De Villiers and Rolland... Match Fixing???

Ian TaitCorrespondent IJuly 17, 2010

One can only imagine if we were watching cricket in the subcontinent that the ICC would be asking serious questions about today's test match.

Yes, call it sour grapes if you wish, but enough is enough.

When your coach is too arrogant to accept that he is in the wrong and refuses to drop players not performing, it looks like he is trying to throw a game.

When a referee is inconsistent in decision making and they all keep going in the favour of the same team, then questions must be raised.

I would urge the IRB to please investigate.

Let me rate the Springboks on performance, followed by the coach, then the ref and then the All Blacks.

Boks first up and we start with the big boys.

CJ and BJ both dominated at tight head. A pity that CJ got hurt. I this blame squarely on Rolland.

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The front rows said they were too far apart he ignored the complaint and the scrum went down leaving the Tight Head injured. John played a great game, strong in the scrum, accurate in the lineouts and very good on cover defence.

Only complaint was that after McCaw was warned for a second time he should have insisted to the referee, that you have warned him already and the card is now required. Steenkamp was poor again in the scrums and certainly it is time to bring "The Beast" back into the game.

CJ and BJ rated six, Smit seven, and Steenkamp five.

The second rowers did well today except for Danie Roussow who actually "kicked" - it was more like prodded, guess who, "Cry Baby McCaw" with his boot. Strictly to Law that should have been a straight Red.

He got 10 minutes in the sin bin for that.

He then comes back to dominate the tight phases and scored a fantastic try.

Victor was standard again. Won his lineout, tried to run like a back and defend as he should have done.

Andries Bekker was lucky not to give away a try with a stupid pass, but was solid again. Danie (eight but minus five for the Yellow Card = three) that hurts me because he is the finest forward in South African rugby at present. Victor (six) and Andies (five)

For the loose forwards, or should I say Schalk Burger, because he was playing with no wingmen at all.

Louw must go back to provincial rugby and learn more about this great game.

Pierre Spies as I said last week you are poor and nowhere. He did not even sprint across on cover defence to try to stop the first AB try.

Ryan Kankowski increased the speed of the game but with 10 minutes left in the game there was just not enough time for him to impact the game.

Schalk was great on defence strong on attack and scored a well deserved try. If PDV wants to make an impact next week he should look at Potgiter and Kankowski in the starting line up. Schalk (eight) Louw (five) Spies (four)

The sooner PDV stops playing Ricky Januaries the better for Springbok and world rugby.

I mean, the AB's knew when the ball would be passed and where. His service is too slow and his kicking is crap. He got lucky in one All Black test and now he is thought of as the best in the world. "You are crap" even your provincial coach does not choose you to play for his team.

Hence Morne Styen could not get his backline moving as he wanted too and always seemed to play under pressure.

What a huge difference it made when Ruan Pienaar came on.

The backs looked slick and the forwards were comfortable to play go forward rugby this made the All Blacks look very ordinary. Januaries (three) Morne (five) Ruan (eight), I would have given you a 10, but you did kick a ball directly into touch.

As for the rest of the back line Jacque Fourie is the best 13 in world rugby and Jean De Villiers is the best 12 in world rugby. As a combination they are the best.

Graham Henry is so happy that PDV can't see this.

Jean is not a 14, never was and never will be.

Gio Apllon was superb when he came on and was unlucky not to score off his first touch.

Brain Habana did not get ball and again this stems from the slow service given by Januaries. Why do we still play this clown?

Zain Kirchner was ok, but is not the best 15 playing rugby in South Africa and not the best fullback we have to choose from.

Francious Steyn and Stefan Terblanch are by far the best players we currently have that are fit.

If Graham Henry can choose a Full Back in his 30's what is PDV's problem?

As for Wynand Olivier he is a solid bench warmer and that is where I would use him. Not bad but not great. Wynand (six) Jacques (seven) Brain (six) Jean (five) Zane (six) Gio (seven).

On to Mr. Peter De Villiers.

You arrogant self-centered little man, or should I say Poison Dwarf.

You do not have the same players you had last season and the All Black have worked out your game plan.Plan A, Plan B and Plan C is the same plan get the ball and then kick it away.

Hand it to the Blacks to run back at you and score tries.



they did that last week and again this week.

If you think Robbie Deans has not worked this out yet, then you are in for a great big surprise. Your current starting lineup should be as follows:

1. Beast Mtawarira

2. John Smit (C)

3. CJ van Der Linda

4. Danie Roussow

5. Victor Mattfield

6. Schalk Burger

7. Dewald Potgieter

8. Ryan Kankowski

9. Ruan Pienaar

10. Morne Steyn (Last Chance)

11. Brian Habana

12. Jean De Villies

13. Jacques Fourie

14. Gio Apllon

15. Francouis Steyn

Anyway PDV you get a rating on (two) At least you got the Boks to the game.

Although that might have something to do with the two guys that coach the Boks.

As I have mentioned before I am now in my 19th year of refereeing.

I was taught a very simple concept when I first started refereeing. When you blow the final whistle and both teams can come up to you and say, "Mr. Ref that was fantastic!," then you know that you have done this wonderful game of rugby justice.

Allain Rolland if you think that you has a decent game of rugby tonight, you are then seriously misguided or you are smoking something that I should be as well.

The fact the Rossouw got a Yellow Card should have been a warning to both teams that you mean business. But you only had eyes for one team.

McCaw got two warnings and he said that the next infringement would be yellow. Not even five minutes later he did it again and you gave him another warning.

You missed a blatant forward pass for the AB's first try and although he was inline with the pass he seemed to be hoping to hear from the TJ to make the call. No Ball Dude!

Rangers shoulder charge should have been Yellow.

He copped out again, the coward, and to those of you that do not know the ruling the referee is sole judge of fact and if he did not see that shoulder then he missed a game of rugby.

Had that been Bakkies or Butch James I am sure they would have been sent to Timbuktoo and have been sited. Your rating sir would be nothing more than (two) if that.

Now to the All Blacks.

I love your rugby.

You guys are the consummate professionals.

A fantastic blend of youth and experience and you have a coach that understands the game of rugby.

As a serious Bok supporter any AB fan would understand how hard it is for me to say this, but the All Blacks rock.

The Tri-Nations is yours only to lose. Hopefully PDV and the selectors can see what they need to do, one can only hope and prey?