Auburn the Rodney Dangerfield of College Football? The Tigers Get No Respect

Larry BurtonSenior Writer INovember 23, 2010

Neither Rodney or Auburn ever got the respect they may have deserved
Neither Rodney or Auburn ever got the respect they may have deserved

I have been asked a lot by fans about the Cam Newton story and why Auburn is taking such a huge risk in playing him and the answer is simple: It's the Rodney Dangerfield complex. No matter what Auburn does, they get no respect.

The national perception is that Auburn is that "other" school in Alabama, and some even think Auburn is in Georgia.

Despite Auburn winning six in a row over Alabama, there was never a national headline that read, "Auburn's Back!" But after Alabama's first win, ever major outlet was out there proclaiming that 'Bama was back.

Perhaps that's because for most of us, Auburn was never there to begin with.

Their last claimed national championship was in 1957 before many of us were born, and even when they did put together perfect seasons, they got no respect and were either left out of the big game because of perception or probation.

Now, here is Auburn undefeated again, having gone through all but one game of the SEC schedule and they're No. 2 in the nation, not No. 1, and still being picked as the underdog to their in-state "big brother" Alabama with two losses.

They just can't get any respect.

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So, if it takes risking a whole season's worth of forfeited games and possible probation to get to a BCS Championship game, they'll take that risk.

After all, their last championship was 57 years ago and it's not like they'll have another opportunity any time soon.

In Auburn's eyes, it's going to be better to have won one and have it taken away than never to have had one at all.

They're already in for a penny—why not go in for a pound?

At least this way, even if for a fleeting moment, they'll have finally earned some respect.