NBA Trade Rumors: Tony Parker Could Make Knick Fans Forget About LeBron James

James Brown@@chasingballgameSenior Analyst IJuly 4, 2010

Last April, the New York Daily News reported that talks for point guard Tony Parker were going on between the New York Knicks and the San Antonio Spurs. Well, the talks and the rumors are starting to heat up again.

The experts and the oddsmakers at Brobury Sports labeled the Knicks as long shots to land LeBron James, but that won't stop the Knicks from pursuing other top players in the NBA.

They have already reportedly signed Amare Stoudemire to a deal and now they are using him and the lure of New York to attract other NBA superstars. The first on the list is point guard Tony Parker.

Tony Parker would fit in great with the offense that is run by Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni.

As the Daily News reported , the Spurs’ point guard is hoping to be traded to the Knicks and has long wanted to play with Stoudemire. A person close to both players said Stoudemire and Parker hatched a plan to join forces in either Miami or New York.

“It’s perfect for Tony because he wants to be in New York and he wants to play with Amar’e,” said the source.

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Since Parker is under contract with San Antonio, the Knicks would have to work out a trade, which would likely require the club taking back a big contract.

The Knicks have some trade value in players like Wilson Chandler and Eddie Curry since Curry has a very attractive expiring contract. This could be done and may not be the only move the Knicks will complete this summer.

Amare Stoudemire is becoming quite the spokesman and recruiter for the Knicks. After seeing a show in New York he was asked about bringing other players to the Big Apple by ESPN.

“I’ve talked to Carmelo Anthony and [told him] that he needs to come here,” Stoudemire said while standing on the corner of 47th St. and 8th Ave. after the show. “I’ve talked to Tony Parker. Both guys are ready to join me if I decide to come here. So we’ll see if we can work it out.”

Brobury Sports has posted odds for free agents to join teams this summer and with all of the speculation they actually had to pull odds or rapidly change odds for each player.

This is proving to be one crazy summer.

Donnie Walsh and the Knicks are finally making a real move in free agency and showing fans that even if they do not land LeBron the Knicks will still be a contender in the East next year.