SPOILER: Undertaker's Attacker Revealed!

JC Augustine@Spartanjohn113Correspondent IJuly 26, 2010

It's Kane.

There, happy?

What else were you expecting? 

Okay, okay, I understand people want to know how I learned Kane was the man who put the Undertaker in a coma. It's elementary my dear readers, WWE creative sucks. 

It's a proven fact. Anytime you think something good is going to happen creatively in the WWE, it fails.

We begin to think Evan Bourne, Morrison, Kingston, etc. is on the edge of a major push, creative drops the ball. How much do you want to bet when Miz cashes in the Money in the Bank contract on Cena, he becomes the first man to fail? 

Same logic applies to this angle as well.

Imagine how amazing it would be to see The Undertaker and Kane unite and wreak destruction down on the Smackdown roster? Then, remember WWE creative is in charge.

Remember a while back there was this great feud that took place between C.M Punk and Mysterio? The stipulation for many of the matches was that if Mysterio lost, he would have to join the Straight Edge Society. (Oh by the way, great job revealing the identity of the mysterious man as Joey Mercury. No build up or excitement whatsoever.)

Now, I predicted on B/R that Rey would lose one of those matches and would have to join the SES. Can you imagine how awesome that would be? But then creative had to go and please the kiddies and C.M. Punk is now stuck in mid-card purigatory.

The same reason Kane will be the Undertaker's attacker is the same why John Cena or Bret Hart will not turn heel. It's why Nexus has fizzled out. The WWE is too scared to try anything new original. I don't blame them, though.

Look at the target consumer for the WWE. The WWE has found success marketing themselves towards children and the casual audience. Neither individual has the capacity to appreciate the complicated plots, ideas, or the wrestlers themselves.

In short, expect the predictable with the WWE. Vince has found his golden goose  with his product aimed at kids and casual fans. Unless there's a shift in what brings in majority revenue, prepare to be underwhelmed.

Also, I have recently written an article on TNA wrestler Orlando Jordan being barred from television and I would like to hear the community's opinion on this matter. Thanks.



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