Jay Mariotti Arrest: The ESPN Sportscaster Curse Strikes Again

Jon StarSenior Writer IAugust 23, 2010

Jay Mariotti Arrest: The ESPN Sportscaster Curse Strikes Again

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    Yet another ESPN personality found himself in hot water over the weekend when notorious Around The Horn loudmouth Jay Mariotti was arrested in Santa Monica, California, on suspicion of domestic violence.

    Mariotti's conflict is just another in a line of ESPN employees who have made headlines for their lewd and questionable behavior.

    However, is Mariotti's the worst yet? There is plenty to live up to considering the list of sketchy behavior committed by notable ESPN personalities over the years. Here is a look back at ESPN's biggest troublemakers and where Mariotti ranks amongst them.

10. Harold Reynolds` Wrong Hug

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    Harold Reynolds was one of ESPN's most favorable personalities. That was until he took one of his production assistant's to lunch in 2006. He offered her a hug, she didn't like the way he went about it and Reynolds was quickly dismissed.

    What, on paper, sounds like an innocuous moment, turned into a bridge-burning moment with a lot of ESPN's baseball viewers. 

    Now, Reynolds is burning up the MLB Network and is a big reason why the MLB Network has snatched much of ESPN's baseball viewership.

9. Chris Berman Likes to Flirt

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    PEBBLE BEACH, CA - FEBRUARY 11:  Chris Berman tips his hat before finishing on the ninth hole during the first round of the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am at at the Spyglass Hill Golf Course on February 11, 2010 in Pebble Beach, California.  (Photo by
    Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

    The original incident happened over a decade ago at this point, but Chris Berman remains famous for one now infamous pick-up line.

    During a swing through Scottsdale, Arizona, on spring training duty, Berman reportedly picked up a woman in a bar wearing leather pants but simply grabbing her and stating, "you're with me, leather."

    Later, in 2000, a video surfaced of Berman flirting with an ESPN co-worker.

    As for Berman, he just won the Pete Rozelle Award for excellence in sports radio and television coverage. Plus, he got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame all while remaining one of ESPN's most recognizable personalities.

8. Stuart Scott Sends Texts

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    Stuart Scott kept his affair-seeking behavior on the down-low when he sent a Super Bowl night text message to a former cheerleader in 2007. The text message got out and it apparently read, "Lemme know, booty call?"

    It was another example of ESPN infidelity-seeking behavior. 

    Scott is still lighting up ESPN with his catchphrases as both a Sportscenter anchor and as a lead studio host for NBA coverage.

7. Jason Jackson Anyone?

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    You may (or may not) remember Jackson as one of ESPN's NBA hosts through the mid-1990s and early 2000s. However, Jackson's tenure at the Worldwide Leader came to an end in 2002 when it was discovered he sent out sexually explicit and harassing e-mails to female co-workers.

    Jackson went on to host local radio sports shows after he was bounced from ESPN. He currently serves as a broadcaster for the Miami Heat.

6. Mike Tirico's Busy Hands

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    LAS VEGAS - JANUARY 08:  ESPN 'Monday Night Football' announcer Mike Tirico speaks during a keynote address by The Walt Disney Co. President and CEO Robert Iger at the Venetian during the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show January 8, 2007 in Las
    Ethan Miller/Getty Images

    One of the earliest public stories of questionable behavior at ESPN came to light in 2000 when the story broke that Mike Tirico was suspended for three months in 1992.


    Apparently Tirico couldn't help himself when it came to groping female co-workers and making sexual advances to them. Tirico was not the first and certainly not the last to get in hot water for sexual harassment at ESPN.

    Tirico, however, recovered from the incident and remains one of ESPN's lead broadcasters for Monday Night Football, NBA, and PGA coverage.

4. Steve Phillips Love Triangle

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    Steve Phillips was one of the leading baseball analysts for ESPN. However, his four-year tenure at ESPN came to an end in late 2009 when it was revealed he had an affair with the pictured 22-year-old production assistant.

    The news of Phillips' affair came out roughly seven weeks after his wife filed for divorce. Phillips was originally suspended for his affair, but the  publicity of the story eventually led to his firing.

    Now, Phillips makes weekly appearances on The Mike Francesa Show on WFAN in New York and is an analyst for Fanhouse.com. Is Fanhouse.com the halfway house for ESPN personalities booted for sexual misconduct?

3. Erik Kusileas` Dirty Secret

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    Erik Kuselias found his name in the mud in late 2009 for a couple of reasons. First, Kuselias was reported to ESPN human resources for yelling out in a crowd what exactly he'd like to do to a female co-worker.

    According to Deadspin.com, the female employee was told that Kuselias, who was married at the time, already had a history of such behavior.

    It turned out worse for Kuselias, who was outed for having an affair with ESPN's injury analyst Stephania Bell. 

    Kuselias still has his gigs with ESPN, which include duties as a rotating host on Mike & Mike In The Morning, The Herd, and College Football Live.

2. Sean Salisbury Wants to Show You A Picture

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    Salisbury was a long-standing NFL analyst for ESPN before he left the network in early 2008.  Salisbury originally claimed his exit was due to a lack of professional connection between he and the network.

    However, in late 2009 it was revealed that Salisbury was not retained by ESPN because of an incident in which Salisbury took a picture of his manhood and went around asking female employees if they wanted to see it.

    Salisbury's career has never recovered. He briefly worked for CBS Radio in Dallas before his last gig, which was providing color commentary for the Lingerie Football League.

1. Mariotti Makes Headlines

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    Mariotti, who left the Chicago Sun-Times in 2009, is a regular contributor to Around The Horn and is a writer for Fanhouse.com. 

    Yet, after appearing on Friday's edition of  Around The Horn during which he spoke about his trip to California, Mariotti was busted for getting into a physical confrontation with his girlfriend.

    What makes it one of the worst busts in ESPN history is that Mariotti was booked on a felony charge. That is new territory for ESPN personalities.

    What makes it worse for Mariotti is his previous, public condemnation of domestic violence while on the air.

    Now the question remains, will he see the air again? ESPN has jettisoned personalities for less than a felony. If one were to bet on his status with ESPN, take the money that Mariotti is cooked on ATH.

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