Oakland Raiders: Legends From The Past and "Grabbing TD Bombs Is Wells' Forte"

Honor Warren Wells TheTorch@dbintayaelSenior Writer IINovember 29, 2010

Warren Wells, Dec. 1970
Warren Wells, Dec. 1970

Do you need a little pep talk? Some of us in the Raider Nation need one.

While filing some papers, I discovered a copy of an article written by Jim Scott. He wrote for The Sporting News and the article was dated Dec. 5, 1970.

The article mentions pro players Johnny Fuller, Wayne Moore, Tony Guillory, Jesse Phillips, Willie Ray Smith and others.

It also says that Warren Wells was the cousin of Jerry LeVias, Mel Farr, Miller Farr, Bubba Smith, Tody Smith and Clancy Williams.

Their grandfather was the late Charlie LeVias and he had more than 100 descendants at the time the article was published. Scott says in the article, "Virtually all of the males were excellent athletes."

George Blanda is quoted several times in the article.

Blanda said, "....He considered Wells the most dangerous ever to play the game. Where Wells has it on the others is his quick burst of speed, his change of pace."

He added: "He's not the fastest man on our club but for 10 yards he's probably as fast as anyone ever was. He's also quick. He throws in a little step, too, that confuses defenders after he catches the ball. And before you know it, he's gone."

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Well, this history lesson based on an article written 40 years ago is hopefully a motivator and an eye-opener for the young Oakland Raiders.

What can they learn from this article?

Wells was:



Deceptive to the defenders


Able to accelerate and decelerate in his trajectory

Jim Scott added in his lead paragraph:

"Wells and others in his group had flash, dash and individuality. It's artistic. The players not only want to win, but to look beautiful doing it."

Did you learn something? We hope so.

In my frustration viewing the game between the Miami Dolphins and the Oakland Raiders on Nov. 28, I started cleaning and digging through old papers. I found this article which I was compelled to share.

Read it, young Oakland Raiders. Learn from it, and give us more victories in 2010.

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