Rolling Deep: The Most Obscene Athlete Extravagances

Lance PaukerCorrespondent IAugust 18, 2010

Rolling Deep: The Most Obscene Athlete Extravagances

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    You may know Bryan Williams as the ringleader of the now disbanded rap duo Big Tymers. You may know Bryan Williams by his better recognized alias, Birdman. Or, if are unfamiliar modern American hip-hop, you may not know Bryan Williams at all. 

    If you haven't heard about the ways of Birdman, the co-founder of the mega successful hip hop conglomerate know as Cash-Money records, nobody is faulting you. However, the southern rap mogul has recently made the news by staying true to his ca$h money roots, purchasing a $2.1 million Bugatti Veyron.

    To prepare for the delivery of his pimped out ride, Birdman dressed in all-red adidas gear (matching the all-red car), and even brought a card that read "I am expensive."

    Simply Pricele$$. For everything else there's mastercard.

    Why should you care about this? Well, unless you were the Bugatti salesperson, you probably shouldn't. However, this obscene purchase brings to light some of the most hefty athlete splurges of the day. The athlete, a member of a truly unique social class, will often receive heaps of cash at an early age. Through a combination of immaturity and the desire to live large, many athletes will often spend, spend, and spend until they realize that their vault is empty. 

    Here's to some of the craziest athletes purchases of all-time. From the obnoxiously expensive to the downright ridiculous, all of the members on this list have truly taken their fame to another level. Unfortunately for some players, many of these purchases have helped driven them into bankruptcy. 

10. Darius Miles' Car

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    Miles may have skipped college, but that doesn't mean he is unable to appreciate the importance of the American Founding Fathers. His car, which has been revamped so thoroughly that nobody really knows what it was, pays homage to Ben Franklin, as he was airbrushed in on the hood of the car. Franklin however, most likely would not have appreciated the gesture, as the image shows him and a marijuana joint spending some quality time together. 

    The hood also features some sparsely clothed ladies and men with guns. The car is elevated about three feet above the ground, very practical for anyone recovering from surgery. At the time of the purchase (2007), Miles was rehabilitating from the knee operation. 

    Oh yea, I almost forgot about the wheels. They look even bigger than Darrelle Revis' desired contract. 

9. Scottie Pippen's Jet

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    Apparently, the sidekick to Air Jordan wanted to also fly. In 2002, Pippen bought a $4 million dollar Gulfstream Corporate Jet, despite his dwindling financial prospects. The purchase ultimately became one of the biggest financial blunders in recent history, leaving him nearly broke. 

    It turned out that the jet had missed an inspection early on, and it required an additional $1 million for repairs. Instead of paying the sum, Pippen had the jet grounded, making it one of the most expensive hunks of dead weight in aviation history.

    The story has somewhat of a happy ending for Pippen though. In desperate need of cash, he sued his attorney for the missed inspection, and was eventually awarded $2 million dollars.  

8. Jerome William's Mascot

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    The scrappy and tenacious Georgetown graduate did not make any tremendous financial blunders, although he did provide for a rather amusing expense worth mentioning. Nicknamed the "Junkyard Dog," Williams hired a mascot to represent himself. The "Junkyard Dog" would act the part of a traditional mascot, only he exclusively served the interest of Williams. 

    The Junkyard Dog has been well received in the NBA community for his tireless humanitarian work, making him (and his alter ego) fan favorites amongst commissioner David Stern and company. The journeyman played for four teams during his 10 year NBA career, but he always had a travel companion. 

7. LeBron James' House

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    For someones of LeBron's financial acumen, this one is not exactly shocking. 

    James is moving to a different Kingdom, and certainly isn't making any compromises on his new castle. He has recently filed paperwork for home in Coral Gables worth $49.5 million. Clearly, he didn't have the means to make it an even 50. 

    Although it won't feature a moat, drawbridge, or observation tower, James life-sized kingdom contains eight bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, 880 feet of waterfront, a 150 foot dock, a master suite with a full gym, and a private guest suite with its own tennis court. 

    James was reportedly disappointed to find that the house didn't come with an NBA Championship ring. 

6. Vikings Sex Boat

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    Sorry, Fred Smoot. People don't forget.

    On October 5th, 2005, Smoot and several other Vikings players decided to flex their cash money by hosting a luxurious party along the shores of Lake Minnetonka. A party mind you, filled with prostitutes. 

    The sex boat scandal has become a notorious symbol for the desired extravagance of professional athletes. Filled with expensive alcohol, nice food, and a little too much fun to go around, this incident cast a dark cloud of shame over the Vikings organization for the 2005 season. 

    In addition to Smoot, Lance Johnstone, Mewelde More, Bryant McKinnie, and Moe Williams were among the notable players involved in this party gone wild.  

5. Jack Clark's Cars

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    Talk about a swing and a miss. 

    The former slugger had quite the appetite for luxury cars, an appetite that resulted in his eventual declaration of bankruptcy in 1992. His bankruptcy statements noted that Clark owned 18 cars including a $700k Ferrari and a Rolls Royce. Clark, perhaps known more for his brawn that his brain, attempted to pay off seventeen car notes simultaneously. 

    Clark ended up having to forfeit a number of luxurious homes as well as his drag racing business. Thankfully however, Clark eventually dug himself out of his financial slump, and is reportedly doing much better monetarily. 

4. Shaq's BIG House

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    We know that the diesel likes to live large, as per evidence from his gargantuan Miami Home. 

    The Shaq-teau was purchased by O'Neal for $19 million in 2005, but was estimated at $29 million in 2008. The mansion, which is located on Miami's prestigious star island, features eight bedrooms, an indoor basketball court, a gym, steam room, and sauna. The grounds are 2.5 acres in itself, highlighted by a dock, two-bedroom guest house, six car parking garage, tennis course, and last but not least, a pool with his formerly trademarked Superman logo. 

    Talk about Shaqtastic. 

3. Evander Holyfield's House

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    I guess when you get your ear bitten off, you have to compensate somehow. Van Gogh made peace with himself through art. Holyfield made due with a house the size of Switzerland. 

    His mansion, which he purchased for $20 million, has 11 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, and 109 rooms in all. Forget the White House--I want to play hide and seek here!

    Evander's grand cathedral also contains a movie theater, a bowling alley, and an olympic sized pool. Not to mention, it covers $54,000 square feet. Whoever does the landscaping at that place deserves a parade in their honor.

    Despite making over $250 million throughout his illustrious boxing career, he is reportedly on the verge of poverty. If he wants to figure out where he went wrong, he could probably vent his frustration in the meditation room. That is, if he could find it.  

2. Mike Tyson

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    Iron Mike filed for bankruptcy in 2003, after spending his money on...well, everything 

    His $350 million plus fortune was squandered through a number of obscene purchases, ranging from $140,000 tigers (no, the Hangover didn't make that up) to a $2 million bathtub to a handful of Bentley's. 

    Unfortunately, Tyson still continues to struggle with both money and addiction. Iron Mike recently admitted that his cameo in The Hangover was needed for him to make some cash, which he proceeded to spend on drugs. 

1. Eddy Curry's Cars (and other stuff too)

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    Ah, last but least. The story of Eddy Curry. 

    Curry tops this list not because his expenses are the most ridiculous (well, they might be), but because unlike nearly everyone else featured here, Curry has little success to show for his monetary prowess. Despite having a $60 million contract and making over $10 million as a member of the New York Knicks this past season, Curry is in serious debt.

    One may also question his status as a member of the Knicks, being that the clearly overhyped up high school phenom appeared in only three games this past year. 

    Having to pay a $1.2 loan to Allstar Capital Inc., (the only Allstar team Curry has ever been a part of), he recently filed for bankruptcy. Among some of his expenses noted in his paperwork include: 

    -$30,000 a month for household expenses (that's 360k per year, folks)over

    -$1000 per month on television

    -$207,000 a month in wages that nobody really knows where they go

    -$17,000 a month to family/relatives (ok, he gets a free pass on this one)

    -And last, but certainly not least, $350,000 to none other than Juwan Howard. 

    Not to mention, Curry owned twelve cars, including a Rolls Royce. In late may, the Daily News reported a judge ruled for Allstar to seize three of of these vehicles, two Land Rovers and a Phantom convertible. 

    Its been a rough year for Curry to say the least. Hopefully he'll prove his worth this year on the court, wizen up, and save some cash.