Top 10 Sports Promotional Nights

Matthew DickeyContributor IAugust 31, 2010

Top 10 Sports Promotional Nights

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    Many teams use promotional nights to either honor a former player, or to bring more people to the ballpark. Here are the Top 10 ideas for possible promotional nights.

10) PGA Tour

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    The Tiger Mistress Invitational

    An official PGA Event where Tiger has a different mistress caddy each round. Coming soon to a clubhouse near you!

9) Philadelphia 76ers

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    Allen Iverson No. 3 Retirement Ceremony

    All fans receive an Allen Iverson practice jersey. Not a game jersey, a practice jersey.

8) Washington Nationals

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    Stephen Strasburg/ Kerry Wood Poster Night

    Giving the fans a glimpse into the future.

7) Pittsburgh Steelers

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    College Ladies Night

    For the first game Big Ben is reinstated, all woman ages 18-23 get in for half price, and get a free photo with the QB. Drink specials available as well.

6) Florida Gators

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    Tim Tebow Day

    Everyone in attendance receives a revised Bible with all Jesus references changed to Tebow, which also includes his spoken words.

5) Washington Wizards

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    Gun Night

    All kids 14 and under receive a free Gilbert Arenas replica gun. If you bring in an unloaded firearm, half price on all ammunition at the team store.

4) Minnesota Vikings

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    Brett Favre Retirement Party

    Date and time TBA,  and subject to change... multiple times.

3) USC Trojans

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    Reggie Bush and O.J. Simpson Replica Heisman Trophy Giveaway*

    * Disclaimer: When you leave the Stadium you must give them back.

2) Michigan Wolverines

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    Raffle Night

    At the last Michigan football home game this year, fans can buy a $10 raffle ticket, winner gets to be the coach next year.

1) Miami Heat at Cleveland Cavaliers

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    "The Decision" Commemoration Riot

    LeBron supplies giveaway talking LeBron dolls; when you pull on the chain the doll says "I am taking my talents to South Beach" and then laughs at you.

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