Top 10 AC Milan Legends

Ivan SoldoCorrespondent IIAugust 21, 2010

Top 10 AC Milan Legends

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    We all know that AC Milan is one of the most successful clubs in football world.

    AC Milan  has a lot of great legends that have been playing in this amazing club.

    There have been a lot of great players through AC Milan history but some of them has to be called LEGENDS.

    I am going to show  you top 10 AC Milan legends of all time! i know some of you will not agree with the list, but this is my opinion.

    Check it out!

10. Cesare Maldini

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    Cesare started Maldini dynasty in AC Milan.

    He came to AC Milan from Triestina in 1954.

    Guess what? Cesare is also a defender. 

    His grandson Christian has continued the family tradition and plays as a defender in Milan.

    We can easily say that Maldini's are "defenders" of AC Milan.

    Thanks to Cesare, AC Milan got the greatest captain of all time, Paolo Maldini.

9. Kaka

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    Kaka came to Milan in 2003 for about 8.5 million € from Sao Paulo, described in retrospect as "peanut" by club owner.

    Instant in 2003 he became part of starting lineup and he benched great Rui Costa.

    Kaka did a great job in Milan during 2003-2009.

    Kaka was a leader in 2007 when he won champions league. He scored 7 amazing goals.

    In 2009 he left Milan and went to Real Madrid for 65 million €.

    Everybody expected from him to become AC Milan captain and legend but he wanted to play for Real Madrid and his wish come true.

8. Marco Van Basten

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    Van Basten is one of the greatest football players ever.

    In March 2007, Sky Sports ranked Marco van Basten the first on its list of the great footballers who had their careers cut short.

    Unfortunately  injuries really destroyed him but he showed us great football.

    He scored 125 goals in 198 matches which is amazing statistic for someone who had a lot of troubles with injuries. Just imagine what would he do if he didn't have all those injuries.

    Adriano Galliani  said when Marco left football: "The football lose his Leonardo Da Vinci"

7. Gunnar Nordahl

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    Gunnar is the oldest guy in this Milan top 10 Legends.

    He deserved to be part of this 10 Legends because he is AC Milan best goalscorer in history.

    He manage to score 225 in 291 matches! That stat is amazing.

    When Milan striker Shevchenko scored his 100 goal in Serie A for Milan it is said that the old Milanese supporters said: "Well he can double that number, and then add another 26, then, and just then, he has passed Il Canoniere."

    He is still the second-highest Serie A goalscorer of all time, with 225 goals in 291 matches.

    Nordahl is for sure one of the greatest!

6. Mauro Tassotti

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    Tassotti not only played excellent defense but was also a very capable wing back who could fly up and down the right flank when needed.

    Mauro won three Champions League crowns with Milan and was able to hoist one himself as Captain in one of Milan’s most memorable wins in a European Final.

    He came to Milan from Lazio, great club from Rome.

    Tassotti retired with very little fanfare, possibly because he started his career at Lazio and unlike those honored before him was not a Rossoneri for life.

    He played 428  matches and scored 8 goals in Milan shirt.

5. Andriy Shevchenko

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    Andriy Shevchenko is one of the greatest strikers. 

    He will always be remembered as a great player that brought so much to AC Milan.

    He is best known for his amazing finishing and deadly shoot.

    He scored 175 goals in 322 matches.

    On 28 May 2006, Shevchenko left Milan for Chelsea for £30.8 million.

    Shevchenko's career has been highlighted by many awards, the most prestigious of which were the Ballon dOr in 2004 and the champions league when he scored the decisive penalty against Juventus in 2003.

4. Alessandro Costacurta

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    Costacurta, affectionally known to fans as "Billy" was another amazing product form AC Milan youth academy.

    Alessandro is one of the greatest center backs in football world.

    He is best known for his role alongside Baresi, Tassotti and Maldini.

    He became the oldest footballer ever to play in the Champions League, in Milan's 1-0 loss to AEK Athens on 21 November 2006, at 40 years and 211 days.

    He played 649 matches and managed to score 3 goals. While, in Italian national team he scored 2 goals in 59 matches.

    "Billy" won 7 Serie A  and 5 Champions League.  And many more trophies.

3. Gianni Rivera

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    He was nicknamed 'The Golden Boy' of Italian football.

    He scored 163 goals in 650 matches in AC Milan shirt. In Italian national team  he played 60 matches and scored 14.


    Serie A: 3      Coppa Italia:  4   

    Champions League: 2             UEFA Cup Winners Cup:  2      FIFA Club World Cup:  1

    Also he won European Championship in 1968 with Italian national team.

2. Franco Baresi

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    Baresi is one of the greatest defenders in history.

    Franco Baresi was the 'Steel Man' of AC Milan's defence and the Italian national team for over two decades.

    Interesting, his Giuseppe brought him to Inter on a trial when they were young. Funny, Inter rejected him and he went to AC Milan where he was accepted.

    Baresi was colloquially called "piscinin", Milanese dialect for "little one".

    When people say defense, they think of Baresi.

    Baresi played 697 matches and scored  31 goals. In Italian national team, he scored 1 goal in 89 matches

    Of course, Baresi won everything with Milan

    Serie A:  6        Coppa Italia: 4        Italian Supercup: 4        Seria B:  2

    Champions League: 3    European Supercup    Intercontinental Cup:  2 

    Baresi also won FIFA World Cup in 1982

    Franco Baresi will always be remember by AC Milan fans, becuase of that they decided to retire his jersey number.    


1. Paolo Maldini

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    Paolo was born in Milan, on the 26th of June 1968. He was the son of a great Milan player, Cesare Maldini, ex-coach of the Italian national team.

    Paolo is considered to be the best defender of all time. Every big football fan will say that.

    In January 1985, the Milan first team was plagued with injury, and for a match against Udinese, then manager Nils Lidholm decided to give 16-year old Maldini a spot on the substitutes' bench. When Sergio Battistini got injured and came off at half-time, Maldini got the shout and made his first appearance for the club that was to become such a huge part of his life and identity.

    In the 2005 final against Liverpool FC, Maldini scored the fastest ever goal in a European Cup final, after only 51 seconds. He also became the oldest player ever to score in the final.

    Throughout his 23 seasons at Milan, Maldini has only missed a handful of matches, making more than 25 appearances every year except 2001-02, when he suffered knee problems.

    Maldini played  902 matches and scored 33 goals in AC Milan shirt. While in Italian national team, he scored 7 goals in 126 matches.

    Just look at this amazing trophies list:

    Serie A:  7                Coppa Italia:  1            Italian Supercup: 5 

    Champions League: 5    European Supercup: 5       Club World Cup:  3

    Paolo deserves the respect from all the fans, no matters if your team is not Milan, the eternal capitano is gone.