The 20 Worst MLB TV and Radio Announcers

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistAugust 2, 2010

The 20 Worst MLB TV and Radio Announcers

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    When you are a baseball fan and want to watch or listen to the game, sometimes you find yourself at the mercy of the broadcasters.

    They have the ability to irritate and frustrate listeners. They can irk viewers with their biased commentary and antagonize with their over-excited delivery.

    At least for televised games, you can opt to turn the volume down. Radio broadcasts, on the other hand, are a major problem.

    These guys are known for making many people angry just with the sound of their voice or even their opinions. Here are the top 20 worst MLB announcers around on TV and radio...

20. Dave Niehaus

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19. Tony Gwynn

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18. Steve Lyons

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17. Daron Sutton

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16. Jerry Remy

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15. Joe Buck

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14. Ed Farmer

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13. Mario Impemba

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12. Mark Grant

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11. Michael Kay

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10. Glenn Geffner

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9. Bert Blyleven

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8. Chip Caray

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7. Ron Santo

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6. Suzyn Waldman

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5. Chris Berman

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4. Tim McCarver

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    When you listen to this guy, you just have to ask yourself: Is he trying to be dumb on purpose?

    There's only one person on this list that has a website dedicated to his ineptitude:

3. Joe Morgan

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2. Hawk Harrelson

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1. John Sterling

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    As the Yankees radio announcer Sterling is over the top and he doesn't know when to stop.

    His outrageous homer calls are some of the worst in history.

    Don't believe me? Listen for yourself:

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