On Feb. 4, 2006 the Bulls lost for the first time since 1995! The Nuggets took out the Bulls with precision sharpshooting by Mahmoud-Abdul-Rauf, who scored 32 points on 13/27 shooting, including 4 threes. Four other Nuggets scored over 10 points. Jordan scored 39 on a horrendous (for Jordan) 13/29 from the field and 4/7 three pointers in yet another road game for the Bulls. Wennington somehow scored 18 points and grabbed 11 rebounds and Pippen didn't help with only 13 points. Nuggets 105 Bulls 99.

 LOSS #5 - In the very next game, again on the road, the Bulls were outscored by Phoenix. Jordan shot a bad 9/22 from the field. He scored 28 on the night and added 6 assists. Rodman grabbed 14 boards and Pippen almost had a triple double with 9 reb, 8 ast and 19 points but it was not enough as Phoenix beat the Bulls 106-96. KJ scored 20 and Barkley added 35 points and 16 rebounds. Finley made 7/12 shots for 14 points. 

The Bulls won the next 7 straight.

LOSS #6 - The Bulls were 48-5 and then finally lost to Miami in Miami 113-104. Jordan shot a bad 9/21 from the field and had 31 points, 9 reb and 5 ast and 4 stl. Kerr scored 19 on 7/9 shooting. Rex Chapman was on fire for Miami and scored 39 points on 12/17 fg's including an amazing 9/10 from three point range. 

The Bulls won the next 6 straight. 

LOSS #7 - At NY, the Bulls lost 104-72. Wow. Pippen had 11 points and the only guy who could score was MJ who had 32 points on 12/26 shooting. It was not enough as NY's Derek Harper and Ewing combined for 49 points. Four other Knocks also scored over 10 points. 

The Bulls won the next 6 straight.

LOSS #8 - At Toronto, the Bulls lost by one point; 109-108. Jordan was hot and put up 14/22 from the field and 8/8 from the line for 36 points, but little 5'10" Damon Stoudemire of the Raptors was also hot and the hapless Raptors surprised the Bulls. Kukoc had 23 on 10 of 19 shooting, as a starter, but Tracy Murray of the Raptors countered with 23 points of his own.

The Bulls won the next 6 straight.

LOSS #9 - On Apr. 8 the Hornets beat the 66-8 Bulls. They were now 66-9! Miami won at Chicago 98-97 for the Bulls first home loss of the season. Wow. Pretty amazing. Jordan scored 40 points on 13/27 shooting and he had 11 reb and 5ast. Pippen scored 7 points. Little Kenny Anderson scored 20 in a balanced scoring attack. Dell Curry came off the bench and scored 19 in 29 minutes. Big man Matt geiger added 14 points.

The Bulls won the next 5 straight, including their 70th of the season vs. Milwaukee.

LOSS #10 - By the last game of the season, the Jordan-led Bulls were 71-9 and they proceeded to lose to Indiana, for the second time of the season and their second home loss of the entire season. They lost 100 to 99. Six Pacers scored in double figures, led by Rik Smits, again who had 17 points. Jordan shot unusually bad with 9/23 from the field for 'only' 24 points. Kukoc added 20.

The Bulls won the final game of the season to finish with an all-time NBA record 72 wins and 10 losses. The old record was the 1972 Lakers' 69-13.

The Chicago Bulls amazingly went 69-13 in the very next season (1996-97)! Man, that Jordan was amazing.

As we can see, when your go-to guy isn't shooting with efficiency, you usually lose. The Bulls and MJ only experienced that 23 times in two seasons. Their collective record in the two seasons was 141-23. Add 1998 when the Bulls went 62-20, and their three year record after Jordan's comeback was 203-43, with three titles, three more Jordan Finals MVP awards, two more Jordan regular season MVP awards and three scoring titles for Jordan to equal ten.

The most amazing part is that Jordan was aged 33-35 during this period.

We now realize why the Kobe-led Lakers already have six losses in only the first 19 games. Kobe shoots really bad in most every game. Jordan rarely did, and Jordan's teammates weren't as good as what the Lakers have. 

72-10 could only be attained by the GOAT. 

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