FIFA World Cup 2010 Paraguay Vs Japan Live Blog: Results, Scores, and Analysis

Craig FarrellCorrespondent IJune 29, 2010

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA - JUNE 29:  The Japan team look on as Oscar Cardozo of Paraguay scores the winning penalty that sends Japan out of the tournament during the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Round of Sixteen match between Paraguay and Japan at Loftus Versfeld Stadium on June 29, 2010 in Pretoria, South Africa.  (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)
Clive Rose/Getty Images

Come one, come all, and enjoy the World Cup with great insight, analysis, and banter.

Asian hopes rest firmly on the shoulders of the Japan players after South Korea dropped out earlier in the last 16 round.

Paraguay will want to make it four of five for South American teams in the last 16, as Chile were the only South American side not to advance after they failed to topple the mighty Brazil.

This game should be a great contest and very enjoyable indeed.

Cardozo: It's in, and Japan are out. Paraguay go through and Japan are very unlucky to go out.

Honda: As cool as you like. Honda just slides the ball to the right-hand side and sent the keeper the wrong way.

Valdez: Smashed right down the middle, nice goal.

Komano: How unlucky. The ball was hammered off the crossbar. Paraguay are ahead 3-2 now.

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Riveros: Nice kick. He sent the keeper the wrong way and rolled it slightly to the left.

Hasebe: What a goal! Drilled high in the top right-hand corner. The keeper went the right way, but didn't have a chance.

Lucas: How lucky! Lucas scored, but the keeper was very close and Lucas was fortunate.

Endo: What a spot-kick! Endo sent the keeper the wrong way. Very nicely taking.

Barreto: It's there. A nicely taking peno, drilled into the corner.

Penalty Shootout: Paraguay will take the first kick.

After 120 minutes: This is probably the fairest way to decide the game considering how both teams played.

Neither team showed a great deal of quality and the game overall was a poor. The drama of penalties could, however, make up for the terrible performance.

The biggest winners after this game will be either Portugal or Spain who will face one of these teams who have just had to endure 120 minutes of play.

120: The final whistle goes and this game will be decided by penos.

119: Both teams look jaded, which is to be expected.

116: Japan showed great skill going forward but failed to put it away.

The Paraguayan defense was ripped apart with pace and quality passes and flicks, but the final ball across went to nobody and a great chance for Japan went begging.

114: Endo just received a yellow despite making no contact whatsoever with the Paraguyan players.

Endo will miss Japan's quarterfinal game if they progress.

112: There has been very few chances in the second half thus far, and both teams may be forced to leave this up to penalties.

110: Tiredness looks like it has definitely set in and the performance level of both teams is starting to diminish.

105: Japan Sub: Tamada replaces Okubu

Paraguay get the game back going.

First-half extra-time Synopsis:

The first 15 minutes of extra-time has been more entertaining than the entire first 90. Both teams look like they want to go win the game and some decent football has been on display.

105: The first-half of extra-time has come to an end.

103: Japan whipped in a cross and Villar come out to collect and nearly dropped the ball into a very congested Paraguayan penalty area.

101: Scrappy play in the Japan box nearly lead to a Paraguay goal, but Barreto just could not keep his effort down.

100: The game is going from end to end and it is a pity it has taken extra-time to bring out some attacking desire in both teams.

97: A great piece of goalkeeping has kept Japan in the game. Valdez was through on goal, but the keeper rushed out and got his body in the way.

93: Both teams look set to go for it, which is good to see.

Paraguay Sub: Cardozo comes on to replace Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz has done very little today, but that would be down for the most part to his position out on the wing.

90: Japan get the first-half of extra-time going.

After 90 minutes: The game looked destined to go into extra time from the opening of the game. To their credit, Japan went out for the winner more so in the final quarter of an hour than Paraguay.

Japan look the more likely to get the win. Paraguay's front-men again have done very little for their country and both teams look very ordinary and neither Spain or Portugal would be too worried looking at this game so far.

93: Honda receives a yellow card for a handball, and the booking was very harsh.

The final whistle blows and extra-time will follow.

90: Extra time and penalties look on the cards.

86: Japan are showing their ability late in the game and they are really pressing the issue now.

82: Villar comes out bravely to clear a cross and receives a kicking and a Japanese player landing on top of him for his efforts.

80: Japan Sub: Nakamura comes on to replace Abe

78: The game is become very stretched as both teams look to end this within the 90 minutes.

74: Paraguay Sub: Barreto comes on to replace Ortigoza.

73: Again, strong defending from the Japanese prevent Paraguay getting a decent chance of a shot away.

72: The game is starting to show glimpses of attacking threat from both sides.

70: Honda showed some great skill and vision. He was on the edge of Paraguay's box. He faked a shot and slid a perfect ball through the red and white defense, but the resulting cross was well blocked.

67: A Paraguayan free-kick was swung in and the Japanese goalkeeper came out to punch clear. He completely missed the ball and crushed his own player, Tanaka, in the face with his knees. 

65: Japan put a handful of passes together and looked very promising, but again, a hopeless long ball leads to nothing.

Japan Sub: Matsui is to make way for Okazaki.

59: A Japanese player just took a shot that was so poor it went out for a throw-in. Shocking stuff to say the least.

Paraguay Sub: Valdez comes on to replace Benitez

58: Paraguay got in behind the Japan defense but again the last ball was just not good enough to create a decent goal-scoring opportunity.

56: Paraguay's first sweeping attack ended in a blocked shot that went out for a corner, but the South American's are looking somewhat better.

55: Santa Cruz remains on the wing, and I just can not get my head around why his coach has him positioned there.

All his talents and skills are redundant with him playing on the wing. It would make much more sense for him to be the target man down the centre and for Barrios to play off him.

49: Ortigoza drove into the Japanese box and had a great chance to score, but he failed to pull the trigger and ran into a sliding challenge and lost possession.

48: I can't believe it, but I think the football has actually gotten worse.

45: Paraguay get the second-half underway, and let's hope that this half is better than its predecessor

Half-time: For the sake of the game, I hope that Paraguay scores. Japan would have to become more adventurous in hope for an equalizer.

First-half Synopsis:

Their has been very little in this game. Both sides had one great effort each. Japan seem content to just sit back and rely on counter-attacks. Paraguay, to their credit, are trying to take the game to Japan, but they are just failing to break down the Japanese wall.

The game has been quite disappointing as a whole, as I though both teams would have been up for this and went for it, but Japan are doing what they consider the best for their country to progress, and at the half, it is working.

If Paraguay gets a goal the game should come to life, but if Japan gets the first one, the game may become even more defensive.

45: There is one minute of additional time, and that is probably the best news for anyone watching the game.

39: Japan look dangerous on the counter. They broke out and it was a three on two for Japan. Honda took the strike on and just missed, but he may have been better suited if he played the ball out to the left to an open teammate.

Paraguay cannot keep up with Japan's pace when the break quickly.

35: Da Silva just took Honda out! He really could have ended Honda's World Cup, that challenge was very dangerous.  

30: Santa Cruz is playing out on the right winger, which is very unusual. It would make more sense to have him in the middle using his strength and height and place Barrios out wide who has pace.

28: Just wide! The ball fell to Santa Cruz, who was standing on the Japanese penalty spot. He snatched at the effort and the shot went harmlessly wide.

And as I said previously, Paraguay's height is causing Japan problems from set-plays.

27: Two great chances in two minutes has brought both sides into the game a little bit more, but Japan are still content to sit back and allow Paraguay to have possession.

21: What a strike! Matsui just thundered a ferocious shot towards the Paraguay goal, which cannoned off the crossbar.

20: A great chance! Barrios was in on goal after turning away from the Japanese defense, but the ball just got ahead of him and his attempted shot with the outside of his right boot was well saved by the Japanese goalie.

16: The game is very scrappy, and neither team look comfortable on the ball.

12: The vuvuzelas are in full-swing, but the stadium is far from at full capacity, which is still a major problem for FIFA.

10: With the height advantage of Paraguay and the accurate shooting of Japan, set-plays could be the deciding factor in this game.

07: Riveros just flipped his own play upside down and on his head. That looks quite sore for Benitez.

03: Japan look set the get 10 men behind the ball and just allow Honda to hold the front-line by himself.

The first shot on target comes from Japan, and Villar in the Paraguay goal did not look at all convincing with what was a simple shot.

00: Japan get the game started.

5 minutes until kickoff: No surprises in the line-ups. Cardozo finds himself on the bench once again and that must be disappointing for him.

Team News:

Paraguay: 4-3-3

Villar (C)

Bonet - Da Silva - Alcaraz - Morel

Vera - Ortigoza - Riveros

Santa Cruz - Lucas - Benitez

One To Watch: Lucas Barrios

Japan: 4-3-3


Komano - Nakazawa - Tanaka - Nagatomo

Matsui - Abe - Endo

Hasebe (C) - Honda - Okubo

One To Watch: Heisuke Honda

Prediction: This game looks very evenly matched. The main difference between the two sides is goal scoring. Paraguay has the better strikers in regards to names, but Japan has the better strikers in relation to form.

I think Japan will just nick this game ahead of Paraguay with great defense and organization.