Father of the Stars: Interview With Saints Legend Archie Manning

Brad WolffContributor ISeptember 15, 2010

Young Peyton Manning and Archie
Young Peyton Manning and ArchieJamie Squire/Getty Images

Archie Manning is known for his 11 years as the New Orleans Saints starting quarterback. Manning played in two Pro Bowls as a Saint.

Archie was the lowest drafted NFL player Manning, he was drafted second overall. Peyton and Eli both, were drafted first in the NFL Draft.

You may remember Eli's controversial way of becoming a New York Giant, saying no to the Chargers who went on to draft Phillip Rivers instead of Manning. Many people still debate the pick. If you don't know Peyton, watch a Gatorade commercial and you'll know enough.

Well sorry I don't have Eli or Peyton, I've got Archie and here is our interview:

BW:If it was possible, would you want to play your sons in your prime, Peyton and Eli, in a professional game? 

AM: Absolutely Not

BW: What advice did you give your son's on reaching the NFL? 

AM: Work Hard and Stay Humble

BW: What was last year's Super Bowl like for you and Peyton considering you played for the Saints and Peyton who grew up in New Orleans? Was it hard not at all rooting for the Saints? 

 AM: It wasn’t hard. I was for the Colts 100 percent.

BW: What was your favorite moment of your career? 

AM: The entire journey it’s what I wanted to do as a kid. 

BW: When you played games with your kids how were the positions chosen with three quarterbacks (Archie, Peyton, and Eli) and one receiver (Cooper, career ended with spinal injury? 

AM: We mixed it up and alternated a receiver.

BW: Was your wife always on-board with your career and your kids' pro careers in the future? 

AM: Absolutely.


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