New York Jets Mega-Fan Fireman Ed Charged for Shoving Giants Fan

Chris Faig@@ULuminaryCorrespondent ISeptember 23, 2010

Since last season the New York Jets have continuously been the talk of the NFL. Now the controversy has extended to their fan base.  

One of the most popular fans in all of sports, Fireman Ed, was charged with simple assault at an East Rutherford court for his scuffle with a Giants fan on August 16th at the pre-season opener of the New Meadowlands Stadium.

Ed Anzalone, 51, is being accused of assaulting Giants fan Christopher Black, when what really occurred was Anzalone pushing Black back with his fire helmet after Black aggressively body checked Fireman Ed. The incident can be seen in a video that has surfaced all over the internet and is shown at the bottom of this article.

A lawyer representing Black, Alexander Iler, told the Newark Star-Ledger his client's side of the story:

"My client walked to the front of his section and stood next to Fireman Ed to start a 'Giants' chant while fireman Ed was doing his 'Jets' chant. Ed essentially turned and first shoved him down. And when Chris got back up, he started to chant 'Giants Giants Giants' again, (Ed) grabbed a helmet of some sort and shoved him down to the ground."  

Black was arrested and charged for disorderly conduct following the incident.  

Iler went on to say that "He (Chris) was angry that he got shoved down by Fireman Ed. It was humiliating. Nobody likes getting assaulted on national TV."

When Anzalone's attorney, Robert Munoz, was asked about the charge, he said that neither himself or Fireman Ed could comment about the case because they still had not seen any paperwork.

According to a court clerk, Black and Anzalone are due back in court on October 27th to settle the dispute.



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