Is Mike Vick Back? A Breakout Week 1 Performance By Mr.Vick

Zach HerringCorrespondent IISeptember 13, 2010

Vick on the move. Doing what we all love to see.
Vick on the move. Doing what we all love to see.Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Is Mike Vick Back?

I have loved Mike Vick since he was on the Falcons. When I was a kid he was my favorite player to watch. He was different from all the other quarterbacks. He was so fun to watch. He didn’t do the regular drop back and throw, Vick would drop back, look around, and if nobody was open he would run. And he just didn’t get a few yards and run out of bounds. He would break tackles, avoid defenders, and run into players and try and gain more yardage. I am from Wisconsin and everyone in my family loves the Packers, I hate them. I never liked Brett Favre. Today when the Eagles and Packers played I knew the Packers would win. But I was watching for something else in the game.

Mike Vick.

Kevin Kolb got tackled hard from behind by Clay Matthews. He went out and I later found out that the tackle gave him a concussion. I was instantly excited when Kevin was injured, not because I like to see players hurt but I knew Mike Vick would be coming into the game.

Vick was playing great scrambling, throwing the ball, and running. All the things we saw the old Mike do before the “Dog Fighting Incident”. As a result Mike finished the day with:

Passing: 16/24 with 175 yards and 1 touchdown. A passer rating of 101.9

Rushing: 11 carries for 103 yards. The longest being 31. An average of 9.4.

It could be too early to call it since it was only one good game but if Vick keeps up those types of numbers he could take the starting job away from Kevin Kolb. Even before Kolb went out with an injury Andy Reid was putting Vick in every few downs. If Mike makes good use of the snaps he gets, Reid might consider starting him.

I would love to see it. Vick is a great player and the Eagles are giving him a second chance. Maybe he will even get another shot at the starting QB.

 Personally, I think he should be starting. K

By Zach Herring


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