Cedar Creek High School (Louisana) Football Preview

Adam Fisher@@adamfisher32Contributor IIAugust 22, 2010


Jamboree - Haynesville

Grambling Lab-Home


St. Mary's-Home



St. Fredericks-Away

Oak Grove-Home

Delhi Charter-Home



As you look at Creeks schedule it will have to due with some great teams, especially Haynesville; the defending state champions. Creek also has two tough non-district games, when they travel to Many and J-Hodge. Then they will have to deal with Oak Grove and Cedar Creek's biggest rival and most hated OCS, but both of those games are at home but they will not be easy. Creek looks like they can go anywhere from 7-4 to 10-1 but I see 9-2 or 8-3 more realistic.

Out goes Corwyn Aldredge at head coach, in comes Ben Haddox. The players love playing for Haddox, they say he is a true players coach, and knows how to get the best out of his players. Jared Little replaces Joey Adams at offensive coordinator, and Stephen Taylor remains at defensive coordinator, who the kids love playing for also.

When Jordan Scelfo left Cedar Creek last year everyone starting asking themselves. Who would replace him? Scelfo was a physical QB that will be hard to replace. But They carried that question into spring and finally named Adam Van QB. Van was a very talented WR for the cougars last year, but he will have to be able to run a whole offense this year.

For the rest of the offense it will probably look like this

FB-Richard Jowers (Senior)-When in i-formation-Straight Brusier and Punisher, Work-Out machine

WR/TE- Dylan Spearman-When in i-formation. Dylan has a lot of talent to take over a game and Creek will need him this year.

WR David Murphey

WR Christian Marcus(Senior) Probably one of the toughest players on the team coming off injury it will be interesting to see how he does.

WR Robert Feron(Senior) catches a lot of balls and will see a lot thrown to him this year

RB Austin Ginn-very fast good runner

LT KJ Malone-Big Body and quick feet, knows what he's doing, knows how to use his upper body and lower body for leverage
LG Hunter Hanks
C Marc Cantwell(Senior)-Very Aggressive player.
RT Nick Wilday(Senior)

RG Levi Songer


Returning Starters on Defense:
LB Justin Williams-knows how to get to the ball
LB Thomas Terrell(Senior)-very solid player all around
FS Hunter Hall(Senior) very fast and knows how to deliver a hit
CB Ben Siegmund-underzied but a great CB knows how to hit and has a nose for the ball
CB Bannon Martin(Senior) a very great player all around for his position
SS Christian Marcus(Senior)-talk about being a hard hitter
DE Richard Jowers(Senior)-Will get to opposing Qb's a lot this year
New Starters on Defense:
DE/DT John Mcallum
DT John Johnson
DT Colin Perrit(Senior)
SS Haden Wall
With a new QB, new head coach, and new offensive coordinator Creek will have to step up but it will be a fun year down in Ruston.