NFC North Bet: NFL Game Preview Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings

Walker DanielsCorrespondent IOctober 13, 2010

Brett Favre
Brett FavreJeff Gross/Getty Images

Not even the sports betting experts want to hazard a guess as to who will come out on top in the NFL betting between the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys. Both of these teams are desperate for a win but because of their respective situations the pressure to start racking up winning NFL scores for both teams is high.

The Vikings spent more cash than they should have to bring back the legendary quarterback Brett Favre. The Vikings felt that Favre and his knack for throwing interceptions at key moments in big games was their best chance for winning a Super Bowl this season.

Minnesota conveniently ignored the fact that, prior to Randy Moss coming back to the Vikings, Favre really had no one to throw the ball to. Even the great Brett Favre needs a quality target to miss in order to throw his interceptions.

The NFL predictions about the Cowboys winning the Super Bowl in their own building this season have created chaos at Valley Ranch.

Rather than just focusing on playing good football, the Cowboys have been forced to try and play championship football. The pressure created by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his predictions have driven a huge wedge between the coaches and the players that is starting to show up on the field.

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So you have two teams that have one year windows to win the Super Bowl. This will be Brett Favre’s last season. If his health does not convince him to quit, then his new scandal with racy photos he allegedly sent to a New York Jets employee two years ago will run him out of the game.

If the Cowboys want to be the first team to play as the true home team in a Super Bowl, then this is their chance. The Super Bowl will one day come back to Cowboys Stadium, but the Cowboys may not have this collection of talent.

The question in this game is who plays better desperate football? Last season, the Cowboys played extremely desperate to make the playoffs. Then the Cowboys played desperate football to help Tony Romo get his first playoff win. The Cowboys, for all of their faults and problems, respond very well to pressure.

The Vikings, when faced with pressure, should rely on running back Adrian Peterson. When Minnesota desperately needs a win, they should place the ball in Peterson’s hands and let him do what he does best.

But with Favre there that does not happen. Instead, the Vikings respond to pressure by allowing Brett Favre to run the offense and make costly, and timely, errors. Favre’s days of leading his Northbet team to that important win may be behind him.

The addition of wide receiver Randy Moss gives Favre one more target to throw to, but Moss is still learning the Vikings system and will be playing by instinct just as he did last week.

The Cowboys have their back up against the wall, and when that happens Romo and the boys usually respond with a win. There is nothing to indicate that this will be any different.

Pick: Dallas Cowboys 21-10