NHRA Full Throttle Series Is No Ghost in Las Vegas Desert

Dwight Drum@@racetakeCorrespondent IIIOctober 29, 2010

Funny Car coming off the hauler in Vegas
Funny Car coming off the hauler in Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is the ultimate adult playground for most visitors. Everything there seems to be grand or larger. Probably too, choosing Halloween weekend for your fun trek, costume or not, makes for a good fit. 

Throw in a ground rumbling, high-speed NHRA Full throttle drag race into the mix and good times would seem to have more moments than hours could corral. Add to all that the intensity of championship playoffs the often heard expression—too much fun—resonates up the picturesque mountain ranges surrounding Las Vegas.

With only two races left in the Countdown to the Championship the big prize is out of reach for many of the top-10 qualifiers. For leaders and close contenders the nail-biting nature of the final eight rounds of the season is as radiant as sunlight in the desert.

In a fitting gambling environment where odds are rampant, the NHRA Las Vegas Nationals could determine a champion or two, maybe more. The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway has two lanes and is not far from the famous glitter of the Strip in downtown Las Vegas where winners and losers at casinos focus on the roll of the dice.

At the drag strip only a few lights count—the yellow, green and red on the tree at the starting line and the white shine of win light. 

2010 NHRA Full Throttle Series top point standings 

Top Fuel Dragster

Larry Dixon leads second place Cory McClenthan by 89 points and third place Tony Schumacher by 154 points. . 

Funny Car

Matt Hagan leads second place John Force 64 points and third place Jack Beckman by 93 points. 

Pro Stock Car

Greg Anderson leads second place Mike Edwards by 36 points and third place Greg Stanfield by 85 points.

Pro Stock Motorcycle

Andrew Hines leads second place LE Tonglet by 72 points and third place Eddie Krawiec by 215 points.

Almost as fast as one can say boo, four rounds that count large on Sunday will echo in the desert. 

Photo credit: Gary Larsen @ Racetake.com


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