Kasey Kahne, Brian Vickers, and Scott Speed: The Red Bull Racing Drama

Amira ClineContributor IOctober 18, 2010

The current NASCAR season is ending, and with that in mind, drivers may be starting to worry about where they'll be next year. Three of those drivers are Kasey Kahne, Scott Speed, and Brian Vickers, all of whom want a car at Red Bull Racing (RBR).

Kasey Kahne races for Richard Petty Motorsports right now, but we all know that's ending soon. He's set to go to Hendrick in 2012, but where does that put him next year? Red Bull Racing, of course.

RBR wants Kahne because he's a good driver. The main problem is this: RBR only races two cars, the 82 that Speed drives and the 83 that Vickers drives...usually. He did not this season.

Vickers was out all season due to blood clots. He wasn't able to drive, and he's had guys in his car all season. They are placeholders because Vickers is enthusiastic about returning to his car.

Now, Speed has a year left on his contract with RBR, but the chances of him staying are slim. He's trying to keep himself in his car by having some good finishes. If he gets kicked out of his car for Kahne, then some fans will be upset.

There are only two solutions: kick someone out of their car for Kahne, or run another car. The chances of RBR running another car are slim to none...which then only leaves kicking someone out.

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Imagine how bad it would look for RBR manager Jay Frye to kick the sick Vickers from his car. Then again, it would not look good to fire a man with another year on his contract. 

The only man who looks safe is newcomer Kasey Kahne. What happens will be up to Frye and the other leaders of RBR. For us fans, we must just wait and see. 

Image: www.redbull.com

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