Malignaggi: Manny Pacquiao Won't Last vs. Floyd Mayweather if He Has To Go Clean

CJ JamesContributor IJuly 13, 2010

An interesting new development in the “Paroid” scandal.

Paulie Malignaggi expertly explains why this drug testing issue is such a stickig point with promoters.

To put it simply, he doesn’t think Pacquiao can win unless he is allowed to "prepare" as he usually does.

Take that how you will…

“You do those tests on the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight and you make Manny Pacquiao take those tests, Mayweather not only beats him, Mayweather stops him because you will not see the same Manny Pacquiao you’ve seen the last couple of years.

"You’ll see the same guy you saw against Marquez.”

He continued.

“Mayweather is a legitimate welterweight who would walk through Manny Pacquiao if they actually take those tests.  ”

"Without the tests, you have a complete 180. "

"Without tests he will be able to throw 100 punches a round at a 100 miles per hour and not even breathe heavily. So something’s up, obviously. He couldn’t even do that physically, when he was 25, never mind 31”.

Pacquiao never came close to throwing 1000 punches in a fight at Super Feather and below. In fact, he visibly gassed in many fights by the eighth round.

In the Marquez rematch, he was visibly blowing at Round 7. Finished physically.

He threw 680 punches in that fight.

Add that with the fact that he’s quite obviously taken on huge amounts of power, without putting on a pound of weight, and you can understand Paulie's continued criticisms.

Malignaggi’s point is clear, though. He thinks Pacquiao has no chance unless he’s allowed to prepare without any serious drug testing.

He thinks Mayweather will walk through Pacquiao, if Pacquiao had to prepare with the knowledge that he had to pass random drug tests,

And possibly why Pacquiao and Roach are so adamant that they need 2-3 weeks of guaranteed, no testing.