Texas Longhorns Football 2010: And Boom Goes the Dynamite

Billy RayCorrespondent INovember 7, 2010

"Gilbert, I'm gonna bust you in the face when you get back here!"
"Gilbert, I'm gonna bust you in the face when you get back here!"Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Wow, just saw that score. Ouch, that had to hurt, that's going to leave a mark.

As a Sooner fan, the one thing that I can take solace in after Oklahoma's own debacle at College Station is simply knowing and being grateful for the fact that at least I'm not a Longhorn fan. Seriously.

Your team was ranked at No. 3 in the preseason and now has five losses? Your new quarterback went on the road against a Big 12 North team and threw five interceptions in a humiliating defeat? How is this all possible?

This has never happened before, not in the entire history of forever, has it?

After all, you are Texas. You don't rebuild, you reload. You have the best college football players in America in Austin, stacked like some funky pigskin-flavored Pringles. This does not happen to the Longhorns.

Mack Brown has won at least 10 games every season since the beginning of time. You all played for the national championship just last year for heaven's sake!

This unprecedented turn of events was unfathomable before the season started. Longhorn fans lit up college football talk boards across the land, talking about how this year's team was going to be better without Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley. You know, the players replacing them were superior and the defense would be even stronger, yada, yada, yada.

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So, what do you do now? Bench Gilbert and line up Mack Brown against the wall, proclaiming Muschamp the new Longhorns dictator-for-now in some banana-republic college football coup?

Relax, all of you Bevo blowhards! It happens to every school in the country at some point. Just like death and taxes, rebuilding mode is a certainty for even the top programs. Sometimes, even the best talent needs time to mature or maybe just aren't quite as good as they were thought to be.

Just because it hasn't happened in a awhile does not mean it isn't inevitable. Look at Florida or USC this year. How about Michigan for the last three years?

What about Notre Dame for the last, well, uh...., maybe don't look at them. That could never happen to Texas. Right?

The point isn't to bash but give some perspective to fans of the "Burned" Orange (not a real color). This happens to even the best programs with coaches at the top of their profession.

Don't light the pitchforks yet. Sometimes a big step back can lead to giant strides forward. Sometimes.

Again, as a Sooner fan, I'm not exactly rooting for you, but I do know how you feel.

And to answer the question as to whether this year's unmemorable season is unprecedented, look no further than the Sooners of 2009. Oklahoma finished 8-5 and Landry Jones threw five picks in Lincoln.

Sure, we may only be 7-2, but we still have an outside shot of playing for the Big 12 championship and in a BCS game this year.

And at least we're not you.

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