Bill Belichick Confirmed As New England Patriots Spygate Leader, But No Outrage?

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent INovember 29, 2010

In learning about Spygate 2, we learned a more interesting fact about the New England Patriots, McDaniels former team
In learning about Spygate 2, we learned a more interesting fact about the New England Patriots, McDaniels former teamJustin Edmonds/Getty Images

I am here to write about something that the national media is too chicken to write about. I am here to point out an obvious fact that occurred through the NFL offices this week that no one in the media will point out.

As with past articles I have written, like my opinion on the concussion issue in the NFL, I am not afraid to say what no one else in the national media wants to admit, but we have all pretty much known for years.

So what is this startling revelation, you ask? The NFL admitted that the New England Patriots cheated for years as part of Spygate, and that Head Coach Bill Belichick knew about it, supervised it and played a huge part in it.

I know, I know, it was said in 2007 that Belichick knew about it and just didn't know it was against the rules. However, it was never said to this extent, with this much detail, by a high standing league official.  It also was never said that he had been doing it for years and was actively involved in it. 

The league has now admitted all of the above.

Don't believe me? Don't worry, I have proof.

Mike Freeman wrote an article for CBS Sports about Denver's latest penalty being too light (I agree that it was, but that is not the point of this article), but in his article, he missed the bigger story: the fact that the NFL admitted the Patriots cheated for years.  Here's an excerpt from Freeman's article, complete with a quote from the NFL Executive Vice President.

Jeff Pash, the NFL's executive vice president, said the difference between the Patriots' and Broncos' spying cases was the extensiveness of New England's.

"I think with any disciplinary action, you have to focus on what exactly the facts are," Pash said. "Here you had, as best we can conclude, a single incident as opposed to, in New England, years of activity. You had an incident that, as best we could identify, was carried out by a single employee without direction from the coaching staff or anyone else at the club. That's obviously different from what we saw in New England where the head coach was actively supervising the activity."

Now, any of us outside of New England with common sense knew that the Patriots had cheated. We also knew when McDaniels (a former Pats assistant) got caught cheating this past week, he likely learned it from Belichick.

However, before that quote, we did not know the extent of it, and we did not know that Belichick was actively involved or supervising it.

So let me get this straight, Belichick was actively supervising the cheating for years, yet he is still in the league? What? Am I missing something? Baseball banned Pete Rose for life, but a guy who blatantly cheated for years is still allowed to coach every week? Am I the only one who thinks that makes zero sense?

"Years of activity...where the head coach was actively supervising the activity."

I don't think Jeff Pash meant to reveal that about the Patriots. I believe in answering a question about the Broncos' latest incident, he was simply trying to explain why their fine was so much lighter. Still, he did it and he is a high enough ranking official for us to know that what he said is 100 percent accurate.

So where is the outrage? Why is no one reporting it? Oh, because we aren't allowed to criticize a three-time Super Bowl Champion coach whose team is led by one of the NFL's golden boys, Tom Brady.

Luckily, I will be the willing jerk. I will say what no one else has the guts to say. Belichick should have gotten the Rose treatment.

Rose was banned from baseball for betting on his own team. Belichick supervised cheating for years, cheating that could very possibly have allowed his team to steal three Super Bowl championships and affected the outcome of numerous games (not to mention the betting line), yet he is still actively employed in the NFL.

Now some people may have already believed this about Mr. Belichick, but the NFL has come out and said it. So when we talk about Belichick, we shouldn't first say he is a great coach or a three-time Super Bowl champion. No, the first thing we should think of and say is what the NFL admitted this past week. Bill Belichick is one of the game's greatest cheaters.

Pete Rose has nothing on you, Mr. Belichick. Nothing at all.