2010 San Francisco 49ers: Less Is More; How Fantasy Busts Could Be a Real Boom

Patrick Goulding IIAnalyst ISeptember 5, 2010

Michael Crabtree and Co. may take fantasy stats away from one another this year, in the interest of the team.
Michael Crabtree and Co. may take fantasy stats away from one another this year, in the interest of the team.Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers head coach Mike Singletary says that the 2010 roster is the most talented group of 53 players that he has seen in his six years with the 49ers.

Going further back, it might be the most talented squad since before Aeneas Williams brought a premature end to Steve Young's Hall of Fame career.

The defense is the pride of the team, but the offense has the potential to be every bit as dynamic. It may be the most dangerous unit to grace the turf at Candlestick Park since the 1994 squad, which racked up a franchise-record 505 points in the regular season on their way to a Super Bowl XXIX title.

If the offensive line can provide adequate protection, and if Alex Smith can build on his promising flourishes from the second half of last season, there is no telling what the 49ers offense could be capable of.

With a backfield that includes Frank Gore, Brian Westbrook, and Anthony Dixon, and a receiving corps that includes Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, Josh Morgan, Ted Ginn Jr., Delanie Walker, Kyle Williams, and Dominique Zeigler, the 2010 49ers offense has all the talent it needs to put up huge numbers this season.

However, if you plan to stock your fantasy roster with 49ers this season and reap the benefits, you may want to reconsider. In fact, 49er fans should hope that most of the team's skill players wind up being fantasy busts.


Because the 2010 49ers offense is so dangerous because it is so deep. With depth, comes distribution.

Frank Gore might be the designated No. 1 back, but the 49ers did not sign Brian Westbrook to sit on the sideline and wait for an injury. With Anthony Dixon showing promise in the preseason, it is reasonable to assume that as the season progresses, he will get a growing proportion of the carries.

In fact, with the differences in style, it makes more sense for the 49ers to split time between their backs, keeping the opposing defenses guessing.

Same for the receivers.

The most effective passing attacks are those which have a variety of targets. Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis can be as effective serving as decoys as they can catching touchdowns. The 49ers might average more than 250 yards per game passing, but it could be rare that a single receiver breaks 100 yards.

So are any 49ers worth consideration for your fantasy squad?

Maybe Alex Smith.

If things go well he could rack up a handsome total of passing yardage, since David Carr does not figure to serve much of a role in the offense unless the 49ers wrap up a playoff berth early enough to "Cadillac" their way through the last few weeks of the season.

You should be wary of any player on the receiving end of those passes and hand offs, though.

The lower and more even the 49ers' fantasy totals, the better the overall offensive output might be. Pick some other options for your fantasy squad and enjoy the ride.

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