After Bound For Glory—Immortal Recap: Who Will Be the New Hero of TNA?

Dashawn ByronContributor IOctober 18, 2010

Jeff Hardy, TNA World Champion
Jeff Hardy, TNA World Champion

On October 10, 2010, TNA held their mega event of the year, Bound For Glory. Usually, the event starts the new main storyline of the promotion, just like Wrestlemania does for the WWE. In the main event of the evening, for the TNA World Championship, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan helped Jeff Hardy win the championship.

This all led to the revelation that "the They" that the monster, Abyss, were speaking of for the last few months in promos was, in fact, a group comprised of Hogan, Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett. The image left in viewers' brains at the end of the night was trash being pelted at Hogan, Bischoff, Jarrett, Abyss and new TNA World Champion Jeff Hardy, as they cheered their actions.

It left us questioning what would happen next. What will Sting, Kevin Nash and Pope do, since they were the good guys the whole time? How does Dixie Carter feel? How pissed is Samoa Joe? What will RVD do? Will EV2 get in on this? With Fourtune around, is their room for "They"? Isn't Abyss fired? And what about Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson?

The next episode of Impact helped answer some questions:

The new group is named Immortal. And instead of signing Abyss's release, Dixie signed over TNA to Hogan.

Talk about not reading stuff before signing it. So now, Hogan and Bischoff are in control and Jarrett gets power again, too. Abyss is their destructive force, and all his actions were controlled, especially his attack on RVD, which was made by Jeff Hardy.

Hardy, now the Anti-Christ of Wrestling, sold in and doesn't care about his fans. He was tired of destroying his body for people who don't care about him. Then, Fourtune comes out and announces their alliance with Immortal, forming the New Regime of TNA.

They kick Dixie out the arena, and in the end take full control. Sting and Nash say "I told you so," and leave, while Pope, Joe, Angle, RVD and Anderson are left beaten up.

TNA seems to always shift from one mega heel group to the next: S.E.X., Planet Jarrett, Angle Alliance, Christian Coalition, Main Event Mafia, Fourtune and now Immortal. It's the overused storyline of the mega heel group taking over, but this one never works since it usually depends on the superstars involved (wrestlers are always leaving), so the question is, can TNA do this right this time?

I will give them points on the lead-up and Hardy actually serving as a good heel in the two promos he did. The next few weeks are crucial in working this angle over properly. So, expect the two sides to go at it, Immortal vs. Dixie, with the world title held up in the middle. But, I think for TNA to really help this one, they need one thing: a hero.

Now, some may say RVD is the hero because all during his reign, he was. True, RVD is the top face, but I'm not so sure if he will end up being the hero of this story.

The hero will be that one man to go through hell the next few months and then finally get the TNA belt back into the hands of the good side. This guy is truly needed to end things instead of turning a group against each other or causing guys to just leave TNA. I think the blurred lines of the Attitude Era are what caused WWE and TNA to forget about this.

In the end, what is successful is the classic struggle between good and evil. Stone Cold was the everyman hero, The Rock was the cocky hero and even Sting was your dark, but bad-ass hero.

With each man, they all went through the proper struggles that led to them gaining the top spot and having the fans behind them all the way. So, let's break down potentials:

Rob Van Dam

Of course, TNA seems to really love RVD as the top face. Ever since he came into TNA, he has been near the top. Even with his world title win, TNA obviously trusted him to head up the company and be its guy.

RVD could, in the end, fight hard and lead TNA to get it back to Dixie. I think he could work, but despite his awesomeness, I just think RVD is dry promo-wise, and I think it again is too obvious.

He will be one of the captains and help lead TNA to victory, but he's not the future champion to really stop Immortal. I also think WWE could use RVD more.

Mr. Anderson

His big world title win is coming. To be honest, I had him pegged for the win at Bound For Glory in heel fashion, but was caught off guard.

Anderson and his character are doing way better in TNA with fewer restrictions. The fans love being known as Anderson's A**holes. Its catchy. Though with this storyline, I think Anderson and Styles will feud over the TV Belt. He will finally win a world title, but he is not ready to be a long-run, top-face world champ. Now, top heel could work, but Anderson isn't a main event face.

Samoa Joe

In my opinion, this guy can carry a show and, as always, is the wild card for the big faction feuds that TNA has. However, after the ordeal with Jeff Hardy, Joe doesn't want to work with anyone anymore, so I can't really tell you how they will pull him. But, they will.

His reign was honestly too short and he needs another. Maybe politics holds him back, but everything else screams top guy. Not happening sadly.

The Pope

Another person who was done wrong in WWE and is the right fit for TNA. Becoming the first black TNA World Champion could really help solidify his spot, but again, I doubt it. He will be a key player, but not the lead.

Kurt Angle

Nope, sorry, folks. Love him to death, but I expect him to finish a little more with TNA and then retire in WWE. His feud will be with Jarrett and not really Immortal. 


I think he has truly been misused. The lead up is good, but really, Sting has to pass the torch and help a new guy truly become the next big hero in wrestling. TNA, I think, has lost their chance with that because Sting's body is worn.

He has been dealing with shoulder issues for a while, and I expect to see him hang it up for good soon. They could work quickly and get him as a mentor, but I don't know. Either way, don't expect him as the hero.

Jay Lethal

God, this kid is destined to be big. You would think after his feud with Flair, he would be ready for a main event, but he is back in the X Division. It should be rebuilt, but it hinders Jay again.

Who knows? He could drop the belt again and finally move up and beat Jarrett for TNA, but the X division does need him.


Where the hell is this guy? I thought after his feud with Morgan he would move up, but he is in Mexico. This is good, but he is slowly losing his stake in TNA. Momentum can die fast if it isn't capitalized, and he had it.

Matt Hardy

WWE finally released him, so it's safe to say I expect him within TNA once the 90 days are up.

I can already think of the scenario. Months later, after another title defense, Jeff is on top, when all of a sudden, Matt Hardy runs in and attacks his brother. They feud over the belt and how Jeff turned his back on his fans. The rest of Team TNA don't trust Matt at first, but realize he is fighting to get his brother back.

Honestly, this could work, the problem lies with Matt, though. When giving the big push, he always seems to fail. I did like his reign as ECW Champion, though. They built him well, but failed on the heel turn, not to mention he is injury prone a bit and not as fast as he once was.

The TNA schedule might work for him, though. And maybe a heel Jeff and face Matt feud can work better over a world championship.

Now, you may ask me, "What was the point, then? Who could be the hero TNA needs?"

Well, this is a rough one. There are high chances Matt could be it because he is over like crazy in wrestling, just like Jeff and Van Dam. TNA is going to push him to the moon to rub it in WWE's face, which could work, but sadly we're back to where we have the problem: no focus on homegrown.

I'm talking someone who truly established themselves without any form of WWE or other big-time connection. I mean, in some cases, I'll let it slide because TNA has helped give guys true opportunities and actually helped them more (Anderson, Pope, Abdul Bashir, Shannon Moore, Matt Morgan), but for a hero of TNA, he needs to truly come from TNA. So, I'm split between two choices with Matt being the third option:

A New Person

Now, I'm talking about someone who just comes out of nowhere and gets the push of a lifetime. I think there hasn't been a classic rookie-to-main eventer storyline in a while, and it takes a gem of a wrestler to do it. They have to have the total package and never have been shown on main television. This guy can become the real Mr. TNA because he will be, truly, a homegrown TNA superstar.

This one is very far-fetched and seemingly impossible, but a great wrestler who gets a massive push is missing, and he can become the hero and help TNA.

Fourtune, Specifically AJ Styles

Honestly, he is the guy. When you think TNA, you think AJ.

I think with the whole Hogan Regime, they wanted AJ and Flair to align and make Fourtune from the jump. The idea, on paper, could have worked well, but the fact they took the world title off of AJ really holds it back, not to mention Flair's obsession with being a heel. Flair should understand that no matter what he does, the fans love him and always will.

Fourtune could work as the top face group and saviors of TNA because it is comprised of all TNA homegrown talent. Each man is famous because of TNA, even Matt Morgan, who is barely remembered as a former WWE talent.

But the main fact is, AJ was not meant to be a heel, the guy has always been the hero and exhibits the total package. He has been involved in some of the most epic matches and rivalries, and he's been there since the beginning.

So, there's no better person to save the day than the man that is TNA. And we have never gotten a proper Hardy vs. AJ feud, not to mention the heel group is too big. Too many egos means it will not end well. What better way to get a monster payoff than have Immortal vs. Fourtune and AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Championship?

The way it could all pan out could be so simple. Fourtune becomes jealous of Immortal taking all the attention. Like always, old guys come into TNA and steal the attention away from the real TNA talents.

Flair tells his boys to fall in line. Finally sick of it, AJ tries to attack Jeff, and so, the rest of Immortal tries to attack him back. Flair orders the rest of Fourtune to also join in and beat up AJ, but they will stay on AJ's side and turn on Immortal, though Morgan and Williams might stay with Immortal.

So, this sets the tone for the transition. EV2 and Fourtune work out their differences and join Team TNA. Sting takes over the mentor role, so you can have a bonus Sting vs. Flair, Hogan and Bischoff feud for you nostalgia fans out there. Dixie joins in too, and after many other moments, it finally leads to Dixie regaining TNA ownership and AJ Styles regaining the TNA World Championship, making him an Immortal.

This feud could be the one that creates the balance, the one that finally sets TNA forward as "the competition." You have all these old wrestlers come in and take over their way, but the trust that the company has in itself is what wins in the end, the trust they have in their own talents, like AJ, Kaz or Beer Money.

These are the guys that are truly TNA. This can show why TNA can win the war for supremacy. They believe in themselves and have a true hero of their own.

Now tell me that doesn't sound awesome. This storyline can go many different ways, and I expect it to, knowing TNA's track record. But I can hope.


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