Donte Whitner Is Tired Of Opposing Players Teasing Him

Mike BurnsContributor IOctober 19, 2010

Donte Whitner one play before getting burned by Cadalic Williams
Donte Whitner one play before getting burned by Cadalic WilliamsRick Stewart/Getty Images

Former Ohio State and Current Buffalo Bills strong Safety Donte Whitner is tired of opposing players laughing and teasing him on the football field.  He blames it on the play of the Bills the last few seasons but should also look at himself.

As a former first round pick (number 8 overall) the expectations are there that he will immediately become one of the top defenders in the National Football League.  In 2006 as a rookie he showed signs of becoming that type of player with 104 tackles and 1 interception.  Since then his statistics have dropped and teams have shown no fear running plays towards him. 

207 tackles and 3 interceptions over the next 3 seasons have been less than impressive.  The fierce hits he used to have laid on opponents have become more of him trying to push players down rather than tackle them.  When he does make an actual tackle he struts around like the top rooster in front of the hen house.  Generally when this happens watch for the opposing team to go for a play in front of him on the very next down.  It is almost guaranteed a first down or more. 

Reminds me of 2 former Buckeye and Bills defenders named Winfield and Clements that seemed to start strong and finally show up in their contract year.  This will explain the 46 tackles you have in only 5 games of the last year of your contract. 

The fans do not deserve another year of selfish play and will not miss you when you leave Buffalo for a huge yet undeserving contract. 

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I wonder if your new teammates will still tease you when you blow the play after strutting your stuff around the next barnyard.