Tyson Fury Is The Future Of The Heavyweight Division? Not So Fast

Tyler CurtisAnalyst IJune 25, 2010

Tyson Fury fought John McDermott for the second time tonight. The first fight was very controversial as most saw McDermott but referee Terry O’Connell scored it 98-92 for Fury.

Fury came in at 270 pounds, which was his highest weight to date. He looked a bit soft around the waist, but at 6’7” he didn’t look huge.

McDermott looked very out of shape, but that is his usual build for a fight. He also had to overcome a four inch height disadvantage.

The winner of this fight would be the mandatory for the BBBofC British heavyweight title that is held by Derek Chisora.

Fury looked good early on, and used his height advantage, of four inches, to keep McDermott away. But, a little bit of showboating in the first round almost cost Fury.

McDermott got his footing in the second round and started to land some decent shots. Although McDermott was at a disadvantage physically, his veteran savvy showed often.

McDermott landed a solid right hand with half a minute left in the first round and stunned Fury. Fury came back on the inside and landed solid shots.

Fury looked very uneasy and just not athletic in the ring. He seemed off balance a lot and was not fast of foot or hand.

His feet seemed to be all over the place and he was tying up frequently. Fury did win the first three rounds, but his pace seemed to be slowing every round.

Fury has a very awkward style but was dominating McDermott through four rounds. McDermott looked totally flat and wasn’t offering up much of anything.

Fury had landed 55 punches through four rounds and was going to the body a decent amount. McDermott wasn’t landing anything and had only landed one body shot.

It was clear that McDermott wanted Fury to mix it up and that wasn’t going to happen. When McDermott got close, Fury tied up and didn’t let McDermott do any work.

Fury looked totally gassed in the sixth round and was looking towards his corner a lot. He was tying up every chance he got and was breathing out his mouth heavily.

Fury was cut over the right eye in the sixth and the crowd was at a fever pitch for McDermott. McDermott landed some good shots and was coming on very fast.

Fury had a point taken in the seventh for excessive holding. This is a point that could have been taken much earlier.

Fury landed a salvo of shots with 10 seconds left in the eighth round and put McDermott down. He landed three head shots but it appeared that McDermott went down more to sheer exhaustion.

Fury really didn’t land anything big in the combination. Fury landed a big right hand 45 seconds in the round and then put him down again with 2:10 left in the round.

McDermott got back up after the second knockdown but couldn’t go on. A lot of Brits are excited over Fury, but he has a lot to improve on.

With the win, he regained his English heavyweight title.

He doesn’t seem overly athletic and is very sloppy. He has good size, but needs to improve his speed and conditioning. 

He is young at 22 and he has time to improve. But, if he is going to be the future, he has a ton of work to do. I really wouldn’t like him against Derek Chisora if he fights him next.


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