Wishful Washington: Why Donovan McNabb May Be Starting This Sunday After All

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistSeptember 11, 2010

LANDOVER, MD - AUGUST 21:  Donovan McNabb #5 of the Washington Redskins is tackled during the preseason game by Terrell Suggs #55 of the Baltimore Ravens at FedExField on August 21, 2010 in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Greg Fiume/Getty Images

It wouldn't be a regular season without a little bit of drama, right?

On the back of what some deemed to be a rather boring affair between the New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings yesterday evening on Thursday Night Football, it seems that the rest of the league is willing to make up for the deemed disappointment, by adding a little spice of drama themselves.

Today, the drama continued from new Washington Redskins starting quarterback Donovan McNabb, who has been hot and cold when it comes to determining whether or not he will indeed start this Sunday night against the Dallas Cowboys.

In the weeks leading up to this story, Donovan McNabb was always a certainty to be playing in the NFC East storied rivalry.  The Redskins were backing McNabb 100 percent up until recently,  and given that he is the first quarterback that fans have felt the least bit confident in since the departure of Jason Campbell, McNabb was always going to be the main man in the nations capital.

But boy how things turned ugly fast. 

Nearly two weeks ago, Donovan McNabb went down with an ankle injury in a preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens, and although at the time the injury only seemed minor, it began to escalate as weeks went on.

Finally, we have reached the present time, and two days out from the Redskins season opener at FedEx Field this Sunday, McNabb appears to have pulled a Jesus Christ, and had a miraculous recovery in the span of two weeks.

Well according to McNabb himself, his ankle is far from 100 percent healthy.  The Redskins themselves have stated that McNabb's injury is beginning to grow a little better, but obviously any pressure in the coming days could do more harm than good.

So with this in mind, is Donovan McNabb acting as a liability for the Redskins by playing this weekend?

I guess this may be somewhat of a stupid question, considering that the team doesn't have overly impressive backup quarterbacks, but with Donovan McNabb choosing to play and be the slightest bit selfish this weekend, it could ultimately cost the team further on down the track if their starting quarterback takes a heavy hit.

For the most part, this injury is not much of a concern.  Still, ankle injuries have been a highlight this week, and once again I relate back to the Saints vs. Vikings affair, that featured Brett Favre and his recently repaired old ankle.

Those of you that know me well, are aware of how much I stress ankle injuries.  They may not be as gruesome as Curt Schilling's bloody sock, but they are the type of injury that have the potential to grow into further team concerns.

Therefore, the question must really be asked, what if DeMarcus Ware gets his hands on McNabb and forces him into the turf?

The outcome may not be pretty, but we will find out soon enough.

By all means, don't take this story the wrong way, and certainly don't go heading toward the panic room and think that the Redskins are completely hopeless with an unhealthy Donovan McNabb. Let's not forget that he has been injured before, and as uneasy as this injury can be, he can overcome it.

Realistically the Redskins need McNabb in any shape and form, and I haven't been one to question Mike Shanahan in the past.  This decision has raised a few eyebrows, but maybe a little bit of doubt will fuel McNabb even further.

Hold on to your seats, the Redskins are in for another wild ride.  This time though, Donovan McNabb is leading the way.

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