49er's 2010 NFL Season: All Is Lost, or Believe? Fans Vs. *Fans

Ryan FridayCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2010

ATLANTA - OCTOBER 03:  Michael Turner #33 of the Atlanta Falcons breaks a tackle by Nate Clements #22 of the San Francisco 49ers at Georgia Dome on October 3, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

SATIRE - Fans versus *Fans

as a 49er fan I am going to mock other 49er fans. For instance...

I'm going to keep mocking fans who keep chanting Nate Davis. 

" Put my man Nate Davis in!"

Can someone please tell me, someone with reason, why this is still a good idea? I've asked it before, the article before this one in fact, and have yet to get an answer. 

Anyway now that's over and done with let's to business.

Being the true 49er fan I am, I began looking at sports talk forums about the 49er's: NFL.com, ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, and, sigh, Facebook.

And man do people not know much about football but think they know about it. So fasten your seat belts from some ultimate mockery. 

Here's one:

" Man Alex Smith sucks. We should have drafted Big Ben or Aaron Rodgers when we had the chance."

Get your NFL Draft years correct. Rodgers and Smith were of the '05 draft, whilst Eli Manning, Big Ben, and Rivers were of the '04 Draft. In addition the '04 draft was one of the best qb draft classes of the decade.  In addition Aaron Rodgers had issues coming out of college. Which stands a reason he was the late second round, and the he did not start a game until 3 years later while watching some guy the whole time. I forgot who he was, but I think he's going to the Hall of Fame or something.

(that was sarcasm by the way)


Here is a response to yesterday's cut of Michael Lewis:

" Ugh we should have cut Nate Clements. That selfish **&#!" 

My response is this: he did screw up. However did you watch the rest of the game? Have you seen the things Nate Clements has done? I mean, what in the world? Are these types of fans joking me?

It seems the minute things go wrong, if the player is not Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, or Peyton Manning, these kinds of fans want to change as soon as possible.

 He indeed cost us a chance to win the game, but then again we can't deny his playing ability that we need. 

If Tom Brady blew a game over an interception, can you imagine people yelling out "CUT BRADY. HE COST US THE GAME." I don't care if it's the Super Bowl, you don't cut a guy for that reason.


And this one is funny.

"smith not only lost the game with his sorry ass jeff garcia jump pass, he did not win it either, by overthrowing Morgan and being hit with the intentional grounding penalty that took us out of fg range."

I was under the impression that if you 'lost the game" then you probably didn't win it either. Got to love that redunancy.


I like this one though.

"When are you gonna release Alex Smith?!!! When we tie the lions 0-16 record?!!!! ALEX SMITH=JAMARCUS RUSSEL!"

Let's do a quick compare, and I hate stats so we'll keep them out of it.   One guy, who was supposedly like a Vince Young, because well you know how these type of mobile quarterbacks are just so darn successful in the NFL. Minus Vick and kind of Vince Young, who else is there? 

How many times have seen Alex Smith actually play well? There are (sadly a few) games where we were all " woaaa!" I don't remember, nor do I recall a remotely similar game where Jamarcus awed us. 

In addition go to Youtube and google Alex Smith 2009 highlights. Then type in Jamarcus Highlights. and No you can't look at his LSU ones, that's cheating. 


ahh the fun that is making fun of fellow fans. 

So in short, before anyone starts being angry about anything, don't be irrational and say irrational things. Think before you say. You'd hate me to come to your job and pick some flaw and tell you how to solve it with my own irrational thinking. 

as for the 49er's I'd like to still stay Faithful. I think *49er fans are a little too demanding because well for some reason we 'deserve" better. We don't deserve anything. What have we done except watch and enjoy the game? 

It is healthy to be positive and work with what you got.

Alex Smith, I wouldn't mind being demoted, but niether would I mind keeping him in. I see just as many ups and downs for either decision. 

Singletary: I won't say he has been a total disappointment because believe it or not the season is not over. However he indeed is on the hot seat. However, I just don't know anyone who will ever create a team attitude like he did. Perhaps there's something else we need. 

At this point we again, must hope for the best. Some things we can hope for is the fact that Mike Johnson is still getting used to being the O.C. In addition our defense has played well...against good offensive teams. But for some reason bad against bad offensive teams. Manusky better figure that one out. 

Ah, let's just see what happens.

Good news though, Vick is injured and more than likely out for our next game.

ahh you can hear the Eagles fans scream right now, if the 49er's were to win this game:

" PSssh. Ya'll woulda been destroyed if Vick weren't injured." 

See comments like these make me laugh. Because i would respond,

" Yeah i'm sure we would have been the ones destroying you, if you know, we had Jerry Rice and Steve Young, or Superman with King Kong blocking"

the point is, a situation can always be better if conditions were perfect. but welcome to the real world son.


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