DeSean Jackson and the Top 10 Funniest Celebration Fails (With Video)

Will FrasureCorrespondent IAugust 26, 2010

DeSean Jackson and the Top 10 Funniest Celebration Fails (With Video)

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    DeSean Jackson is the pro of premature touchdown celebrations.

    As a high schooler in the Army All-American game, he fumbled while flipping into the end zone. The ball rolled out of the end zone for a touchback.

    And in 2008, he prematurely dropped the ball in celebration of a long touchdown catch against the Dallas Cowboys. Although the Eagles scored just plays later, Jackson still amused everyone with his bonehead play.

    But how do they stack up against other celebration fails?

    From offensive linemen failing to dunk over goal posts to a kicker tearing his ACL after celebrating an almost meaningless field goal, Jackson's gaffs have plenty of competition.

    Here are the top 10 celebration fails, along with some honorable mentions. All of which include video.

Honorable Mention: Croatia's Early Basketball Celebration

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    You have to watch the entire video to get the full effect.

    Croatia sinks a jumper to pull ahead late against Serbia, causing the Croatian bench to clear and pandemonium to ensue.

    While they celebrate, Serbia drains a half-court shot to win the game. Listen to the change in crowd noise as Serbia makes the shot.

Honorable Mention: Bosec Gets Slapped

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    Tomislav Bosec is ecstatic after scoring a goal against NK Zader.

    So ecstatic that he goes to celebrate with the fans...of NK Zader.

    He ends up getting what he deserve—a quick slap to the face from an unhappy fan.

    And I thought the beer showers Chad Ochocino got in the Cleveland Dawg Pound were bad.

10. Joe Reitz Rejected by Cross Bar

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    After scoring a touchdown, Troy Smith tried to give lineman Joe Reitz some love by letting him celebrate.

    Now we know why offensive linemen are rarely known for their touchdown celebrations.

    The 6-foot-7, 280 pound Reitz tried to dunk the ball over the goal posts, but made the crossbar look like Dikembe Mutumbo.

9. Leon Lett Stripped in Super Bowl

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    Like Reitz, Lett proved that linemen don't know what to do when it's time to celebrate.

    Lett recovered a fumble late in the Cowboys' Super Bowl blowout win over the Bills and proceeded to hot dog it towards the end zone.

    Buffalo's Don Beebe isn't having any of that, and sprints like Usain Bolt to stop Lett. When the defensive lineman extends the ball, Beebe strips it and embarrasses Lett in front of the millions of Super Bowl viewers.

8. DeSean Jackson Drops Ball

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    Jackson must have read Lett's manual on premature celebrations judging from his two huge blunders.

    As a high schooler, Jackson fumbled the ball while flipping into the end zone during the Army All-American game.

    He didn't learn his lesson about celebrating early, and, as a rookie, planted the ball on the turf before scoring against the Cowboys.

    If only Roy Williams and Pac-Man Jones had the awareness to pick up the dropped ball to make the moment ultra-embarrassing for Jackson.

7. Terrell Owens Tackled at Dallas Star

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    During his early days with the 49ers, Terrell Owens showed his ability to annoy opposing players when he decided to celebrate on Dallas Cowboys' star at midfield.

    Owens did it after an early touchdown. Emmitt Smith did the same thing to retaliate after a rushing touchdown.

    But when Owens proceeded to run towards the star again, safety George Teague wasn't having it. He proceeded to bulldoze Owens at midfield to straighten TO out.

6. Kelley Washington's Squirrel Dance

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    Washington must have been getting jealous of all the attention Chad Ochocinco was getting for his touchdown celebrations.

    When you have a YouTube video dedicated to you that has "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" as the theme song, you must have done something seriously wrong in your celebration.

5. Dallas Desperado Spike

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    Desperado Duke Pettijohn owes this referee a lot after this play.

    The best part? The referee makes the call after the blow. The pain is obvious as he struggles through it.

4. Swedish Hockey Player Goes Through Glass

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    Henrik Anderson couldn't contain his excitement after his first goal in Allsvenskan League, and neither could the glass he jumped into.

3. Kerwin Bell Leveled After Touchdown

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    What was Kerwin Bell thinking?

    Just because you run for a touchdown doesn't make you tough enough to stand up to gigantic linebackers, even if they do play in the CFL.

2. Bill Gramatica Tears ACL Celebrating

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    Oh, the Gramaticas.

    Older brother Martin began the family tradition of being an overzealous placekicker during his days with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

    Not to be outdone, Bill tried to one up his brother in over-the-top celebrations as an Arizona Cardinal.

    Karma reared its ugly head at Gramatica for celebrating this much in the first quarter of a 0-0 game.

1. Gus Frerotte Slams Head Into Wall, Gets Concussion

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    Like Gramatica, Frerotte will always be known more for his celebration fail than anything else he did in his career.

    To celebrate a Washington Redskin touchdown, Frerotte had the bright idea to headbutt a cement wall with limited padding on it.

    I've always wanted to ask Frerotte which hit harder. Ferocious pass rushers, or that cement wall?