Manchester United: The Top Five Replacements For Paul Scholes

Maxx GCorrespondent IIJuly 7, 2010

Paul Scholes. The name is a legend for the Red Devils Manchester United. 

Scholes has been a one club man through his entire career and has made more than 600 appearances for United. He was a key part of the treble-winning season for United. Years by years, he has entertained the fans and made his own niche out in the Old Trafford.

Paul Scholes has been an inseparable part of the team and has amazed the world by his technicality, passing ability and goal scoring prowess.

However, at the age of 35, he is not regular to the team and his absence has been creating a big hole in the central creative midfield of Manchester United which by far no in-house players have been able to fill in. Let us take a look at the ideal replacements for the legendary Paul Scholes.

Riccardo Montolivo (Fiorentina, Italy) : The 25 year old Italian man is known as a rising superstar who plays a deep lying playmaker in the central midfield. He is most comfortable to play in an attacking role but can also take up defensive roles in the midfield. 

Montolivo is known for his long powerful shots to test any goalkeeper as he made his debut in Fiorentina by scoring with a 117 kmh screaming shot against Ascoli.

Based in Fiorentina, he has a lesser price tag value than the big shots in big clubs and can be an easy buy for the Red Devils. His recent World Cup performance was also praiseworthy in a weak Italian army.

Ramires (Benfica, Portugal ): Ramires Santos do Nascimento is a Brazilian international who currently plays for the first division Portugal club Benfica. Aged at 23, this midfielder was featured in Dunga's run for the WC 2010 and has impressed eyes all over the world.

He is a class of hard working box-to-box player who covers plenty of ground and has versatility and speed to penetrate defenses and score at times. A perfect one for the EPL form perhaps, this talented young player can be an easy buy being not in the "Mr.Popular" list.

When Brazil lost the match to Holland, Some said "If Ramires was playing...", I think that is a great achievement for an unsung hero.

Mesut Özil (Werder Bremen, Germany):

This German sensation of Turkish origin plays as a attacking midfielder for Werder Bremen and has really been too impressive in his performances in the World Cup 2010. 

The power packed performance of Ozil has a wide range of midfield qualities: he can pass, he has pace with the ball and he can score.

An elusive left-footed midfielder with a power to break forward and seek space towards the touchlines in high positions, Ozil can be the answer to the much needed attacks for United.

The future of Germany, as he is said to be, is aged at just 21 years and that means has plenty of years to contribute to the squad and the game. Also,

Ozil was courted by United to sign him as a teenager before he joined Werder Bremen. Can they get him this time?

Gaetano D'Agostino (Udinese, Italy):

Who is this guy? Wonder what I am writing, not taking the names of players like Wesley

Sneijder or Yoann Gourcuff? Well, Agostino has been one of the best players for Serie A in season 2009 and is told to be the close resemblance of deep-lying midfield skills of Andrea Pirlo.

The Italian wonder aged at 28 plays for Udinese and is known for his excellent passing ability and long rang shots. He possesses the physical toughness for EPL and is also on the lower price tag being a little unsung.

Well, the Italian coach has have made a mistake in not calling this man to the squad, but can United take the gamble and bet on this unsung wonder guy this summer?

Alan Dzagoev (CSKA Moskva, Russia ) :  Aged at only 19, the Russian wonderkid has already drawn interests from EPL clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea. This boy is known for his killer passes and the stretch to play where he often rises to the option of scoring.

Dzagoev currently plays for CSKA Moskva as a central attacking midfielder and can also be used as a in-the-hole forward. Awarded as the best young player for Russia, Dzagoev netted the ball 8 times in 26 game starts and made 5 assists.

The young wonderkid can be an asset to the Old Trafford if used wisely and can be a good possible replacement to the legendary Scholes. Also, Russia not making it to the WC 2010, will help checking his price to be inflated in the transfer market.

There are a plenty of other talents who are there and can take up that position of creative midfielder in United, so opinions from your side are always invited. Feel free to comment. Cheers!


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