Michael Vick is the Best Player: Can I Get a Witness?

Dexter RogersCorrespondent INovember 16, 2010

LANDOVER, MD - NOVEMBER 15:  Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles looks on while waiting for a review to be completed against  the Washington Redskins on November 15, 2010 at FedExField in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
Chris McGrath/Getty Images

When Michael Vick defeated Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts I proposed a question: Is Vick the MVP of the NFL up to this point?

After what I witnessed last night I have no further questions but merely a statement.

Michael Vick is not on the best quarterback in the NFL he is the best football player in the league.

Even though Donovan McNabb signed a 5-year 78 million dollar contract, it was Vick who electrified the crowd on Monday Night. Vick led his Philadelphia Eagles to 59-28 thrashing of the Washington Redskins.

On the first play of the game Vick dropped back to pass and threw an 88-yard strike to Desean Jackson for a touchdown.  Vick finished the contest completing 20-28 passes for 333 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions.  He also rushed eight times for 80-yards and two touchdowns.  More importantly Vick didn’t commit a single turnover. 

He’s thrown 11 touchdowns and no interceptions.

It was the Michael Vick show last night. 

Based on the way he played last night against an NFC rival on the road leaves little doubt in my mind Vick is the best player on the field every time he puts on the pads on.

Can I get a witness?

As I was watching Vick play the quarterback position like no other quarterback before I reflected back to the summer of 2009 while he in search of a team and sitting in his Virginia home on house-arrest.   Very few teams wanted to sign Vick because they didn’t know what they were getting.

I remember the likes of ESPN’s Trent Dilfer and Cris Carter stating Vick may have to switch positions if a team signs him.  They felt his particular skill set would be best suited playing running back or wide receiver.

I remember watching Mike and Mike on ESPN and listening to Mike Greenburg suggest Vick should opt to play in the UFL because he likely won’t get to play in the NFL let alone as a quarterback in the NFL.

The madness prompted me to write a column in June of 2009 titled, “Should Michael Vick Return to the NFL as a Quarterback?”  Take the liberty to read it for yourself.

In the commentary I addressed why African-Americans routinely asked to switch positions when their white counterparts are not.  I issued the following, “In Vick’s case, he didn’t go to prison for being a bad quarterback. He went to prison for the decisions he made off the field.

When Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank made Vick the highest paid player in the league he was quarterback wasn’t he?”

I stated emphatically Vick should come back as a quarterback and once he signs with a team and shakes off the rust he will be one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL again.  

I stated, “Despite missing nearly two years of football Vick is still better than many of those quarterbacks who expect to start next season. I’ll give you Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Donovan McNabb. After that, Vick can step in with most teams and start once he rids himself of the rust.”

I think it is safe to say the rust is now gone. 

We witnessed what Vick did against Peyton Manning last week, we are still digesting what he did against McNabb and the Redskins last night.  How can anyone logically suggest Vick is not only the best quarterback in the NFL but the best football player?

Let’s put this into further perspective; Vick nearly lost it all because of the poor choices he made off the field. 

He sat in prison for 18 long months. 

He came out of prison to find and endure consistent public humiliation and ridicule.

Vick finds teams do not want to sign him because of his past.

The Eagles give him a second chance to make a first impression.  Vick finally rids himself of the last year's rust and comes into this season as the back-up to Kevin Kolb.

Kolb sustains a concussion against the Green Bay Packers.  Vick steps in, takes his second chance and goes the distance. 

Vick played so well it forced head coach Andy Reid to state, “When someone is playing at the level Michael Vick is playing, you have to give him an opportunity." He continued, "This isn't about Kevin Kolb's play. You're talking about Michael Vick as one the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now."

Can anyone logical refute Reid’s assessment going into next weeks NFC showdown with the 6-3 New York Giants?

The so-called experts like Dilfer, Carter and Greenburg have to eat crow. 

Vick’s play is forcing the doubters to sing his praises.  Remember, just because so-called experts and ex-athletes are on television consistently doesn’t mean they know what they are talking about. 

I saw what type of quarterback Vick was in Atlanta and knew what he could be once he latched on to a team.  Based on how he is playing now can anyone imagine Vick playing another position as the so-called experts suggested?

I rest my case.

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