My Review of Nexus vs. WWE Raw Matches

Chris PontilloContributor IAugust 19, 2010

I know that none of you here in the IWC know of me because, besides a few comments here and there, I haven't been that active. I still felt finally inclined to write after watching this week's Raw and thought that everyone should read. I wrote this that night, and didn't publish it until now, but anyways here are my thoughts.

The minute I heard about the Nexus vs. Team WWE matches, where whoever in Nexus lost would be exiled from the group, I thought, "this is the perfect way to get rid of some of the no talents in the group and keep the ones who deserve to be on the WWE roster."

After watching the matches I have mixed reviews. There were both good and bad decisions on what the outcomes of these matches were.

The first of the matches, Wade Barrett vs. Chris Jericho, was exactly what I expected. It was a back and forth match that showed Wade can perform with the best performer in the business. Wade might not be on Jericho's level but he showed he can keep up with the big boys. I believe that Wade will be the one who rises to the top the fastest and honestly I have no problem with this, even if he isn't in my top two of Nexus.

Jericho is one of the best at helping the young talent get over (just ask the many he already has, including Superman Cena and Evan Bourne). This match I will give a good decision rating.

Where do I start with the Michael Tarver-Daniel Bryan bout? Besides David Otunga, Tarver has to be the least talented of the group, and the fact they would waste Bryan's comeback moment to keep this useless robber-by-day, Chippendale-dancer-by-night clown around makes no sense to me. I can understand keeping the feud with The Miz going, but they could have done this but by using a different Nexus member.

Speaking of the Daniel Bryan-The Miz feud, I really like the idea. I think it could end up being a great feud between two very different style talents. Miz has the mic skills that Shelton Benjamin would sell his soul for (yes I know I will get plenty of grief over a Shelton bash), and Bryan has the in ring ability that, well, The Miz would give his left nut to behold.

I think they could put together a great feud that could actually take time away from the whole Miz as the Money of the Bank winner story. For once, it would be great to have it be like when Edge first won the briefcase and took his time to cash it in. I think this would be the best thing for The Miz to do. On my rating for this match I said thumbs up to the feud and thumbs down to keeping Tarver around.

I'm just going to, off the bat, say that I give a thumbs down to the Orton and Gabriel match.

As much as I always like to see Orton wrestle and beat Sheamus up and down the place, I wanted to see Justin Gabriel lose. The reason for this is that he was my second favorite wrestler on NXT Season One (behind Daniel Bryan), and I was hoping he would lose, be exiled, make his way to Smackdown, and show his true talents there. By the way, I am hoping Orton gets his 7th reign sometime within the next two months.

The pairing of David Otunga and Skip Sheffield as a tag team is just funny to me since they might have done more steroids combined than Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds. I also find it funny because the pinky finger of one of their opponents, John Morrison,'has more talent than either Otunga or Sheffield can ever hope for.

But of the outcome—I just think it was horrible, just like Tarver's win. I was really wanting Sheffield to go back to husking corn and Otunga to realize that his future is escorting Jennifer Hudson to premieres.

I liked the matchup between Edge and Heath Slater, and not just because Rated R Superstar and One Man Rockband are truly awesome nicknames. Edge is one of my favorite superstars out there and Heath Slater is my second favorite Nexus member, so for those reasons, I really enjoyed seeing these two against each other.

The reason though that I am going to dislike this outcome is the same reason I disliked Justin Gabriel winning, I was hoping Slater would lose and go to Smackdown! I am starting to think I was wanting too much from this week's Raw, but I guess I should be use to Raw disappointing me.

My opinion of the final match is to be determined. If it means that, since Darren Young has been exiled, other members will now make their way out of the WWE, and others will make their way to Smackdown, then I like the decision.

Otherwise, if they keep Darren Young around, and also don't change anything else in the group in the near future, it was pointless. But anyway, I knew, going into this match, if Darren Young were to lose, he'd get demolished by his former partners.

In conclusion, this just might be the most disappointing Raw of the Year.

I was thinking this week would accomplish something in the Nexus storyline, but in my opinion, it did not. I thought it would either get rid of those who didn't deserve to be on the roster or send some of the more talented ones to Smackdown after loses.

I guess that was asking too much.

Just for the fun of it, I feel like mentioning what I thought was the Best Line of the Night, "I really don't want the record books to show that I forfeited a match to some wendy looking ginger haired edge wannabe."


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