Martin Kaymer Wins The PGA Championship in Playoff With Bubba Watson

Thomas Moreland@NFLMIKEESenior Writer IAugust 16, 2010

KOHLER, WI - AUGUST 15:  Martin Kaymer of Germany hits his tee shot on the 16th hole during the final round of the 92nd PGA Championship on the Straits Course at Whistling Straits on August 15, 2010 in Kohler, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images)
Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Rory Mcllroy can become the youngest winner of the PGA Championship since 1960 with a win today at Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wisconsin.  Mcllroy is currently at minus nine with a brilliant sand save on the first hole for par.  Everyone is trying to get to double figures first, and then charge the leader board on the back nine.

The trouble is the last fives holes are very difficult and likely you will return some strokes as on the par four 18th which is playing to almost five strokes.

Watney continues his trouble from the bogey on 18 yesterday, having trouble in the rough on the first hole.

A double bogey on the first hole while Dustin Johnson is putting for a birdie. The entire lead is now gone, as Johnson is tied for the lead after the first hole.

Here is the leader board at 2:53 pm est, Dustin Johnson -11,  Nick Watney -11, Martin Kaymer -10, Rory Mcllroy -10, Jason Day -10, Zach Johnson -9,  Wenchong Liang - 9, and a host of good players at minus eight and minus seven.

Johnson went so far left on his drive on the second hole it was crazy, but recovered nicely on the second shot.  Bubba Watson has an eagle putt to reach minus nine on the eighth hole.  Jim Furyk and Matt Kuchar are hanging around at miuns eight and trying to remain relevant today.

Tiger Woods as you probably know has not been relevant on Saturday or Sunday at this final major of the season. Better golf next year, Tiger.

Mcllroy has been left on all three tee shots so far today, but has scrambled for two pars.

Phil Mickelson has played brilliantly today and needs a birdie to post minus eight in the house early, and who knows? With this brute of a course, especially facing 15, 16, and 17 with pressure?, Eight under might be a playoff score.

As I named this article at the start of writing it, I suppose I have chosen Mcllroy to win.

Bubba Watson has moved to eight under with plenty of holes left however, I believe the winning score will be minus 10. At the start of the tournaments final round no players were within two shots of the lead. Now there are eight.

Mcllroy just saved par again with a ridiculously hard bunker shot executed perfectly under pressure.  Watney seems to have settled down and has a birdie attempt on the third hole.

Camillo Villegas, almost forgotten this season is suddenly at minus nine and a big factor now with seven holes to play.

Villegas could be the first to post double digits in the clubhouse, and was way under the radar this week.

Dustin Johnson has a difficult par putt, while Martin Kaymer reaches -11 to join the leaders.

Watney just missed a birdie to stay at -11.

Johnson missed his par, and drops to just minus 10 now, with three other players.

Mcllroy is again left for the fourth tee shot in a row, but looks like he will save a par once more. This can't go on much longer for Rory who must get more accurate somehow.

Phil Mickelson finishes with a 67 and minus seven for the tournament. A bit out of the mix this week.

Villegas just made double as number nine ambushed his hopes at a Championship today in Wisconsin.

For our back nine meal during this final round, I have selected  a spinach crab salad with a light vinagrette, steak sanwiches and some delightful mixed vegatables sauteed in garlic and butter with coconut chocolate dipped macaroons for dessert.

Yum, as I take a short break to nourish my body.  I have lost 40 lbs in about a year now, and I am at a trim 165. This Florida heat sucks the life right out of you in the summer, however.

On a windy green, Watney hit a poor putt and makes bogey. now he is at minus 10.

Jason Day just missed a two foot putt and drops to minus nine also. Dustin Johnson just made bogey also, and these greens are ultra fast in the wind and not holding the second shots at all, if miss hit slightly.

Now Jim Furyk makes a birdie on six and is only two shots back of the lead.

This is going to be really tight by the time we hit the treacherous final holes of Whistling Straits,the wind howling while pulse rates quicken with each closing step.

Where is my C fantasy player, Matt Kuchar? I would hope for a good finish by Kuchar, but it doesn't seem like it will happen today.

Furyk makes birdie again to reach minus 10 now and that was a curvy 15 footer.

Zach Johnson makes a birdie along with playing companion Steve Elkington as everyone is scoring right now.

It's been 15 years since Steve Elkington won the PGA Championship and he has a birdie putt to reach minus 10 on the seventh hole.

Jason Day got that bogey back with a birdie and is back at -10, only one back of Kaymer.

Johnson just made another birdie and is also just one back now.

It is still just anybodys PGA Championship this year at Whistling Straits as Mcllroy hits the par four green in one and rolls towards the rough. He has an eagle chip coming up.

Furyk just dropped a shot and is now back at minus nine in this jumbled leader board that will change more before this ends. Mcllroy manages only a par to stay at minus 10.

The 18th hole is currently played 4.8 average strokes, as the wind howls and hopes die quickly with a bad shot late, 18 is a par four.

Zach Johnson has another birdie to reach minus nine now. We are just getting to the turn for the leaders now.

Mcllroy just birdied to reach minus 10 and is now just one back, as Liang goes the opposite direction with a bogey and minus eight now.

Nick Watney has just put his ball into Lake Michigan and now this tournament is in serious jeopardy, putting Mcllroy in the drivers seat.

Furyk just bogeyed as well and some guys are bleeding entering the back nine into the wind, while Watney is in big trouble at the par three seventh.

Kaymer is still leading at minus 11, but something tells me some one from Ireland wins this one.

Watney makes triple to drop to minus eight.

4:23pm est the leader board is doing a transformer routine leaving Kaymer and Mcllroy at the top at minus 11, and minus 10, while the rest of the field is staggering in to finish somehow.

Jason Dufner has quietly kept things intact and is at minus nine and in contention as well now.  Watson, is also in this mix at nine under and heading to the 12th hole.  Day just carded a double bogey to shoot himself in the foot.

Meanwhile Elkington just made it to minus 10 with a beautifu birdie and he is one with certainly enough fire under pressure and experience to sneak up on the youngsters today.

Elkington is hanging around in a big way on Sunday so far, with eight holes to play on this magnificent course. All the players in it are playing the same conditions now, so let the wind howl, as it is gusting 20-25 miles per hour.

Zach Johnson has just birdied again to reach 10 under as well, just one behind Kaymer.

Leader board 4:54m est   Martin Kaymer -12, Zach Johnson -10 Steve Elkington -10 Rory Mcllroy -10 Dustin Johnson -9  

We are seeing a tiny bit of seperation from the leader to the rest of the pack, and everyone has to stay close to Kaymer entering the last fives holes.

Then, anything can happen in this wind and the very long par fours and difficult par fives. Kaymer is off the fairway on 11 and hits his second shot short and right.

Elkington makes a seven footer to save par and remain just two back.  If Elkington wins this it will be the longest gap between major winners in golf history in fifteen years without for Elkington.

Watson has birdied again to join the group at -10 and is heading to 13, with hope still high for a major breakthrough.

Elkington makes a par and miraculously so does Kaymer on the par five after a brush with disaster.

Watson is going to birdie again to reach -11, and only one back. Kaymer just hit it to four feet on the par three and may reach -13.

Villegas recovered nicely from that earlier double bogey and has reached minus eight with 17 and 18 left to play.

He could be the first to post a number, but Kaymer is hot and might not fall that far off.  Kaymer misses a relatively east putt to just make par and keep a one shot lead on the surprising Bubba Watson.

Could this be the first Bubba to etch into the Wannamaker Cup, the Trophy for the PGA Championship. I don't remember any other Bubba's.

I want to say that Villegas is probably history this week at minus eight. It looks like Watson's will be the score to beat in the clubhouse first at I would guess minus 10?

Watson has another birdie attempt on 13 now, and the par five next for the long hitter who just nailed his drive on 13 385 yards. Just a par, however, with too much spin on the approach.

Nick Watney  has fallen to minus four on a hard day for the Sacramento California lad, who will have better finishes hopefully in future majors.

Watson is way down the par five and hits a six iron 220 yards to within 40 feet for an eagle try.

 This should be at least a birdie as Watson is going to be tied for the lead at the 2010 PGA Championship. That was an easy tap in for birdie.

Watson does not hit the ball straight ever. He will hook it 40 yards or maybe fade it 30 yards, doing whatever the holes requires to get it close.  He learned how to play whacking plastic balls around his house, spinning and hooking them everywhere to reach his target.  Never wanting a lesson and making golf some kind of job, he keeps it light and fun as he is the longest player on tour the last five years. That's cool!

Watson crashes and burns as he puts his par three shot on 17 way left, 15 feet deep near the railings.

Mean while Mcllroy birdies to get within one shot again.  Villegas just finished at minus eight in the clunhouse. Eighth place so far for Villegas on a good weekend of golf.

Watson gets it up on the putting surface, but needs a miracle par putt from distance to aviod the untimely bogey.

Steve Elkington has a 12 foot putt left for eagle as the action is getting crazy in the end of this tournament.

Kaymer bogeys and it's a three way tie between Mcllroy, Watson, and Kayner at minus 11, and Elkington with a short eagle putt to take the lead.

Elkington just misses the eagle and birdies for a share of the leads. His eagle try just ripped across the hole and barely missed.

Zach Johnson just birdied again to get to -10.  Mcllroy just bogeyed also and is back in the bunch at -10.

Kaymer, Watson, and Elkington are tied for the lead at -11. Mcllroy, Zach Johnson, and Dustin Johnson are at 10. Anyone's deal still.

Kaymer may make birdie, as he has the same puut that Elkington just missed from 12 feet. He misses too, and settles for par.

Elkington saves a bogey after going long on 17 and trailing off the edge.

Steve is probably done today, but a great effort by the 47 year old from Australia who resides in Houston, Texas since college.

Now it's down to Kaymer and Watson for the PGA Championship of 2010.  Watson posts 68 and -11 and now waits for Kaymer to try and match that.  That was the  biggest six foot putt of Watson's life.

Kaymer on 17 just found the bottom right of the green, and has a very long putt, and no gimme for par.

Kaymer has a five footer left for par.  Watson has forced the field to attempt a birdie at 18 to beat him. There has only been one birdie all day.

Kaymer manges to clean up that five footer, and stay tied for the lead, and heads for the most important tee shot of his life.

Dustin Johnson just birdied 16 and is now also tied for the lead with an unreal flop shot out of the frying pan and the fire all at once.

Elkington is in at minus nine and a good effort. Zach Johnson finishes with minus 10 for the tournament.

Kaymer has 215 yards to the green, and here we go with a four iron. It's short and right, and has a small target to chip to for a chance at par.

Dustin Johnson has a birdie attempt at 17 to take the lead from about 12 feet is all, and this is a thrilling finish to a great event in the heartland of America where Kohler proudly ships great seats all over the world.

Mcllroy has just a slight chance to tie with a birdie on 18. Kaymer has made par and finishes at -11 tied for second with Watson.

Dustin Johnson makes birdie and takes his 26-year-old brain to the 18th tee thinking hopefully nothing, as he clears his head and takes a deep breath.  Johnson hits his tee shot way off line, and has a trampled down lie to contend with, deep right, but the lie is clean in the sand 233 yards away.

Mcllroy finishes one back at -10 and a fine tournament. He had a lot of chances to win this today, but had to scramble a bit too much early.

Dustin Johnson is probably playing for a bogey after these two last shots on 18. He is way left, as Bubba and Kaymer watch merrily from the clubhouse.

Not on the green yet, the up and down chances are slim here, but Dustin Johnson will throw it up in the air, and hope.

Watney, in shock still finishes at minus five and a rough day.

Dustin Johnson just hit an unreal soft middle lob shot from an uphill lie, and now has a five footer to win the PGA Championship. It was not a strong putting stroke on that one.

Now there is a question of whether Johnson grounded his club in the bunker on the edge of 17.

It looked more like a bare patch of sand becasue the crowd had obscured the view of the entire bunker filling it up to watch the shot.

The CBS announcer's are in agreement with me, as you cannot tell this is a bunker.

No rakes around, the ground all trampled, and people filling up the sand hole watching   Dustin's shot.

They changed the rule in 2004 when Appleby was penalized four shots for thinking a waste bunker was a regular bunker. Now all the sand is considered a bunker on this course.

He grounded his club for sure and has to write down a seven on the par five. The crowd boos and groans. It's not a bad call, but a heartbreaking event for Dustin Johnson.

Dustin was distracted by the commotion of the crowd, it sure is a rotten break. Rules are rules and it was a bunker, and he did ground his club.

It's a two man playoff, and Watson hit his drive almost on the green in the first of the three hole playoff format.

Kaymer is on the green now about 39 feet away, and Watson now knocks it to two feet, and Watson takes a one shot playoff lead.

Johnson in the clubhouse also stated that he had no thoughts he was in a bunker, and it was really deceptive. Just a horrible turn of events to mar a great weekend of play.

It really did look more like the edge of a trampled path from the spectators.

The second play off hole is under way and here we go.  They are playing the treacherous 17th now, and all the shots still count.  Watson is straight but short by about 45 feet.

Kaymer has it to about 15 feet for a birdie try late in the day on the shores of Lake Michigan. Kaymer makes his putt, and they go into the 18th  hole back to sudden death play tied.

It's the par four 467 yard hole one more time for these guys grinding it out now, as both miss the fairway on their tee shots.  Both players have bad lies and Watson lands in the creek. Oh no,Bubba.

A fan clicked a camera early as Kaymer started the club back, and he just stopped in mid swing. He regroups and calmly knocks it to about 14 feet for his par attempt and the win.

Watson is exploring his drop options to try and knocks this in close for a chance at a bogey save.

Watson is on the Ryder Cup team with this good effort, today however.

Bubba has a very tough shot here to get it close out of the rough. Watson goes into the bunker again, and Martin Kaymer wins this 2010 PGA Championship at Whistling Straits.

Have a great week and I'll see you soon.

Thomas Moreland


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