Alex Ferguson Has To Do The Following To Ensure Man Utd a Premier League Title!

The Jonathan CooneyyCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2010

Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex FergusonAlex Livesey/Getty Images

I did not write a soccer article in a while so I just tought who cares i'll give it a shot.

Manchester United were mugged last year by Chelsea's attacking arsenal this season I firmly believe an in-form Rooney and Hernandez can bring United all the glory!

What has Ferguson done so far to make us believe United can get the win!

  • Get the win against Chelsea in the Community Shield to gain some good momentum.
  • Snap up Chicarito before the World Cup otherwise his transer fee would have been doubled if not trebled. This takes stress off the Manchester United financial department.
  • Giving everyone a fair start for example against Chelsea It was odd that after all the controversey surrounding Berbatov's style a play but he stood strong and remained playing him showed he had 100% fate in the Bulgarian. Same goes for Wayne Rooney after his dreadful World Cup.
  • Not over-spending on players. People argue if 20,000,000 was too much for a young centre half with little experience but he will prove his value giving the right oppurtunity. Fergie was linked with brilliant stars like Ozil and Khedira although they are good obviously they were'nt right for Fergie's men.

What Fergie needs to do next to make us believe United can get the win!

  • Sign a proper Right Back. I did think he would sort out this problem during the summer but sadly he did'nt and now hopefully he will in January! Neville is years past his best or even past an acceptable Premier League standard and although we have Rafeal he is too young and not yet proven so you can count him out.
  • Bring in proteges for older stars Van Der Saar, Giggs, Scholes, Ferdinand, Owen and Hargreaves considering everything they cannot have much at all left in the tank.
  • Loan out un-established players to build for future Welbeck and Clevery may be bright an on-loan but Bebe, Smalling and Macheda are sinking inti the depth-side of the United team!
  • Beat a few big names teams! A win against Chelsea early on sent the fans and players made another one of them and one against City would be brilliant.

Transfers that would make an extreme difference at United!

  • Kuiskie Honda For Anderson
  • James Mc Carthy For Owen Hargreaves
  • Gionzola Higuain For Dimitar Berbatov
  • Rui Pratico For Tom Kuszczak
  • Ryan Shawcross For Rio Ferdinand
  • Hugo Rodeallga For Micheal Owen

What would these players bring to United?

Shawcross is a brilliant tackling defender who is the current captain of Stoke City. This proves he is a good loeader and highly influencel. Would'nt he be a perfect replacement for Rio? Shawcross is also excellent in the air!

Roeallaga and Higuain would bring way more goals to united than Owen and Berbatov have and will combined. Rodeallaga and Higuain re at a good age and are both experienced at International level and in big leagues E.g. La Liga as well as EPL.

So what did ye guys think?

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