WWE Nexus Cena Angle Should Have Been Done With Straight Edge Society & Rey

John BetschelCorrespondent IIOctober 7, 2010

The recent events involving John Cena and Nexus is not something we haven't seen before.

For those who don't remember a while back when Shawn Michaels was forced to work for JBL as his personal assistant because Michaels needed the money for his family, also the fact that JBL had acquired Michaels' contract.

Michaels had to do everything that JBL told him to do and Michaels was absolutely miserable. That went back and forth for a while until Michaels fought JBL in a match for his contract and won.

Back at the Extreme Rules PPV, CM Punk faced Rey Mysterio in a match where if Punk won Mysterio would have to join the Straight Edge Society, but if Mysterio won, Punk would have to shave his head bald.

As we all know Punk lost that match, and at the exact moment that those clippers touched Punk's head we were seeing the beginning of the end for the Straight Edge Society.

It seemed like the creative team just didn't know what to do with them from that point on.

Punk started coming out with that goofy looking mask, which I think was a good idea as people would tune in to see if he would get the mask ripped off since no one had actually seen him with his entire head shaved.

Sort of like what they did with Mr. McMahon when he got his head shaved by Donald Trump, he would come out wearing that black skull cap bandanna thing, and people were just dying to see him bald.

I think he had it removed a little to soon though, I mean we still don't know who the Raw GM is and its been almost four months. I think it was only a little over a month if that when Big Show ripped off Punk's mask, taking away the mystery.

Then the next week Big Show ripped off the mask of the SES's "mystery man" revealing it to be Joey Mercury which most people pretty much already knew, but then Mercury ends up tearing his pectoral muscle and is out of action.

They then fire Serena for not following her straight edge gimmick in her real life, or at least that’s what they said, who really knows what the whole story behind that is.

Now with Serena fired, and Mercury out with an injury, that left just Punk and Gallows. Now they could've had him recruit another diva, and Kaval needs a gimmick so right there you got the SES back in action.

But the WWE decided to destroy it instead, having Punk say that Gallows isn't good enough and blah blah blah.

But I read an article on here from The Big Nasty saying that Punk might be going to Raw in place of Edge, who got traded to Smackdown by the anonymous Raw GM.

He also mentioned that with Darren Young out of Nexus, Michael Tarver out because of "kayfabe" injury, and possibly David Otunga if he keeps sort of acting like he is the leader, that maybe we could see a rebirth of the Nation of Domination.

But I say have them join CM Punk along with the diva who wins season three of NXT and there you have the rebirth of the Straight Edge Society.

Now will this happen? Probably not, but it doesn't hurt to dream. What do you think though, should they have done the whole Mysterio-Punk angle differently?

Do you think a rebirth of the SES would be a good idea? Or are you glad they are no longer a stable?