The Top 25 Craziest Athlete Videos From Around the World

Will FrasureCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2010

The Top 25 Craziest Athlete Videos From Around the World

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    Who doesn't love the eye-popping, jaw-dropping action every sport provides on any given day?

    What makes sports so special is the ability of men to do to do inhuman feats at any moment.

    It doesn't even have to be a star or even a mediocre player. Some of the best highlights are everyday people who pull off the extraordinary.

    Whether it's a Spiderman-esque catch off the top of the wall or a shot from hundreds of feet away, crazy feats are performed everyday.

    Sometimes, the plays are so good that they can't help but be Internet sensations on YouTube. People gawk at such feats as they watch it on their computer screens over and over again.

    Without further ado, here are the top 25 craziest sports videos.

25. Undertaker Throws Mankind Off Cage

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    Anyone who says wrestling is fake obviously didn't see this ridiculous moment.

    During this WWF Hell in a Cell match, Undertaker showed no mercy towards Mankind as he threw him at least 30 feet onto a table.

    It's amazing to see Mankind walk away from the first fall, but he wasn't as successful during the second drop.

24. Mississippi Braves Manger Phil Wellman Ejection

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    Lou Pinella should ask Wellman for some tips on base-tossing. I'm surprised Sweet Lou never tried that grenade trick, either.

23. Travis Pastrana Double Backflip

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    Pastrana has always been hugely popular among extreme sports fans, but the rest of the world found out all about him after his amazing Double Backflip at the X Games.

22. Zlatan Ibrahimovic's Goal

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    Ibrahimovic somehow busts through at least five defenders on his way to the goal here.

    He looks more like a American football running back than a soccer player with how he moves through the opposing team's defense

21. Zach Dumas Hit

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    The Ohio State defense is nicknamed "The Silver Bullets." That's not surprising after this hit.

    I wonder if the opposing quarterback had a grudge against running back Stacy Daniel. Considering how much that throw allowed Daniel to be laid out, it wouldn't be surprising

20. Bo Jackson Highlights

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    For everyone that didn't know Bo during his playing days, this video shows how amazing he was in his short NFL career.

    And for everyone who witnessed it, YouTube offers the chance to watch the magic over and over again.

19. Mike Legg Hockey Goal

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    Imagine the goalie's reaction to this goal being scored on him. He absolutely had no chance.

18. Michael Jordan Dunks

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    Everyone is still waiting for the "Next Jordan" to appear in the NBA. In the mean time, YouTube gives people the chance to catch the best of his "Airness" any time.

17. Tommy Frazier Run

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    Nothing personifies the toughness and dominance of Nebraska football more than Tommy Frazier's run during the 1996 national title game.

    Seriously, how did he get through that many Gators?

16. Elizabeth Lambert Dirty Play

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    Elizabeth Lambert thrust NCAA Women's soccer into the national spotlight for all the wrong reasons with her dirty play against New Mexico.

    Getting thrust to the ground by a ponytail has to be one of the worst ways to be cheap-shotted during a game.

15. Sam McGuffie Highlight Tape

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    McGuffie didn't pan out at Michigan, but his highlight tape will always live on.

    Imagine being the kid who got hurdled by McGuffie. The kick to the head after the hurdle just adds insult to injury.

14. Noel Devine Highlight Tape

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    Mcguffie might have had some spectacular plays in high school, but Devine's mix-tape is the king of all high school highlight tapes.

    Have fun picking your jaw off the floor off the seeing this video.

13. Sheldon Brown Hit on Reggie Bush

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    Sheldon Brown perfectly reads the screen pass before delivering this crushing blow.

    What was a worse feeling for Reggie: This hit or causing the scandals at USC all this year?

12. John Henderson Pre-game Routine

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    Henderson is definitely not someone I'd want to disturb before a game.

    After seeing this, how could any offensive lineman that has to face him not be intimidated?

11. Jason McElwain's 3-pointers

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    Watching this video still will warm anyone's heart.

    Besides the amazing shots, McElwain made the phrase "hot as a pistol" famous.

10. Oliver Wahlstrom Goal

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    When the Boston Bruins hosted this halftime event, they could have never expected a performance like this.

    How come no one else in the NHL has tried this since?

9. Chris Moore Catch

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    This Western Washington receiver thrust himself into the national spotlight with this catch.

    How in the world did he have the concentration to pull this off?

8. Tyrone Prothro Catch

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    If you're a defensive back, there's absolutely nothing you can do to defend against this one.

7. Roberto Carlos Free Kick

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    Bend it like Beckham? How about bend it like Roberto Carlos?

6. Adrian Wilson 66-inch Vertical Jump

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    This one speaks for itself. Wilson has the ability to completely hop over adolescent kids and short adults

5. Alexander Ovechkin Goal

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    Ovechkin is the king of highlight-reel goals, but this one takes the cake.

    He tried desperately to get the shot off as he fell and slid along the ice. How he pulled off that shot is beyond me.

4. Vince Carter Dunks Over 7-foot-2 Frenchmen

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    "Half-man, half-amazing" was all amazing on this play from his earlier days.

    V.C. might not have the same athleticism now, but this dunk stands forever as one of the most impressive feats caught on camera.

    I wonder what was going through the French center's head after Carter pulled this off.

3. Dude Perfect Football Stadium Shot

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    The guys from Dude Perfect have made their living off making incredible basketball shots. None are more amazing than the one that was launched from the upper deck in of Texas A&M's Kyle Field.

    Seriously, how many takes did they do before getting this one right?

2. Jordan Snipes' Full-Court Shot

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    Snipes lives up to his name when he somehow hits this shot from the full-length of the court.

    Everyone has dreamed of doing something like this. Snipes is one of the few to ever actually pull it off.

1. Masato Akamatsu Catch

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    This gives a new definition to robbing a new home-run.

    I can't tell who that is playing center field: Akamatsu or Spider-Man?