Tiger Woods: Divorce Is Final, Where Does Tiger Go From Here?

Danni Santana@@danimals8Contributor IAugust 24, 2010

After about nine months since the events that took place last November, Tiger and Elin Woods are officially divorced. Due of course to the shocking news several months ago that Tiger had cheated on Elin with multiple women, to put it mildly.

As it turned out, the man with the perfect life was not so perfect after all. Tiger up to Thanksgiving last year had the perfect image. Had the beautiful wife along with his two healthy children.

Attended Stanford University and was known for how much he looked up to his father. And of course had won 14 majors up to that point. Including the 2008 U.S Open at Torrey Pines on a torn knee. 

Tiger's life has come crashing down on him. Both his golf life and his personal life which includes his now messed up image and reputation.

Since the news of his sex addiction came out Tiger has gone from being a hero and the best golfer in the world, to a villain and a shell of the player he use to be.

Nevertheless, all credit goes to Elin Nordegren who if anything else in times of despair and turmoil showed that she would be different than all the other women who date someone famous.

She wanted a divorce, got what she wanted and would not stay with him just because she had gotten use to the lifestyle. She proved that she does not have the same low self-esteem that other women in her situation seem to have.

The divorce was finalized rather quickly in just nine months and it seemed Tiger gave Elin just about everything she wanted.

But it begs the question, Why did Tiger just give her everything she wanted in the settlement? Does she know something else that could affect Tiger's reputation even more?

Writer thinks no.

Here's why. Every part of Tiger's personal life and his sex life was exposed in previous months. He was criticized from every angle imaginable. He was criticized as a husband and even because of his temper on the golf course.

I believe there is nothing left about Tiger to expose. And now that Tiger has essentially hit rock bottom it's time for him to start picking up the pieces.

With that said the question now becomes, where does Tiger go from here? The answer to this question is quite simple. He needs to focus on golf and his children. Elin is now in his past and he doesn't owe her anything except money.

Since Tiger has been dealing with all his personal problems he has been unable to practice his golf swing and compete in as many tournaments as he would liked to.

It does not matter how good you are at something if you don't practice and compete your game will suffer. In fact, this week at the Barclays will be the first time all year that Tiger will haved competed in three tournaments in the span of a month.

Due to the divorce and the time Woods took off up until the Masters in April, Tiger just has not had the time to commit to as may tournaments as he would have liked to.

That is understandable. However, now that the divorce is behind him, real golf fans just want to see Tiger compete at the highest level and win majors.

It is time for Tiger to stop taking time off from golf and instead compete in more tournaments like he has been doing recently so that he can return to top form.

He can't expect to win majors when those are the only tournaments that he is sure to play any given year. Not even Tiger Woods is good enough to just show up to a major tournament and win.

This year was the year that many believed would be a great year for Tiger because of the first three majors of the year. The Masters at Augusta, the U.S Open at Pebble Beach and of course the old course at St. Andrews (his favorite course).

These are three courses he knows like the back of his hand sort of speak. And I will go on record saying that if he was not dealing with his divorce with Elin and all the public scrutiny he would have won two majors this year.

Reason being he would have played more tournaments meaning he would have been more prepared for each major. And he certainly would not have shot a career worse +18 at the Bridgestone invitational a couple of weeks ago.

The most important thing for Tiger is that divorce is finalized so now he can begin the process of moving on. His personal life is a wreck but he can rebuild that. He just needs to focus on his kids that's it.

His image will never be as clean as it use to be but the good news is that when he wins any tournament it will all be forgotten. Or at the very least no one will care about what he did. Except of course Elin and her family.

And as for his golf game, as long as he starts practicing more and playing more tournaments like he will this week, Tiger will be just fine.

He will be winning majors again really soon. And I guarantee he will break Jack Nicklaus's record. And it will happen sooner rather than later.

The horrible 2010 that almost broke Tiger Woods, did not break him. And now as we enter the final third of this year Tiger has a new beginning. We will soon see how he handles it.

He lost sponsors, his image and his wife. But, he still has Nike as a sponsor his golf game and his children. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. He can always make more money and marry again but children are irreplaceable.

He will still be part of his kids lives no doubt about it. So as for Tiger's future, my guess is he will do just fine on and off the golf course.


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