Tiger Woods Lacks Ferocity in His Mind: Only Tiger Can Fix Tiger!

Thomas Moreland@NFLMIKEESenior Writer IAugust 10, 2010

No one is going to be the magic answer Tiger Woods needs.

As he struggles with personal life changes, the life changes that snap you out of your daily grind and perhaps make you think about certain choices made during life's little carnival of attractions.

Not a swing coach in the world can get inside the cerebral cortex of the world's foremost active golfer and program a killer attitude and the winning that goes along with it.

Face it, after a certain skill level in golf, it's all about the coolness under pressure, good solid play that any long term practice should produce at the pro level, and that thought process that comes into play when you know you will win.

Tiger, for the first time, has that little dude called doubt, that somehow crept up into his head and whispered oh so silently, "psst, hey Tiger, all these other guys think your whipped! How are you going to beat everyone?"

These McIlroys, and Els, and other players who were forgotten for 12 years are now taking advantage of self doubt and now are the new stars on the PGA?

I think not. 

During times like these, at some point you say enough is enough. Your concentration level reappears as your powerful brain transmit the positive feedback that is necessary for success in anything.

When you are very, very good at something—whether it be sales, sports, or finances—sometimes it just requires yourself to sit up and take notice of what you should be all about. Being the best at what you have chosen to be.

Even the best get beat quite a lot, as Jack Nicklaus has many, many second place finishes in his career.

We all know at one certain point Tiger Woods was winning an average of once every three times he teed it up, and that stat has not dropped that drastically at all, over the long run.

If Tiger Woods decides he is going to win the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits, guess what folks? He will!

The mind is a powerful thing. It can fool you into thinking your not what you could be, or it can make you think you are invincible.

All Tiger Woods has to decide with his skills, is what he is this week—the best player on Earth who will not be denied, or just anyone else with a chance to win this week.

It's all up to you, Tiger Woods.

Be great again, if you think you can.


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