You Might Be Addicted To Fantasy Football If...

Micheal Robinson@nyyrobinsonSenior Analyst IIAugust 22, 2010

Fantasy football is said to be originated in 1962 from an idea of Bob Winkenbach, then a limited partner in the Oakland Raiders, with assistance from Bill Tunnell, the Raiders' PR guy, Scotty Stirling, the beat writer from the Oakland Tribune, and George Ross, the Tribune's sports editor, as well as Philip Carmona, Winkenbach's friend.

The idea emerged during a three-week road trip the Raiders took to the East Coast.

What that idea would turn into today, not even those four guys knew how big it would become.

Today, fantasy football is nearly as popular as the actual NFL game itself.

So, being a fantasy football fan/owner myself, I've decided to make a list of things you may or may not do, because of your participation in fantasy football.

You might be addicted to fantasy football if...

You visit local newspaper websites of one of your players to see if he is really hurt or not.

You cried when Tom Brady wen't down a few years ago in week one, even though you are a Jets fan, because you owned him.

You have a personally inscribed signed photo of ESPN's Matthew Berry on your desk for inspiration.

You understood and cried with Terrell Owens because Tony Romo was on your fantasy team.

You order a $25 draft board to practice what might actually go down on draft day.

You have a meeting with another owner in your league at a fancy restaurant because you are interested in one of his players.

You go "Nancy Kerrigan" on your opponents quarterback during your leagues playoff round.

When you are the only one cheering in a fourth quarter blowout because the kickers extra point just gave you the fantasy lead.

You request off for Sunday from your real job because you tell them you have a part-time job on Sunday.

You are the guy who got most churches to start their sessions earlier so you can get home in time for the injury reports.


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