WWE Survivor Series: Power Ranking The 10 Best Matches of Randy Orton's Career

RiZESenior Writer INovember 18, 2010

WWE Survivor Series: Power Ranking The 10 Best Matches of Randy Orton's Career

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    Randy Orton has been a blue chipper since his debut in the WWE. The son of Cowboy Bob Orton, Orton has struck huge success since his Smackdown! days. Orton utilized qualities from mentors Triple H, and Ric Flair.

    Shortly after his RAW debut, Orton suffered the first of many shoulder injuries. Orton's future was put into question until he joined Evolution. Branded the future of the WWE, Orton quickly rose up the ranks after winning the Intercontinental Championship.

    Since then, Randy has gone on to establish himself as a legitimate Superstar. From Legend Killer to the Viper, Orton has wreaked havoc on the WWE. Already a six time WWE Champion.

    To highlight Orton's career, I've compiled a list of Orton's best matches. Enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed making it.

10. WWE Vengeance 2006 vs Kurt Angle

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    The feud between these two began on the Road to Wrestlemania. Orton and Rey Mysterio were challenging Angle for his World Heavyweight Championship. After a great match by all three, Mysterio pinned Orton after the 619.

    When Angle was drafted to ECW, he issued an open challenge to any RAW/Smackdown! Superstar. Orton gladly accepted. At ECW One Night Stand, Angle defeated Orton via the Ankle Lock. Orton complained that Angle had the advantage. Because of the ECW Event.

    He challenged Angle to a rematch. Angle accepted. At Vengeance, with help from a exposed turnbuckle, Orton RKO'd Angle for the win. Great match by both competitors.

9. WWE Taboo Tuesday 2004 vs Ric Flair

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    The Teacher versus the Student. After Orton was exiled from Evolution, he was embroiled in a feud with Triple H. Flair assisted Triple H in his win over Orton at Unforgiven. Losing the World Title unleashed a mean streak in the Legend Killer. Disrupting Evolution's celebration after Unforgiven.

    Orton was then granted a match with Batista. Stipulation was if Orton could beat Batista, he would receive a spot in the Taboo Tuesday contendership. In the previous weeks, Orton tried persistently to alarm Flair of Triple H's selfishness. It seemed to have an effect on Flair as he distanced himself away from HHH.

    During his bout with Batista, Orton was attacked by Triple H. Preparing to crush Orton with a chair, HHH was stopped by Flair in the process. Flair quickly turned the chair on Orton, smashing him over the back. A match between Orton and Flair was later announced.

    At Taboo Tuesday, fans chose a Steel Cage match as the stipulation. In an extremely violent encounter, Orton dropped his mentor with an RKO for the win. The men shook hands afterwards.

8.RAW 2007 Vs Edge

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    Rated RKO began to slowly deteriorate after the Royal Rumble. Both were pursuing the WWE Championship. After tons of mishaps and small confrontations, the problems between them would tear Rated RKO apart. After Edge and Orton qualified for the MITB Ladder match, Edge dropped out of most his matches.

    Much to the displeasure of Orton. At Wrestlemania, both failed to clutch the briefcase. During a number one contender's match against HBK, Edge interfered costing both competitors the match. Jonathan Coachman announced a fatal four way at Backlash. Orton vs Cena vs Michaels vs Edge.

    When Cena retained once again, Edge and Orton took on one another in a match on RAW. Originally scheduled for the week before. Postponed due to the length of HBK vs Cena.

    Both men displayed extreme athleticism. After a face full of turnbuckle, Orton was split wide open. After a failed RKO attempt, Edge speared Orton for the win. Great match. Largely overshadowed by Cena and HBK.

7. WWE Survivor Series 2004 Team Orton vs Team HHH

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    The inmates running the asylum. After Eric Bischoff was physically agitated by his nephew Eugene, he decided to take time of from RAW. Triple H declared that Evolution would run the show in his absence. After multiple attempts at bullying were thwarted, HHH decided to interject himself in Orton vs Flair.

    If Orton lost, he would be ineligible to receive a World Title match while Hunter was the Champion. After a steel chairshot, Flair defeated Orton. Attempting to flee through the crowd, Evolution was stopped in their tracks by multiple RAW Superstars. Forced back into the ring, Flair and HHH were dominated by Y2J, Benoit, and Maven.

    The exclamation point being an RKO from Orton. Bischoff seized the opportunity and announced he would be taking a month off. He made Team Orton vs Team HHH for Survivor Series. Each member of the winning Team run RAW for a night. 

    At Survivor Series, Orton's team was plagued by a series of mishaps. Including the absence of Maven. In the end, Orton was up against Triple H and Edge. After multiple reversals, Orton sealed the deal with an RKO.

6. Wrestlemania 25 vs Triple H

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    A feud five years in the making. Randy Orton and Triple H traded the WWE Championship multiple times in 2008. The rivalry was indeed intense, but things were taken to the next level in 2009. Orton lived in infamy after punting Vince McMahon in the head. Afterwards, Orton turned back the challenge of Shane McMahon multiple times before Stephanie McMahon got involved.

    After punting Shane in the head, Stephanie pleaded with Orton to discontinue his vicious ways. Orton then RKO'd Stephanie much to the shock of fans and Orton himself. WWE Champion, Triple H stormed to the ring after Orton but he quickly escaped.

    In the following weeks, Triple H goated Orton into using his WM title match against him. Orton reluctantly accepted. Orton continued his attacks on the McMahon family by dropping Stephanie with a ddt. Then smashing the Game over the head with a chair.

    At Wrestlemania, the match started with a band. Orton RKO'd HHH only to be Pedigreed minutes later. After an intense battle between the two, even receiving a punt from Triple H, Orton was defeated via pedigree. The rivalry would continue afterwards.

5. WWE Armageddon 2005 Vs The Undertaker

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    Month's after their Wrestlemania encounter, Randy Orton and The Undertaker's heated feud continued. After trading wins at numerous ppv's, Orton appeared to gain the upper hand. At No Mercy, Orton defeated Taker in a casket match. After a thunderous chairshot, Orton sealed the casket and locked it.

    Orton than set the casket a blaze. Seemingly ending The Undertaker in the process. Orton entered the Team RAW vs Team Smackdown match at Survivor Series. After scoring the winning pinfall, Orton celebrated with his peers. Until Undertakers familiar theme thundered through the arena.

    Bursting out of a burning casket, Taker destroyed the majority of the Smackdown! roster. Leaving Orton in disbelief. After another attack from Orton, Taker challenged him to a Hell in a Cell match. In the coming weeks, Orton seemed far from sane.

    Seeing the Undertaker everywhere he looked. On the Smackdown! before Armageddon, Orton announced his retirement for wrestling. When Undertaker entered the ring, Orton viciously attacked him. Beating him with an urn before delivering a RKO. Leaving Taker in a pool of his own blood.

    At Armageddon, Orton put up a valiant effort. Utilizing tables, chairs, and even the Tombstone Piledriver. Orton even had Taker beat at one point. But it was not to be. Orton was defeated via Tombstone Piledriver.

4. WWE Bragging Rights 2009 vs John Cena

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    John Cena vs Randy Orton. The premiere feud in the WWE. Orton and Cena had mixed it up on multiple occasions. Billed the last encounter in their feud. Legacy screwed John Cena out of the WWE Championship at Night of Champions and Summerslam. But Cena rallied back and won the title in a match at Breaking Point.

    The Viper quickly regained the title. At Hell in a Cell, Orton punted Cena in the head to win his fifth WWE Championship. Cena refused to walk away from the title picture. He persuaded Orton to give him one more match for the championship. An Iron Man match.

    Unlike others, this one was No Holds Barred. The stipulations were if Cena lost, he would leave RAW for Smackdown. If Orton were to lose, he would not receive a title match while Cena was champion. The match and feud was highlighted by Civil Twilight's Letters in the Sky.

    At Bragging Rights, Orton and Cena put on an incredible match. One of the most memorable moments was when Orton reversed the AA in mid air for an RKO. Amazing. Despite interference by Legacy, Orton was unable to walk away with the WWE Title.

    With seconds left on the clock, Orton tapped out to the STF.

3. Wrestlemania 21 vs The Undertaker

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    The Undertaker's illustrious 12-0 Wrestlemania streak seemed without a challenger after the Royal Rumble. Teaming with HBK on a few occasions, Orton asked HBK about Wrestlemania. Michaels told him it was time for Orton to step up. After HBK challenged Smackdown! Superstar Kurt Angle for a match at Wrestlemania, Orton followed in his foot steps. Superstar Billy Graham told Orton to "go where no wrestler had gone before". 

    Orton was holding a magazine with The Undertaker on the cover.

    Orton challenged The Undertaker. Orton developed a more arrogant persona over time. Even slapping The Undertaker in the face. This is when Bob Orton inserted himself into the situation. Orton pleaded with Taker to spare his son. The Undertaker refused and was blindsided with an RKO from Orton.

    Orton's peer's from RAW believed Taker would decimate Orton at Mania. Even his on-screen girlfriend, Stacy Keibler, doubted Orton could defeat The Undertaker. Orton RKO'd Stephanie during a segment on RAW. Cementing his heel status.

    Orton's fear of Taker slowly faded away in the following weeks. At Wrestlemania, Orton even had his father interfere on his behalf. Undertaker still battled back and attempted a chokeslam on Orton. In one of the most memorable WM Moments ever, Orton reversed Taker in the air for an RKO. Still wasn't enough. 

    Orton attempted to Tombstone Taker but was only reversed. A tombstone and three seconds later, Orton was defeated and Taker's Streak was in tact.

2. Summerslam 2004 vs Chris Benoit

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    Orton's defining moment. When Randy Orton lost the IC Title to Edge, he was reduced to taking part in Evolution beatdowns. Until Chris Benoit had defeated every challenger for his World Title. Eric Bischoff announced a Battle Royal. The winner get's a World Title match against Benoit at Summerslam.

    Going into the match, Edge and Chris Jericho were the favorites to win. It came down to Edge, Y2J, Batista, and Orton. After Batista's elimination, Y2J eliminated Edge. The two fought it out, but after a boot to the face, Orton won the match.

    To everyone's surprise. The next week on RAW, Orton claimed it was his destiny to beat Benoit at Summerslam. Leading to a small confrontation with Benoit, where he briefly applied the Crossface to Orton. Later in the night, Orton pinned Benoit in a tag team match.

    At Summerslam, Orton and Benoit competed to the best of their ability. Benoit could never get the momentum rolling as Orton countered his diving headbutt. One thing that immediately caught your attention was that Orton was alone. No Evolution.

    After withstanding the crossface, Orton countered another crossface attempt into an RKO. Orton pinned Benoit for the World Championship. Shocking the world. Youngest World Champion in WWE History.

1. Backlash 2004 vs Cactus Jack

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    Before Backlash, Orton and Mick Foley were heated rivals. From Orton spitting in Mick's face on RAW to him attacking Foley after he taunted Flair. Orton called Foley out for weeks, insisting that Foley was a coward. RAW and Smackdown! Superstars also called Foley a coward for walking out. Until Foley was defended by Goldberg in a backstage segment with Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble.

    Later in the night, Randy was towards the end of the lineup. Orton was close to winning it all. Until Foley entered the match in Test's place. Foley quickly eliminated Orton silencing the critics. Over the next few weeks, Orton involved Batista and Flair in his feud.

    Beating on Foley multiple times. Foley enlisted the help of The Rock for a match against the three. Despite being the obvious favorites, The Rock and Sock Connection lost the match after Orton RKO'd Foley. 

    Foley's demented alter ego, Cactus Jack challenged Orton to a hardcore match at Backlash. Orton reluctantly accepted the match. At Backlash, Foley  pummeled Orton, controlling most of the match. Even jumping off the stage to drop an elbow into Orton's black heart.

    Barbed wire, thumb tacks, and almost a flaming barbie was introduced in the match. In the end, Orton RKO'd Foley onto a barbie for the win. Surprised.