Tiger Woods: Five Reasons Firestone Could Salvage His 2010 Season

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistAugust 3, 2010

Tiger Woods: Five Reasons Firestone Could Salvage His 2010 Season

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    The Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio is one of Tiger Woods' favorite courses.

    He will be entering the World Golf Championship's Bridgestone Invitational as the defending champion.  Tiger has dominated this event over the last 10 years, winning it seven times.

    But recent events have not been able to make him a clear favorite to recapture the title.

    This will be Tiger's chance at redemption.  Here are five reasons Firestone could salvage his 2010.

Turn Back The Time

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    Firestone takes Tiger back to his younger years—to a better and a happier time.  It brings him back to when his late father, Earl Woods, used to play with him at tree-lined golf courses like Firestone.

    It's time to turn back the clock and remember those days.

    He should remember the good times, not the bad.

    Athletes need to immediately brush off anything bad that happens during game situations, but also they need to have the ability to compartmentalize personal events and tragedies.  

    His success at Firestone will help him forget that.

Have Fun

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    When a golf course gives a sense of nostalgia that Firestone does, it's always a fun place to play at.

    With all of his success at this course, Tiger needs to just have fun.

    At this course, he has never shot higher than 71.

    Forget about everything and go back to the joy of playing golf.

Comfort Zone

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    This is where is he most comfortable.

    One of his favorite courses and he has been 103 under par since 1999.

    If he were to turn his season around, this would be the place to do it.

No Longer The Favorite

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    After having a very unsuccessful 2010, he is no longer the sure favorite to win this event.

    Tiger's worst career finish at this course has been top four.

    It's a great opportunity for Tiger to to use that to his advantage.   With tempered expectations, his familiarity and comfort with this course should keep him among the leaders.  But with less pressure, it's time to take advantage.

Win Number Eight & Win Back Some Fans

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    If Tiger was looking for a perfect opportunity to tell the world, "Hey I'm back!"

    It's this course. 

    Winning an eight title at Firestone will tie Tiger with Sam Snead for the most career wins at any PGA Tour event.

    Not only will it salvage season, it will give the media something else to write about.

    The entire year has given Tiger a huge blow to his pocketbook, his psyche, and more importantly his reputation.

    With $9.35 million career earnings from this event, Firestone is the place for him to win back some fans and even some money.

    Not only can he start rebuilding his season with a strong turnout, some detractors might actually start pulling for Tiger again.