Aaron MarcusContributor IOctober 19, 2010

Well, I figure I will call my shots before the real awards are announced a few weeks from now.

In the American League, in spite of missing nearly the entire final month of the regular season, Josh Hamilton still gets my nod for MVP over Robbie Cano. He did enough to secure the Rangers' postseason bid during the time he played, and frankly, is the best story out there. While Cabrera was, by year's end the finest offensive force in baseball, I don't think he distanced himself enough from the rest of his competition statistically to warrant giving the MVP to someone on a .500 ball-club. MLB Player of the Year, however, is a different story.

The AL Cy Young was a real toss-up for me between Price and CC, but in the end I went with the fatman because of the wins and his durability. With regard to King Felix, I couldn't talk myself into giving the award to a 13-12 guy, despite the amazing season. I know there will be a lot of clamor for him to win, but what's next, a 12-13 winner? On the other hand, I did name him the runner-up to Doc Halladay as MLB Pitcher of the Year.

Texas flamethrower, Neftali Feliz, is my narrow selection for AL Rookie of the Year over Detroit's Austin Jackson. Feliz was a top 5 AL closer and a major reason behind the Rangers' march to the AL West title.

Terry Francona did arguably his finest managerial job this season with a Red Sock team decimated by injuries and inconsistent pitching - good enough to nab my MLB Manager of the Year Award.

In the National League, I think things were a bit more cut and dried with Doc Halladay leaving very little room for argument regarding the Cy Young and Joey Votto matching Phat Albert and Carlos Gonzalez swing for swing en route to leading the Reds to an ill-fated playoffs and my choice for MVP. Interestingly enough, as I have done in years past, I named Pujols my 1st Team NL First-Baseman and NL Player of the Year over Votto, as I believe Albert still swings the finest bat in the league and proved it again this season.

Despite my AL choice, I typically like position players for awards like ROY and MVP - unless there are no standouts and some truly lights out pitchers in the mix. While the Cards' Jaime Garcia was excellent, his 13 wins weren't quite enough for him to supplant the Bravos' Jason Heyward as my NL Rookie of the Year this season.

All anybody said at the beginning of the season was how uncompetitive the Padres were going to be with a smattering of offensive talent, and some largely unknown quantities in the starting rotation. What does Buddy Black do but get them one win from a playoff game with the San Francisco Giants for the NL West crown. Pretty amazing.

With all that being said, I hope this stirs up some lively debate and I look forward to reading your comments and criticisms - where you agree and where you think I screwed up - as well as seeing some of your own All-Star Teams and award winners.



RHP Felix Hernandez, Seattle (13W-12L/2.27 ERA/249.2 IP/232 Ks)
LHP CC Sabathia, New York (21W-7L/3.18 ERA/237.2 IP/197 Ks)
RH Set-up/Middle Joaquin Benoit, Tampa Bay (25 Holds/9% IS/1.34 ERA)
LH Set-up/Middle Matt Thornton, Chicago (21 Holds/13% IS/2.67 ERA)
Closer Rafael Soriano, Tampa Bay (45 SVs/3 BS/1.73 ERA)
C Joe Mauer, Minnesota (88 Runs/9 HRs/75 RBI/1 SB/.327 Avg./.402 OBP/.469 Slg.)
1B Miguel Cabrera, Detroit (111 Runs/38 HRs/126 RBI/3 SB/.328 Avg./.420 OPB/.622 Slg.)
2B Robinson Cano, New York (103 Runs/29 HRs/109 RBI/3 SB/.319 Avg./.381 OPB/.534 Slg.)
3B Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay (96 Runs/22 HRs/104 RBI/15 SB/.294 Avg./.372 OPB/.507 Slg.)
SS Derek Jeter, New York (111 Runs/10 HRs/67 RBI/18 SB/.270 Avg./.340 OPB/ .370 Slg.)
LF Josh Hamilton, Texas (95 Runs/32 HRs/100 RBI/8 SB/.359 Avg./.411 OPB/.633 Slg.)
CF Alex Rios, Chicago (89 Runs/21 HRs/88 RBI/34 SB/.284 Avg./.334 OPB/.457 Slg.)
RF Jose Bautista, Toronto (109 Runs/54 HRs/124 RBI/9 SB/.260 Avg./.378 OPB/.617 Slg.)
DH Vladimir Guerrero, Texas (83 Runs/29 HRs/115 RBI/4 SB/.300 Avg./.345 OPB/.496 Slg.)

Non-position Specific 1st Team Outfield:


RHP Clay Buchholz, Boston (17W-7L/2.33 ERA/173.2 IP/120 Ks)
LHP David Price, Tampa Bay (19W-6L/2.72 ERA/208.2 IP/188 Ks)
RH Set-up/Mddle Daniel Bard, Boston (32 Holds/30% IS/1.93 ERA)
LH Set-up/Middle Scott Downs, Toronto (26 Holds/38%IS/2.64 ERA)
Closer Joakim Soria, Kansas City (43 SVs/3 BS/1.78 ERA)
C Victor Martinez, Boston (64 Runs/20 HRs/79 RBI/1 SB/.302 Avg./.351 OPB/.493 Slg.)
1B Mark Teixeira, New York (113 Runs/33 HRs/108 RBI/0 SB/.256 Avg./.365 OPB/.481 Slg.)
2B Howie Kendrick, Los Angeles (67 Runs/10 HRs/75 RBI/14 SB/.279 Avg./.313 OPB/.407 Slg.)
3B Adrian Beltre, Boston (84 Runs/28 HRs/102 RBI/2 SB/.321 Avg./.365 OPB/.553 Slg.)
SS Alexei Ramirez, Chicago (83 Runs/18 HRs/70 RBI/13 SB/.282 Avg./.313 OPB/.431 Slg.)
LF Carl Crawford, Tampa Bay (110 Runs/19 HRs/90 RBI/47 SB/.307 Avg./.356 OPB/.495 Slg.)
CF Torii Hunter, Los Angeles (76 Runs/23 HRs/90 RBI/9 SB/.281/.354 OBP/.464 Slg.)
RF Shin-Soo Choo, Cleveland (81 Runs/22 HRs/90 RBI/22 SB/.300 Avg./.401 OPB/.484 Slg.)
DH David Ortiz, Boston (86 Runs/32 HRs/102 RBI/0 SB/.270 Avg./.370 OPB/.529 Slg.)

AL MVP: Josh Hamilton over Cano (with Longoria and Crawford splitting votes)
AL Cy Young: CC Sabathia
AL Player of the Year: Miguel Cabrera
AL ROY: Neftali Feliz, Texas (40 SV/3BS/2.73 ERA) over Austin Jackson, Detroit (103 Runs/4 HRs/41 RBI/27 SB/.293 Avg./.345 OBP/.400 Slg.)
AL Manager of the Year: Terry Francona, Boston
AL Hank Aaron Award: Miguel Cabrera



RHP Roy Halladay, Philadelphia (21W-10L/2.44 ERA/250.2 IP/219 Ks)
LHP Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles (13W-10L/2.91 ERA/204.1 IP/212 Ks)
RH Set-up/Middle Mike Adams, San Diego (37 Holds/57% IS/1.76 ERA)
LH Set-up/Middle Arthur Rhodes, Cincinnati (26 Holds/14% IS/2.29 ERA)
Closer Heath Bell, San Diego (47 SV/3 BS/1.93 ERA)
C Brian McCann, Atlanta (63 Runs/21 HRs/77 RBI/5 SB/.269 Avg./.375 OPB/.453 Slg.)
1B Albert Pujols, St. Louis (115 Runs/42 HRs/118 RBI/14 SB/.312 Avg./.414 OPB/.596 Slg.)
2B Dan Uggla, Florida (100 Runs/33 HRs/105 RBI/4 SB/.287 Avg./.369 OPB/.508 Slg.)
3B Ryan Zimmerman, Washington, (85 Runs/25 HRs/85 RBI/4 SB/.307 Avg./.388 OPB/.510 Slg.)
SS Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado (89 Runs/27 HRs/95 RBI/11 SB/.315 Avg./.381 OPB/.568 Slg.)
LF Carlos Gonzalez, Colorado (111 Runs/34 HRs/117 RBI/26 SB/.336 Avg./.376 OPB/.598 Slg.)
CF Chris Young, Arizona (94 Runs/27 HRs/91 RBI/28 SB/.257 Avg./.341 OPB/.452 Slg.)
RF Jayson Werth, Philadelphia (106 Runs/27 HRs/85 RBI/13 SB/.296 Avg./.388 OPB/.532 Slg.)

Non-position Specific 1st Team Outfield:


RHP Adam Wainwright, St. Louis (20W-11L/2.42 ERA/230.1 IP/213 Ks)
LHP Cole Hamels, Philadelphia (12W-11L/3.06 ERA/208.2 IP/211 Ks)
RH Set-up/Middle Luke Gregerson, San Diego (40 Holds/18% IS/3.22 ERA)
LH Set-up/Middle Pedro Feliciano, New York (23 Holds/18% IS/3.30 ERA)
Closer Brian Wilson, San Francisco (48 SV/5 BS/1.81 ERA)
C Buster Posey, San Francisco (58 Runs/18 HRs/67 RBI/0 SB/.305 Avg./.357 OPB/.505 Slg.)
1B Joey Votto, Cincinnati (106 Runs/37 HRs/113 RBI/16 SB/.324 Avg./.424 OPB/.600 Slg.)
2B Rickie Weeks, Milwaukee (112 Runs/29 HRs/83 RBI/11 SB/.269 Avg./.366 OPB/.464 Slg.)
3B David Wright, New York (87 Runs/29 HRs/103 RBI/19 SB/.283 Avg./.354 OPB/.503 Slg.)
SS Hanley Ramirez, Florida (92 Runs/21 HRs/76 RBI/32 SB/.300 Avg./.378 OPB/.475 Slg.)
LF Matt Holliday, St. Louis (95 Runs/28 HRs/103 RBI/9 SB/.312 Avg./.390 OPB/.532 Slg.)
CF Drew Stubbs, Cincinnati (91 Runs/22 HRs/77 RBI/30 SB/.255 Avg./.329 OPB/.444 Slg.)
RF Corey Hart, Milwaukee (91 Runs/31 HRs/102 RBI/7 SB/.283 Avg./.340 OPB/.525 Slg.)

NL MVP: Joey Votto over Halladay
NL Cy Young: Roy Halladay over Wainwright
NL Player of the Year: Albert Pujols over Votto
NL ROY: Jason Heyward, Atlanta (83 Runs/18 HRs/72 RBI/11 SB/.277 BA/.393 OBP/.456 SLG) over Jaime Garcia, St. Louis (13W-8L/2.70 ERA/163.1 IP/130 Ks)
NL Manager of the Year: Buddy Black, San Diego
NL Hank Aaron Award: Albert Pujols



RHP Halladay
LHP Sabathia
RH Set-up Adams
LH Set-up Rhodes
Closer Bell
C Mauer
1B Cabrera
2B Cano
3B Longoria
SS Tulowitzki
LF Gonzalez
CF Young
RF Bautista

Non-position Specific 1st Team Outfield:


RHP Hernandez
LHP Price
RH Set-up Benoit
LH Set-up Thornton
Closer Soriano
C McCann
1B Pujols
2B Uggla
3B Beltre
SS Ramirez
LF Hamilton
CF Rios
RF Werth

MLB Player of the Year: Cabrera over Pujols
MLB Pitcher of the Year: Halladay over Hernandez
MLB ROY: Heyward over Feliz
MLB Manager of the Year: Francona over Black