The 10 Deepest Teams in the NBA

Faizan Qurashi@@FaizanQurashiAnalyst IIAugust 20, 2010

The 10 Deepest Teams in the NBA

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    If you want to be a successful team in the NBA, you need depth. Injures occur, players miss games, and you need insurance and guys off the bench who can come in and contribute to the team. 

    Looking at the current teams, here are the top 10 deepest teams in the league from players 1-12. 

    Here we go...

No. 10—Los Angeles Clippers

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    PG—Baron Davis/Eric Bledsoe

    SG—Eric Gordon/Randy Foye

    SF—Ryan Gomes/Rasual Butler/Al Farouq Aminu

    PF—Blake Griffin/Craig Smith/Brian Cook

    C—Chris Kaman/DeAndre Jordan

    The best thing about the LA Clippers roster is that they're two players deep at every position. This means that the Clippers have the players needed to come through in case any starters get injured, which in their case tends to happen quite often. 


    At PG is the solid Baron Davis and his backup, rookie Eric Bledsoe. At SG is the emerging Eric Gordon and his backup, free agent pick-up Randy Foye.


    At SF is free agent acquisition Ryan Gomes and his backups, Rasual Butler and rookie Al-Farouq Aminu. At PF is the talented Blake Griffin and his solid backups, Craig Smith and Brian Cook. At C is All-Star Chris Kaman and up-and-coming big man DeAndre Jordan. 


    More insurance needed in backcourt. 

    With a formidable starting lineup and good backups at every position, the Clippers will look to use their depth to their advantage and wear teams out. Look for the Clippers to make some noise in the West and finally live up to expectations. 

No. 9—Milwaukee Bucks

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    PG—Brandon Jennings/Keyon Dooling/Earl Boykins

    SG—John Salmons/Michael Redd/Chris-Douglas-Roberts

    SF—Corey Maggete/Carlos Delfino/Luc Richard Mbah a Moute

    PF—Drew Gooden/Ersan Illysova/Jon Brockman/Larry Sanders

    C—Andrew Bogut/Tiny Gallon

    The Bucks are surprisingly very deep this year. 


    They picked up Keyon Dooling and Earl Boykins to back up Brandon Jennings with the loss of backup PG Luke Ridnour to the Timberwolves.

    At SG is the man responsible for most of the Bucks' success last year, John Salmons, and his backup, Michael Redd, who will look to redeem himself and earn a spot in the lineup after getting injured numerous times. They also have the solid CDR, who they acquired via trade.


    At SF, the Bucks are loaded with Corey Maggete, Carlos Delfino, and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute. These three will make a solid rotation and should do much damage to opposing teams.

    At PF, the Bucks will have free agent acquisition Drew Gooden and his backups, Illysova, Brockman, and rookie Sanders.

    At center is where the Bucks have weak depth with just rookie Tiny Gallon backing up Bogut after losing Kurt Thomas in free agency to the Bulls.


    Better backup center needed. 

    The Bucks have a lot of depth but lack star power; they still look to give everyone a reason to "Fear the Deer."

No. 8—Oklahoma City Thunder

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    PG—Russell Westbrook/Eric Maynor/Royal Ivey

    SG—Thabo Sefolosha/James Harden/Daequan Cook

    SF—Kevin Durant/Morris Peterson

    PF—Jeff Green/Serge Ibaka/Nick Collison/DJ White

    C—Nenad Krstic/Cole Aldrich/BJ Mullens

    The Thunder boast one of the youngest and deepest teams in the league.


    At PG, they have the emerging Russell Westbrook, backed up by the promising Eric Maynor. At SG is defensive stopper Thabo Sefolosha and his backup and soon-to-be starter, James Harden. Also in the backcourt is three-point specialist Daequan Cook.


    As for the SF, the Thunder have their most talented player in Kevin Durant but have just Morris Peterson to back him up. At PF, the Thunder are loaded with the promising Jeff Green, up-and-coming Serge Ibaka, and solid role players in Collison and White. 

    Center is definitely the weakest position for the Thunder as they have veteran Nenad Krstic, rookie Cole Aldrich, and third-string center BJ Mullens. If they addressed their center position more, they would be higher, but for now, this is where they're at. 


    More depth needed at SF, also need better centers. 

    The Thunder will look to make major noise this year and make the jump from solid playoff team to Western Conference powerhouse. 

No. 7—Dallas Mavericks

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    PG—Jason Kidd/Roddy Beaubois/JJ Barea

    SG—Jason Terry/Deshawn Stevenson/Dominique Jones

    SF—Caron Butler/Shawn Marion

    PF—Dirk Nowitzki/Tim Thomas

    C—Brendan Haywood/Tyson Chandler/Alexis Ajinca/Ian Mahimi

    The Mavs may not be super deep at every position but they certainly have more than enough talent.


    At PG, they have a solid starter in Kidd and promising backups in Beabois and Barea. At SG, the Mavs' weakest position by far, they have the scoring machine Jason Terry and his backups, Deshawn Stevenson and promising rookie Dominique Jones. 


    At SF, the Mavs boast one of the most talented duos in Caron Butler and Shawn Marion. Both are quality starters on any team in the NBA. At PF is the always consistent Dirk Nowitzki, but his only backup is Tim Thomas. At C, the Mavs are super-deep with four seven-footers in Haywood, Chandler, Ajinca, and Mahimi. 


    Better backup needed at PF, also need better SG.

    The Mavs will look to use their depth in their weak positions such as SG and C to help them overcome their weaknesses and allow them to finally get over the hump and win an NBA title. It's a make-or-break year for the Mavs. 

No. 6—Miami Heat

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    PG—Mario Chalmers/Carlos Arroyo

    SG—Dwyane Wade/James Jones/Eddie House

    SF—LeBron James/Mike Miller/Shavlik Randolph

    PF—Chris Bosh/Udonis Haslem

    C—Joel Anthony/Zydrunas Ilgauskas/Juwan Howard/Jamaal Magloire/Dexter Pittman

    While the Heat may be No.1 in a lot of lists, depth is not one of them. The reason for them to even be this high in this list is because of how talented their starting lineup itself is. However, let's look at the rest of the team as well. 


    At PG, the Heat's weakest position by far, they have third-year player Mario Chalmers and his backup, veteran Carlos Arroyo. The Heat better hope Wade and LeBron can do most of the ballhandling because Chalmers and Arroyo won't cut it. 

    At SG, the Heat have the talented All-Star guard Dwyane Wade and solid, sharpshooting backups in James Jones and Eddie House.


    At SF is the two-time MVP LeBron James, backed up by three-point specialist, Mike Miller, and role player, Shavlik Randolph. 

    The PF position is solid as well with Chris Bosh starting and Udonis Haslem as his backup. However, there is no depth from there. At C, the Heat loaded up and have five serviceable big men in Joel Anthony, Big Z, Juwan Howard, Jamal Magloire, and rookie Dexter Pittman. 


    Need better point guards and centers. 

    The Heat have a weak starter but major depth at C, but lack everything at their other weak position of PG. Still, their lineup is talented enough to do major damage. 

No. 5—Portland Trailblazers

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    PG—Andre Miller/Jerry Bayless/Armon Johnson

    SG—Brandon Roy/Wesley Matthews/Elliot Williams

    SF—Nicolas Batum/Luke Babbitt

    PF—LaMarcus Aldrige/Dante Cunningham/Jeff Pendergraph

    C—Greg Oden/Marcus Camby/Joel Pryzbilla

    The Blazers have one of the most well-rounded teams in the league with talent and depth at every position. 


    At PG is veteran Andre Miller and his backups, promising guard Jerryd Bayless and rookie Armon Johnson. At SG is All-Star guard Brandon Roy and his backup, recently signed Wesley Matthews and rookie Elliot Williams.


    At SF, the Blazers just have Nicolas Batum and rookie Luke Babbitt. I did not include Rudy Fernandez due to the fact that it seems very likely he'll leave the team via trade or go back to Europe. 

    At PF, the Blazers possess LaMarcus Aldrige and promising backups Dante Cunningham and Jeff Pendergraph. At center is the injury-prone Greg Oden and his solid backups, Marcus Camby and Joel Pryzbilla. 


    Need more SF backups.

    All in all, the Blazers have a very talented group of guys. They would be ranked higher if they were not so injury-prone. 

No. 4—Chicago Bulls

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    PG—Derrick Rose/CJ Watson

    SG—Ronnie Brewer/Keith Bogans

    SF—Luol Deng/Kyle Korver/James Johnson

    PF—Carlos Boozer/Taj Gibson

    C—Joakim Noah/Kurt Thomas/Omer Asik

    Make no mistake about it, the Bulls have one of the most talented and deepest teams in the NBA. They revamped their roster this offseason and are now loaded at every position. 


    At PG is All-Star Derrick Rose and his backup, scoring point guard CJ Watson. At SG is defensive specialist Ronnie Brewer and his backup, solid veteran Keith Bogans.


    At SF is Luol Deng and his backups, three-point specialist Kyle Korver and promising forward James Johnson.

    In the frontcourt is All-Star PF Carlos Boozer and his backup, solid second-year player, Taj Gibson. At C is energy machine Joakim Noah and solid backups in veteran Kurt Thomas and foreign big man Omer Asik. 


    More insurance needed in backcourt and at PF.

    The Bulls have one of the most talented teams in the NBA with major above-average to All-Star caliber talent at every position. Their backups are also very solid and as of right now, they look to enter the East's elite this year. 

No. 3—Orlando Magic

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    PG—Jameer Nelson/Chris Duhon/Jason Williams

    SG—Vince Carter/JJ Redick

    SF—Mickeal Pietrus/Quentin Richardson/Stanley Robinson

    PF—Rashard Lewis/Brandon Bass/Ryan Anderson

    C—Dwight Howard/Marcin Gortat/Daniel Orton

    The Magic are amazingly deep this year. They're almost three players deep at every position. 


    At PG is All-Star Jameer Nelson and his backups, solid guard Chris Duhon and veteran Jason Williams. At SG is Vince Carter and his backup, the promising JJ Redick, who'll look to take the starting role away from Carter. 


    At SF is the solid Mickeal Pietrus and his backup, the recently signed Quentin Richardson and rookie Stanley Robinson. At PF is three-point shooting big man Rashard Lewis and his backups, Brandon Bass and Ryan Anderson. At center is the dominant Dwight Howard and arguably the best backup center in Marcin Gortat. Added to that is rookie Daniel Orton. 


    More depth at SG.

    The Magic have a very talented and deep team. They'll make some major noise this year in the playoffs.

No. 2—Boston Celtics

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    PG—Rajon Rondo/Nate Robinson/Avery Bradley

    SG—Ray Allen/Von Wafer

    SF—Paul Pierce/Marquis Daniels

    PF—Kevin Garnett/Glen Davis/Luke Harangody/Tony Gaffney

    C—Kendrick Perkins/Jermaine O'Neal/Shaquille O'Neal/Semih Erden

    If you thought the Celtics were deep before, think again. Boston reloaded this summer and are now deeper than ever at every position. 


    At PG is All-Star Rajon Rondo and his backup, instant offense Nate Robinson and rookie Avery Bradley. At SG is sharpshooter Ray Allen and recently signed backup Von Wafer.


    At SF is 2008 Finals MVP Paul Pierce and his backup, Marquis Daniels. At PF is the backbone of the team, Kevin Garnett, and his backups, emerging big man Glen "Big Baby" Davis and rookies Luke Harangody and Tony Gaffney.

    At center, the C's have a plethora of big men, starting with the best post defender in the NBA in Kendrick Perkins and his solid backups, Jermaine O'Neal, (who'll start at center at the beginning of season with Perkins out with injury), Shaquille O'Neal, and rookie Semih Erden.


    Need more swingmen at SG and SF.

    The Celtics are very deep at every position, especially in the frontcourt. While their players may be old, they can still get it done. 

No. 1—Los Angeles Lakers

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    PG—Derek Fisher/Steve Blake

    SG—Kobe Bryant/Shannon Brown/Sasha Vujacic

    SF—Ron Artest/Matt Barnes/Luke Walton/Devin Ebanks

    PF—Pau Gasol/Lamar Odom/Derrick Caracter

    C—Andrew Bynum/Theo Ratliff/DJ Mbenga

    It's unfair how deep this Laker team is. Somehow, the reigning champs got even better over the summer. That's right, folks, the deepest team in the league got even more deeper. 


    At PG is veteran Derek Fisher and one of the best backup PGs in the league, Steve Blake (Blake may very well end up starting by the end of the season). At SG is five-time NBA Champ Kobe Bryant and his backups, the recently re-signed Shannon Brown and sharpshooter Sasha Vujacic.


    At SF, the Lakers are four players deep with defensive specialists Ron Artest and Matt Barnes, followed by solid role player Luke Walton and promising rookie Devin Ebanks.

    At PF is All-Star Pau Gasol, and his backup, the best sixth man in the league, Lamar Odom, followed by promising rookie Derrick Caracter. At center is emerging big man Andrew Bynum, and his backups, the defensive Theo Ratliff and DJ Mbenga. 


    More insurance at PG and better backup centers. 

    There is no doubt that the Lakers are the deepest team in the league. They have the perfect combination of talent and depth at every position. It's really is unfair, they have no weaknesses, and will look to make their fourth straight Finals appearance and win their third straight title.