King Sheamus: Why Was He Booked To Win King of the Ring?

RiZESenior Writer INovember 30, 2010

Tonight King Sheamus reigned supreme. In a tournament that featured some of the WWE's top talent, The Celtic Warrior regained his momentum by winning it all, besting John Morrison to become the 19th King of the Ring.

While it's great to see Sheamus back on the right track, I believe it was a waste to resurrect the King of the Ring.

The WWE had seven other options for KOTR but they chose Sheamus.  The possibilities were endless. But besides putting it on a Superstar it would've boosted, they put it on an already established WWE Champion in Sheamus.

Let's face it. When a Superstar wins the King of The Ring, a push does indeed come with it. Push to the main event level.

For example, King Booker. He was stuck in the mid cards for years before winning the KOTR.  Shortly afterwards, he won the World Title.

The same can't be said for William Regal. Fact is Regal was indeed set for a push but problems with the WWE Wellness Policy prevented that.

They weren't at the main event level. Sheamus is.

None of the other Competitors had been World Champion. But Creative decides to put it on the only guy to be World Champion, in the process hurting Sheamus and every other individual. My problem with it is the only reason Sheamus became KOTR.

Anyone with half a brain would know they're preparing for his return. The King of Kings returns to rain on the parade of the KOTR.

While most of us expected The Game to return tonight, it was not meant to be. Along with the reports of his return being imminent all the signs pointed to the scenario.

The scenario ruined the thrill of predicting the winner.

Two other men could've really used the KOTR label: John Morrison and Alberto Del Rio.

First up, Morrison. Since pinning Y2J a few months back, Morrison seemed to be on the right track. It had been an up-and-down year for Morrison. After losing the IC Title to McIntyre, Morrison slowly drifted from Smackdown's next big thing to RAW's flashy jobber.

When his push resumed, the IWC was ecstatic. Especially myself. When he began his feud with Sheamus, most of us believed it was just until Triple H returned.

When Morrison defeated Sheamus at Survivor Series it silenced those opinions. Unfortunately, Morrison was just Sheamus' stepping stone.

Honestly, I don't see things going too well for Morrison after tonight. Though Morrison showed small improvement on the mic, Triple H is returning and someone's getting pushed down the card.

Now on to Del Rio. Smackdown's hottest commodity had been on a roll as of late. Del Rio is a future World Champion.

At the moment, Edge is on the title hunt and Del Rio's continuing his feud with Mysterio. Del Rio still would've been a better choice than Sheamus.

Del Rio carries himself like "royalty". Even saying his ancestors were "royalty". Wouldn't it have been fit for Del Rio to become King of The Ring?

When the brackets were announced, the finalist were obvious. WWE Creative are predictable and I'm positive they wouldn't accept heel vs. heel nor face vs. face.

Predicting Rey's interference was child's play.

I fail to understand the reasoning behind Sheamus winning. Just setting up a feud with HHH's return isn't enough to waste the crown on. With Undertaker and Triple H reaching the age of retirement, the WWE is indeed lacking Main Event Stars.

We've learned from Jack Swagger that Main Eventers can't be just made overnight. The WWE seriously needs to realize what they're doing here. This was the perfect opportunity for Alberto or Morrison.

Fact is, it was the perfect opportunity for any of the seven competitors besides Sheamus. Potential for another main event star. Now it's down the drain.