UFC : Why Gray Maynard Will Defeat Frankie Edgar

Joshua BoykenContributor IAugust 30, 2010

UFC : Why Gray Maynard Will Defeat Frankie Edgar

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    This ia a fight, that unlike most, I am looking forward too. Both fighters are good men and fighters. They are highly respected among the mma world for their skills and the way they conduct themselves.

    Frankie has became a phenominal striker over his last two fights with BJ, and has proved his great wrestling ability. He took down BJ just as easy as GSP did his last fight with BJ.

    Gray is also a great wrestler, but wrestles more with strength than speed. His stand up lacks in every way, but his wrestling ability makes up for it.

    Welcome to the five reasons Gray Maynard will be the new Lightweight Champion.

5. Wrestling

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    Gray has had very few problems taking people down. He has tremendous strength for 155 and uses it to drag or slam people to the mat.

    Gray wrestled in college at Michigan State University along side teammate, Rashad Evans. Gray places seventh in 2002 and 2003 and was then named co-captain of the team.

    Following his graduation, Maynard ranked 11th all-time in MSU history with 106 wins and only 26 losses. In his high school he was 135-16, in which he was undefeated in his sophomore and senior years.

4. Strength

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    Strength, in my opinion, is how Gray's wrestling is so good. In the lightweight division Gray is so much stronger than his opponents that he can control them in the clinch and on the ground.

    Gray is the best at taking someone down and keeping them there. I have seen very few men take Kenny down and control them the way Gray does. Whenever he decides to take you down, he does.

3. Competition

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    Frankie Edgar, Rich Clementi, Jim Miller, Roger Huerta, Nate Diaz, and Kenny Florian there is not too many fighters that has beat that competition and not had a title shot. Gray is way overdue a title shot, and now he finally has that opportunity.

    Gray has defeated the absolute best and has recently dominated Kenny Florian with his wrestling game.

    Gray has been in some very good fights and came out on top. He is the only man to hold a win over the champion. He fought Frank Edgar and took care of him with, once again, his superior strength and wrestling ability.

2. Confidence

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    How can your confidence not be skyrocketed after looking at who he has beat. I personally have him ranked in my top ten pound for pound list. He has dominated everyone in his way.

    Gray is a respected collegiate wrestler. He is also undefeated, with a few questionable losses. He has been in one no contest in which he slammed Rob Emerson and ended up knocking himself out (haha). He has fought very close fights against Nate Diaz (A person who defeated him on the Ultimate Fighter) and Roger Huerta in a great fight.

    With a great collegiate background, an undefeated record, and a win over the champion how can you not have confidence.

1. Intelligent Game Plan

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    Yes, maybe his performance against Kenny was a tad on the boring side. Although, whenever he decided to take Kenny down it acutally seemed to get more excited, because he was rather active on the ground. Anyways, you can't argue that he did not fight a smart fight.

    He was intelligent to stay away from the stand up of Kenny, and not try to get into a fight with him. Whenever he took him down, he controlled him with his strength and kept away from submissions.

    Even though he has the style to make for an occasional boring fight, he fights smart and wins.


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