Ready To Dominate?

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent ISeptember 1, 2008

There are seven short days left until the official start of the season for the National Football League. 

Many people are excited to see their favorite teams take the field again, and everyone is starting out with a fresh slate, and with Super Bowl aspirations. 

Many of these individuals are also gearing up for the latest Fantasy Football season as well.  Buying magazines to get a supposed edge on their competition in their leagues; with hours and days being spent in an attempt to win their leagues this season. 

To all of these individuals, we are here to help! Treat this as your prayer book for the upcoming fantasy season!

Why should you trust us though?  It’s a good question, considering many fancy themselves to be experts.  Here’s why:

Jonathan Szenics is a former intern of Comcast Sportsnet in Philadelphia, where he soaked in the entire sports industry, and has been playing fantasy football for approximately five seasons now. 

He has finished in first, and he has finished towards last as well.  He is not afraid to admit this.  After all, some of the game is based on luck, and there have been seasons where nothing has gone right, and he can speak of his misfortunes as well as his moments of glory to lead you in the right direction this season. 

J.J. McDermott is a fantasy football player who finished runner-up in his league last year and first in another.  Somehow, he knew to take Tom Brady third overall last season.  He was laughed at, but soon afterwards, he was the one laughing week in and week out. 

Between the two of them, there is enough knowledge to fill the Grand Canyon, so take out your highlighters ladies and gentlemen, because class is in session!

First, let’s look at quarterbacks.  At the top of the list is Tom Brady.  After throwing 50 touchdowns last season, that covers why he is number one.  Behind him are Tony Romo, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Derek Anderson, Carson Palmer, Ben Roethlisberger, Donovan McNabb, Matt Hasselbeck, and Jay Cutler. 

1-Tom Brady

2-Tony Romo

3-Drew Brees

4-Peyton Manning

5-Derek Anderson

6-Carson Palmer

7-Ben Roethlisberger

8-Donovan McNabb

9-Matt Hasselback

10-Jay Cutler

Why?  Romo is second because he plays half his games in a dome, and he has an influx of talent surrounding him such as Terrell Owens, Jason Witten, Patrick Crayton, and don't forget Marion Barber. 

Brees checks in at a close third due to their pass-happy offense as well as more raw talent surrounding him in New Orleans. 

Manning, Anderson, and Palmer follow because in some weeks, other talent will take away from their numbers. 

The final four are sloted where they are due to their teams throwing the ball almost constantly.  Yes, Hasselbeck’s top wide receiver right now is Nate Burleson, but he knows how to put the numbers up, and Cutler is right behind him because of his scrambling ability outside of the pocket. 

Now the running backs, the most important position in fantasy football.  At the top is Mr. Tomlinson of the Chargers.  Until proven otherwise, unless you want to lose, if you have the top pick, take him.  The stats are always there, and until he starts to tail off a little bit, ride him for all he is worth. 

Coming in at number two we have Brian Westbrook.  Westbrook had a stellar year last year and looks to repeat this coming year.  What is appealing about him is that he is solid in the running game in Philadelphia but also has made some huge contributions in the receiving game as well which gives him a slight edge over Adrian Peterson.

At a close third is Adrian Peterson.  After an insane rookie season, huge things are expected in his second go around.  Expect stats aplenty, but do not be shocked if he misses a game or two because of his love of contact during runs.

The main reason why he checks in at number three is due to the fact that AP will get you record-breaking performances one week and will be mute in other weeks.

The rest of the list is debatable, but do not go outside of these players unless they are all off the board.  They have proven themselves, and in fantasy football, proven commodities are a source of plenty of points week in and week out. 

1-LaDainian Tomlinson

2-Brian Westbrook

3-Adrian Peterson

4-Joseph Addai

5-Steven Jackson

6-Marion Barber

7-Clinton Portis

8-Marshawn Lynch

9-Frank Gore

10-Larry Johnson

Now, the rest of the rankings for the rest of the positions go as follows:


1-Randy Moss

2-Terrell Owens

3-Reggie Wayne

4-Braylon Edwards

5-Larry Fitzgerald

6-Marques Colston

7-Andre Johnson

8-T.J. Houshmandzadeh

9-Torry Holt

10-Plaxico Burress


1-Jason Witten

2-Kellen Winslow

3-Antonio Gates

4-Tony Gonzalez

5-Chris Cooley

6-Dallas Clark

7-Jeremy Shockey

8-Heath Miller

9-Tony Sheffler

10-Vernon Davis


1-Nick Folk

2-Stephen Gostkowski

3-Rob Bironas

4-Adam Vinatieri

5-Mason Crosby


1-Minnesota Vikings

2-San Diego Chargers

3-New England Patriots

4-Dallas Cowboys

5-Seattle Seahawks

Do not stray from these lists!  These are proven players and teams, and again, it cannot be stressed enough to go for those who are going to produce week in and week out for you!  More is to follow in our next two pieces, which will cover more of the in-depth nature of fantasy football.


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