Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders Need To Hire Bill Parcells To Turn Team Around

James ArcellanaCorrespondent IIOctober 20, 2010

Bill Parcells could be what this team needs.
Bill Parcells could be what this team needs.Michael Heiman/Getty Images

Those of you who have been following news in the NFL this week know that Bill Parcells officially moved out of the Dolphins headquarters earlier in the week. This comes after Parcells stepped down as president of football operations in order to be a "consultant" for the team.

Parcells has a history of coming to struggling teams, turning them around in a few years then beating a path out of town. In his career, Parcells has turned around struggling teams in the New York Giants,  New England Patriots, New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys and finally the Miami Dolphins.

With every one of those teams, Parcells came onto the staff as the team was mired in losing seasons. With every one of those teams, Parcells turned the team around and had them in the playoffs within three years.

Parcells has been to three Super Bowls and won two. He has won eight different Coach of the Year Awards and is considered one of the best minds in football. So much so, he has spawned a number of coaches in the NFL who follow his coaching philosophy, including Bill Belichick, Tom Coughlin, Sean Payton, Tony Sporano, Eric Mangini and Tod Haley.

Over the past seven years of struggles for the Raiders, there has been a consistent theme of dysfunction between the front offices and the coaching staff. The Raiders are currently on their fifth coach since John Gruden, and none of them have had success.

One of the reasons that John Gruden fared so well in Oakland is because his knowledge of football was strong enough to garner respect and trust from Al Davis. Gruden was notorious for going to Al Davis' office with videos, white boards and whatever else he needed in order to prove to Mr. Davis that he knew what he was talking about and that Mr. Davis should follow his advice.

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Since that time, Davis has yet to find another coach which he trusted enough to allow him the leeway to do what was needed for the Raiders.

The closest we have seen to Al Davis giving freedom to his coaches came last season when he allowed JaMarcus Russell to be benched mid season. From there, he clearly gave up a good deal of draft and off-season responsibilities to Cable as well.

Since the Raiders are still losing, it is unlikely that Cable has convinced Davis that he knows exactly what he is doing and should be given more reign over the team. In all likeliness, Davis is simply getting tired of failing.

Davis may have finally realized the failures he was responsible for during the past seven years and opted to be more open minded. Mr. Davis is not responsible for all of the Raiders problems, but he definitely played his part in some bad draft picks and bad free agent signings.

If it is true that Mr. Davis has finally decided to relinquish some of his control over the Oakland Raiders, then it would be the perfect time to bring someone like Bill Parcells in.

When Sean Payton interviewed for the Oakland Raiders head coaching job, the one thing that he noted about the interview was how incredibly intelligent Mr. Davis was in regards to football. Payton noted that he understood football better than any owner in the NFL.

Bill Parcells is someone who can easily compete with Al Davis' intensive knowledge of football. He has been around the game for a long time and knows it inside and out. With his knowledge of the game and his experience turning teams around, Parcells is the type of guy that Mr. Davis might be willing to give more power to in order to get the Raiders on track.

There still remains, however, two major problems. First, Parcells is a big fan of the ground and pound style of football. This doesn't mean he will not throw the ball, but he is not the vertical passing type of coach that Al Davis was.

Second, Parcells has a no nonsense personality with an ego to go with it. Much like Davis, Parcells is a very strong willed and strong minded personality. Putting two of these people in charge of a football team could lead to a lot of butting heads.

Thus, if Al Davis is really ready to turn the team around, and is willing to allow Parcells not only to control the roster, but also the style of play, then the Raiders may have the opportunity to turn the team around that they have been waiting on for seven years.

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